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    Looking for long cable advise/solutions 160ft/560ft PoE

    Hi all, I am Looking for long cable advice/solutions, 24 Cameras, I did not choose the Cameras Brand yet, when I made my research I saw some information about 328ft/100meters. Cable Solid, 550MHz, UTP, CMR, Riser-Rated, Pure Bare Copper Wire, 23AWG. Cameras 4MP
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    Looking for NVR - 24 Cameras 4M/24 Hours/30 Days Record

    Hi all I am looking for an NVR to handle 24 Cameras 4M/POE 24 hours/30 Days Record Easy access by IOS/Android Could you give me some recomendations Thank you.
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    Sub Stream for NSC-DB2

    Hi All, how can I set up Sub Stream for NSC-DB2?
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    Recommendation for a new Router

    Hi all, I am looking for a Recommendation for a new Router, I have ASUS RT-AC86U with asuswrt-merlin but Sometimes it crashes, I am still working to find a solution for these issues. So I think is time to find a better solution for my home, below you can find my actual configuration, I hope you...
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    Light hindering my visualization

    Hi guy I need your help here, I have a AU-I61DR0104 Annke connect o BI, I want to see the deck door and window over the sink, but I have the f... light over my table, I try to move my camera to other position buy still with this light on my way, any advice for you guys?
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    My Dahua IPC-HDW4433C-A died

    Hi all, my Dahua IPC-HDW4433C-A(bought Feb/2018) died, I removed the power for 24 hours connect back did not work, I can not ping the camera, I can not see on my router, so do you guys have any advice?
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    Dahua SD50225U-HNI Warning PTZ: 12029: /onvif/ptz_Service

    Hi I have this Warning "Yellow Triangle" on BI 5 Dahua SD50225U-HNI Warning PTZ: 12029: /onvif/ptz_Service Any idea how can I fix this? TIA VIER
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    NSC-DB2 Looking for reviews about this

    Hi, I am looking for reviews/opinions about this NSC-DB2, do you think is a nice doorbell?
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    How can I Convert 6GB .BVR to MP4?

    Hi all I need your help here how can I Convert 6GB .BVR to MP4? Sooy but I am learning now I need to have small files, so I change the config to have 1GB Files.
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    Wall-Mounted Device

    Hi all I want to have a wall-mounted device to see my cameras, Now I have 6, in future 9 in total, I want to buy a used monitor 19-22 inch added t frame and install on wall, do you have have any experience on this? Thank you.
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    HD Recomendations

    Hi this is a good HD and nice price? WD Purple 4TB Surveillance Hard Disk Drive - 5400 RPM Class SATA 6 Gb/s 64MB Cache 3.5 Inch - WD40PURZ $112.47
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    Looking for 8 port PoE switch

    I am looking for 8 port PoE switch any comments about these devices below BV-Tech 10 Port PoE...
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    Auto PTZ Tracking + BI

    Can I have camera with Auto PTZ Tracking connect to BI and use BI to record videos?
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    Issues on fps Setup

    I set up the max rate of all my 5 cameras to 15 fps Cameras properties->Video-> Max. rate ->666666[15.00 fps] But when I check this on next day the value was different , higher than 15 so I changed again next next different number, I did this last 5 days I need same help here.
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    Optimizing Win 10 to Blue Iris

    Hi I read topics about how to Optimizing Blue Iris's CPU Usage, but I need some tips how to Optimizing Win 10 to Blue Iris, I have an computer only for BI Running Win 10 Pro.
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    Recommendation for IPC-HDW4431C-A

    Hi guy, I saw this 3 option on Amazon, someone can help me to explain what the differences?
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    Looking for popup on motion

    Hi I am looking for popup or full screen image when I have motion detect, I have app installed on android any idea how can do this?
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    IPC-HDW4431C-A and POE Switch

    I want to buy 4 of IPC-HDW4431C-A and one POE Switch, I looking for recommendation places or seller to buy an cameras and recommendation model of POE Switch.
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    Looking for Outdoor camera

    Hi I am looking for outdoor camera but the Price need to be less than 100usd
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    Looking for Buy License

    HI I need to buy one BI license, I am looking for better price or coupon. Thx emersonvier