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  1. brianegge

    Package detection

    I have a little write up on my project to notify me when a package is delivered. So, doesn’t work with AI tool /blue iris yet, but I may train a deep stack model for it.
  2. brianegge

    SmartPSS Mac M1

    Has anyone been able to get SmartPSS to run on an M1 Mac? I still have my old Mac's, but will hopefully deco them soon. I know many people are happy with Security Spy, SightHound, BlueIris, etc.. I have one Lorex DVR and one Dahua DVR and SmartPSS lets me view and playback just fine.
  3. brianegge

    Worst install ever

    I could not believe the install on the outside of a restaurant tonight.
  4. brianegge

    Deer alert, dog dispatched

    I’ve been progressively improving my system to detect when deer visit my property. As cute as they are I don’t like them eating my fruits and vegetables. So my setup will send an alert to my phone, showing a cropped image, but it also is assigned to a unique tone. My dog has learned the tone...
  5. brianegge

    It’s hard to tell the difference between a Ford and a trash can

    Ok, SightHound didn’t have high confidence, but I thought this was a funny mistake.
  6. brianegge

    "Empower" NVR4216 firmware

    I purchased a NVR4216 off ebay for $100. It fits 4HDD so should work fine. The firmware is English only and a bit dated. I've tried half the firmware files on Firmwares without success. It's not a major loss if I can't upgrade, but figured I'd try before configuring the unit. Device...
  7. brianegge

    Deer visits flowers, then garden

    Had a deer visit last month, visible across 4 cams. I'm working on a object detector to give me alerts when animals come for an uninvited visit, and I marked up the frames with what it sees along with the probability. The clip is quite long, so I only include 1 frame per second. The better the...
  8. brianegge

    DYI setup

    Thought a few people might be interested in my setup. I have 4k Lorex IP camera over my garage to watch my driveway. It's a little high, but I use it to watch for packages, critters, etc.. I have a Jetson Nano using a custom YoloV2 model to detect when a vehicle is in frame. When it sees a...
  9. brianegge

    Lorex Smart Deterrence IP Camera siren API

    I have eight lorex cams setup and use them to detect deer trying to eat my garden. These cameras all have a siren built into them which is plenty loud. I’d like for when the camera sees a deer for it to turn on the siren. I’ve read through the dahua api manuals and can’t find anything related to...