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  1. J

    How long to wait for reply from support -- do they ever reply?

    This weekend the following sentence in the boilerplate reply (from support@blueirissoftware.com) caught my attention for the first time... Perhaps sending an entirely new message with an altered subject line might be advisable... I’ll give it a try. “Also be aware that replying to your message...
  2. J

    What feature(s) would you like to see in Blue Iris?

    See my response here.
  3. J

    What feature(s) would you like to see in Blue Iris?

    This feature already exists... from the BI5 help pdf: “With a BVR clip open in the viewer, you may optionally use the green and red crop icons to set the beginning and ending position for trim or export. For a more precise frame selection, you can instead...
  4. J

    Blue iris flagging

    I asked Ken about this in Jan 2018... here’s the email thread... ~~~~~ Thanks Ken. While I would be ok with doing a ‘database repair’ to reflect the added alert, I can understand that it is not ideal. ~~~~~ Very interesting idea! And I would probably add this today if I could ... but the way...
  5. J


    It is possible to have macros up to %99 by 1) using a Blue Iris HTTP Interface command, or 2) directly editing the registry. 1) /admin?macro=x&text={text} Set macro number x=1-99 to value {text} 2) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Perspective Software\Blue Iris\Macros More info here...
  6. J

    5.0.3 - New Edge Vector Motion Algorithm

    Just for fun I've started calling these conditions "gleamy" after coming across this interesting website ... Long Forgotten Weather Words GLEAMY... "... the weather is gleamy [when] it's intermittently sunny, or as one nineteenth century glossary put it, "fitful and uncertain." CARRIES...
  7. J

    Issues trying to schedule using curl to switch cameras day and night

    Per bi2.jpg, Profile 1 is grayed out for both entries... therefore not selected
  8. J

    Switch on / off Infrared with http command

    I've just re-tested and verified that these commands work for me. Are your web-server's authentication settings set up like this? (Settings > Web server > 'Advanced...') If so, you will need append your credentials to the command...
  9. J

    Switch on / off Infrared with http command

    Dahua's logic regarding its Day/Night profiles has puzzled many of us. To really appreciate the topic, I'd suggest you skim the various threads turned up by this google search site:ipcamtalk.com dahua ir daynight. If you are just trying to control the IR leds around sunrise & sunset, the best...
  10. J

    Switch on / off Infrared with http command

    For Blue Iris, try these {ip_addressANDport}/admin?camera={cam-short-name}&ptz=34 ... off {ip_addressANDport}/admin?camera={cam-short-name}&ptz=35 ... on {ip_addressANDport}/admin?camera={cam-short-name}&ptz=36 ... auto But beware that these commands do not actually turn the IR On/Off, but...
  11. J

    More current help file (f1) for BI 4?

    If you mean the 'Export settings' button, then yes.
  12. J

    More current help file (f1) for BI 4?

    This may have something to do with your Blue Iris Service currently being set up to log onto the "local service" user account instead of your OWN account. See page 143 in the aforementioned PDF... "Enable the service on the Startup page in Settings. There are considerations and implications of...
  13. J

    More current help file (f1) for BI 4?

    This Registry Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Perspective Software\Blue Iris Yes and yes. From the BI5 Help PDF, Chapter 'ADMINISTRATION' ... "The software offers the very powerful feature of running as a service on your PC. This means a couple of important things—when you close the main...
  14. J

    More current help file (f1) for BI 4?

    I just tested this. 1. Make sure 'Auto export' is checked. And that you know which folder to files are being saved to (image 1). 2. Inspect the folder in #1 (see image 2). 3. Open a command prompt as an Administrator 4. Type 'net stop BlueIris' (w/o quotes), press Enter; wait for it to...
  15. J

    More current help file (f1) for BI 4?

    My testing is that closing and reopening the console will not trigger a backup. You must restart the service. You can use Task Scheduler (and other means) to restart the service on a schedule. Or use BiUpdateHelper “This tool automatically backs up Blue Iris's registry settings to aid in...
  16. J

    JSON help please

    Here's a redacted version of what I use in PHP. Hope it helps you get started. # ********************************************************************* # INITIALIZE THE BLUE IRIS web server AND IMPORT SETTINGS # Multiple calls are made to the BI web server JSON interface. # 0) jsonCmd => login...
  17. J

    Change cam layout in IOS app

    ^^^^^ Agreed But you can rotate your phone 90°to landscape mode. This hides the controls too. Double-tap restores them.
  18. J

    Zone and trigger problem.

    Add a zone that spans the entire image. (Many of us use zone G for this.) This full image Zone should not be referenced in the ‘Object crosses zone’ setting. Also, try checking the ‘Object travels’ control.
  19. J

    Help with JSON api

    I don’t believe this is possible using HTTP or JSON commands. You might be able to accomplish this by programmatically editing the registry, if that is an option for you.
  20. J

    New Website!

    Needs some work formatting correctly in Safari on iPad
  21. J

    BI-5 and Amazon echo

    For future referrence, skip the forum’s search function and use google with the search operator “site”... site:ipcamtalk.com amazon echo This returns the above link as the top hit.
  22. J

    Icons in UI3

    After installing UI3 Version 77, I see both types of Sentry icons. Thanks! Any chance you could provide a filter for only these alerts?
  23. J

    Text overlay colors.

    Try this... I haven't yet installed Blue Iris 5, but I've noted that it now lets you issue HTTP commands and run scripts when a profile changes. See the 'On change'' button in the 'Profiles' dialog. This approach should allow you to exploit this capability. This approach also makes use of the...
  24. J

    Blue Iris 4 to 5 Migration Guide

    Thanks for this @bp2008 I’m waiting an update cycle (or two EDIT: three, considering today’s posts :)) to install, but would be interested in reading the current help file in advance. Would you mind posting the v5 Help pdf that installed with Blue Iris 5? Or perhaps @Mike could make a...
  25. J

    Unable to create support ticket

    Thanks Sam. I've just emailed a "false negative" example as a test.
  26. J

    Number Sign Next to Camera Resolution?

    Look at this post BI Memory Leak without Intel Drivers?
  27. J

    Exporting IP Camera Image as .PNG for IP Phone Application

    Try these HTTP commands. For example, I use them with Tasker's 'HTTP Get' action to grab images on demand and display them in a Tasker Scene.. {yourIPandPort}/image/{cam‐short‐name}?q=50&s=80 A single JPEG image from a specific camera or group, with optional quality (q) and scale (s)...
  28. J

    Unable to create support ticket

    Bump @varghesesa
  29. J

    Unable to create support ticket

    Noticed yesterday, continuing today. Using link below... Chat button also not working. Tried from two browsers: Chrome (PC) and Safari (Mac). https://www.smarthomesentry.com/support?sentry_id=XXXXXXX Edit: Yes I've allowed pop-ups for the site.
  30. J

    Missing ‘Geofence radius’ dropdown in Settings menu

    Success. Different order of actions.... 1) Deleted Galaxy S9 device from BI console. 2) Uninstalled BI app on device. 3) Rebooted device. 4) Reinstalled app. 5) Reconnected app to BI server with my usual admin account.