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  1. alastairstevenson

    Initial review of the Hikvision DS-2CD2087G2-L(U) ColorVu 4K 8MP IP bullet camera.

    This is an initial review of the interesting Hikvision DS-2CD2087G2-L(U) ColorVu 4K 8MP IP bullet camera, linked to the marketing terms ColorVu 2.0 and Accusense 2.0 It’s a new model that’s already created a lot of interest on the forum. The intention is to not overlap or duplicate the various...
  2. alastairstevenson

    Initial review of the DS-2CD2347G2-L(U) ColorVu 2.0 IP camera.

    This is an initial review of the interesting Hikvision DS-2CD2347G2-L(U) 4MP IP turret camera, linked to the marketing terms ColorVu 2.0 and Accusense 2.0 The intention is to not overlap or duplicate the various other useful posts on the same device, but rather to try to pick out some different...
  3. alastairstevenson

    Smartening up the Lorex LNB8005C 8MP mini bullet.

    Something I do for fun and a little mental exercise is watch out for 'spares and repairs' IP surveillance items on eBay. These can provide an interesting insight into how the different manufacturers do things, and is a bit self-funding if fixed-up items can be re-sold. I recently bought for a...
  4. alastairstevenson

    Smart doorbells 'easy target for hackers' study finds.

    I think we knew this anyway ...
  5. alastairstevenson

    79 Netgear router models risk full takeover due to unpatched bug

    A big list of models affected by this 0-day - Details here : And ways to try it here ...
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    Hikvision Honeypot Hackathon

    We get quite a lot of posts about port forwarding - and quite a lot of good advice in response about the risks, and pointers to more secure remote access methods. And we still get posts related to the Hikvision backdoor vulnerability, where camera passwords are mysteriously lost, or cameras...
  7. alastairstevenson

    Review of the Hikvision OEM model IPC-T2347G-LU 'ColorVu' IP CCTV camera.

    This is a user review of the Hikvision OEM model IPC-T2347G-LU 'ColorVu' IP CCTV camera. The IPC-T2347G-LU is one of a new-generation of large sensor, high-definition, ultra-low light IP cameras from Hikvision. One of it's main claims is the ability to operate in colour in near dark conditions...
  8. alastairstevenson

    Northern California braced for mega power cut

    Quite a drastic approach to the risk of wildfires : Northern California braced for mega power cut
  9. alastairstevenson

    How to : Smarten up the dumbed-down HiWatch IPC-T140 4MP IP camera

    This was just for fun and the interest of doing it - and shared for those other techy folk who might find it of interest. Or of use for others - you never know. A couple of months ago I bought a 'Spares & Repairs' HiWatch 4MP IPC-T140 turret from eBay - seller description suggesting a stuck IR...
  10. alastairstevenson

    Walmart reveals it's tracking checkout theft with AI-powered cameras in 1,000 stores

    Walmart reveals it's tracking checkout theft with AI-powered cameras in 1,000 stores Sounds like a sophisticated use of AI image processing. I'd imagine the video analytics are done centrally, with the cameras just providing the feed.
  11. alastairstevenson

    How to - Fix your 15-beep-bootloop Hikvision DS-76xxN-Ex NVR, or convert to EN and make it updatable

    Here is a worked example of how to permanently change a Hikvision China language DS-76xxN-Ex NVR to an EN language device that will then take the stock EN/ML firmware. I've used a few Hikvision CN NVRs, bought at low cost off Aliexpress, and typically installed 'hacked to English' firmware to...
  12. alastairstevenson

    The PewDiePie Hackers: 100,000 printers and a bunch of ChromeCasts

    This is another example of the risks of 'port forwarding' - just too easy. Could one hack ruin your life?
  13. alastairstevenson

    Briton who knocked Liberia offline with cyber attack jailed

    Briton who knocked Liberia offline jailed Self-taught, apparently.
  14. alastairstevenson

    Cumulative security update for Internet Explorer: December 19, 2018

    For those of us still running IE11 - those who access web destinations other than IP cameras and NVRs - a Christmas present. Check your Windows Updates, this is being actively...
  15. alastairstevenson

    Texas police search for mystery woman ringing doorbell

    From a Ring video doorbell : Search for US night-caller in strange CCTV 150k views already - the power of social media!
  16. alastairstevenson

    Swann home security camera sends video to wrong user

    Home security cam sent video to wrong user "A leading security camera-maker has sent footage from inside a family's home to the wrong person's app. Swann Security has blamed a factory error for the data breach - which was brought to its attention by the BBC - and said it was a "one-off"...
  17. alastairstevenson

    Just for fun - IMX307 starlight camera module - Hik compatible.

    I'm always looking for Hikvision or Dahua 'spares and repairs' items on eBay, but they are uncommon here in the UK. A few weeks back there was a DS-2CD4T42WD-I8 4MP black face bullet camera with a lost password. I tried to advise the seller how to fix that - but he just wanted to sell, so I...
  18. alastairstevenson

    Bricked Dahua NVR DH-NVR5208

    I thought I would share my very first foray into Dahua's products - it may be of interest, or maybe even of some use, to forum users. What it will be though is a bit lengthy. I'm quite fluent in some of Hikvision's products, and am always on the lookout for bricked devices to experiment with...
  19. alastairstevenson

    Season's Greetings and Best Wishes to one and all!

    Having had a few glasses of Vino Rosso I'd like to wish members of all persuasions well at this festive time of the year. I originally came to this forum to some extent to escape what I increasingly found to be uncomfortably harsh and disparaging dominant guru responses on another forum that I...
  20. alastairstevenson

    Person of Interest? It's already happening.

    This so much reminds me of the premise behind the series Person of Interest, and how such technology could be abused in the wrong hands. No escaping Big Brother in China
  21. alastairstevenson

    R0 / DS-2CD2x32 BrickfixV2 brick recovery and full upgrade tool - enhanced.

    The original 'brick-fix tool' and 'enhanced mtd hack' has proven pretty useful for those with R0 cameras that had been bricked by doing a firmware update. It's been even more useful to deal with the fallout from the 'Hikvision backdoor' disclosure where so many people are finding their cameras...
  22. alastairstevenson

    WTB Bricked Hikvision IP cameras. Or even NVRs.

    I'm looking for more examples of bricked Hikvision IP camera, for further research / analysis. The R0 series seems to have yielded up a fair collection of useful 'improvements' that can be done, from a 'brick-fix tool' to the 'enhanced mtd hack' that allows full upgrading to the EN/ML 5.4.5...
  23. alastairstevenson

    Sensor tracks who is driving in your neighbourhood

    This may be an interesting development: Sensor tracks who is driving in your neighbourhood - BBC News
  24. alastairstevenson

    Long-shot help request - Hikvision DS-2CD3335D - G0 series IPC.

    As this is a less common, Chinese market turret camera, and even less likely that someone will have unpicked its internals, I recognise that this is a long-shot request. I've had this G0 3335D for a while - but CN menus, and has rejected all stock and tweaked firmware thrown at it by whatever...
  25. alastairstevenson

    Hikvision DS-2CD2x32-I (R0) brick-fix tool / full upgrade method / fixup roundup.

    *edit* 01Dec17 Text attachments now in Windows form instead of Linux form so they format properly. *edit* 21Dec17 To make the process of unbricking and upgrading much easier to use, this has been superseded by the brickfixV2 method here : R0 / DS-2CD2x32 BrickfixV2 brick recovery and full...
  26. alastairstevenson

    Hik brick-fix and downgrader tool - R0 / DS-2CD2x32 IP cameras.

    I'm sure like me you've noticed the steady flow of posts about 'bricked' Hikvision 2x32 cameras. These were boosted after Hikvision published their security advisory about updating to the 5.4.41 or later firmware to close off the high-severity vulnerability that forum member @montecrypto...
  27. alastairstevenson

    Another 'How to unbrick' a Huisun Mini PTZ V2 ...

    Well, I decided to see what comments I would attract with another 'how to unbrick' on the Huisun topic. For various forum members I've fixed 6 or 7 'bricked' Huisun Mini PTZ V2 cameras, some hands-on, some via back and forth instructions. And 5 of those have had the same fault - part of the...
  28. alastairstevenson

    What to do when Hikvision are watching?

    Nothing like creating a new thread to attract their attention. Though that's not the purpose of this one. It's pretty clear that when people figure out ways to improve how the Hikvision products they've acquired work for them, such as avoiding the Chinese menus or bricked cameras that result...
  29. alastairstevenson

    A new Hikvision tripwire.

    With apologies in advance for the TL;DR aspect: Unfortunately, not an improvement to their already quite good video analytics, but a cynical and nasty trap put in place to deliberately and permanently brick a camera where the 'mtd hack' has been attempted by a customer trying to make best use...
  30. alastairstevenson

    WTB Bricked Hikvision R0 series (DS-2CD2xx2) IP camera.

    My spare Hikvision cameras are out on loan, and I'd like to experiment with a particular aspect of the firmware. There was only one on eBay, and my bid didn't win. A UK or EU source would be preferred.