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  1. bababouy

    A few pics from the 'hood

    Thats a new look at the phrase,,, cold air intake on the civic.
  2. bababouy

    Pulling Wire for Newbies without Damaging Walls

    x2 on the flex drill bit. Stick it to one side of the open area and drill in the back corner. This way you can use the stud and the back of the opposite wall to guide your fish stick into the hole you just drilled.
  3. bababouy

    Pulling Wire for Newbies without Damaging Walls

    Buy a $15 stud finder, and a 10 pack of fist sticks from harbor freight. If you need to run wires along an exterior wall, most times there are 3/4 furring strips that run vertical. Sometimes builders run one rogue furring strip horizontal and screw up your plans. If you are running wires in an...
  4. bababouy

    Commercial install

    What was the most common model that you were buying from your supplier?
  5. bababouy

    Car Troubles On The Corner

    That was an easy video to watch
  6. bababouy

    Home cameras - no cameras on the house

    Sorry for the bad circles. This is what I have had in mind. I since changed some of the landscaping around in the back and I am in the process of freshening up the front landscaping. The transformer on the left side of the driveway is going to be a perfect spot for a 4ft pole and 3 cameras.
  7. bababouy

    Captured video of guy checking car doors

    You are also up to high.
  8. bababouy

    Look at all these cameras

    Don't know the owner, but this used to be called the key west scrub club. Don't ask how I know, I live not to far from here and go to key west quite a bit for lunch. The term for crazy shit like this is "keysy"
  9. bababouy

    Home cameras - no cameras on the house

    @TL1096r I have a say in the installation process over at Night Hawk, particularly the layout. The layout is the most important part. You can use crap cameras to catch bad guys. They need to be in the right spot, at the right height, and they have to capture the entire incident. For us, we need...
  10. bababouy

    Home cameras - no cameras on the house

    Sorry for taking a while on this thread, we were in Chicago last week for the GSX convention to check out some new stuff and to look for new vendors. I will get working on the house install here shortly.
  11. bababouy

    Home cameras - no cameras on the house

    @gpower07 There is a guy in South Florida that has done crap work and ripped a lot of people off over the past 10-15 years. Anyone in the security camera world down here knows him. He just happens to have an old fire truck and ends up at car shows around here. I believe he came up in the wall...
  12. bababouy

    Impatient Driver Gets Himself Killed

    We kinda get both down here in Florida, dumb drivers and most people are armed.
  13. bababouy

    Door checker

    I think it's just me, but I would have a hard time parking at a dealership in the middle of the night and just walking around. We see it at all of our dealerships, and this is an example of both situations.We watched the old guy walk around and could tell he was just poking around. The guy we...
  14. bababouy

    Door checker

    These are Hikvision TVI and IP cameras on a hybrid recorder. I think the 4 or 5MP TVI cameras are giving us a 4:3 ratio when we pull the video, which we need to fix.
  15. bababouy

    Door checker

    We caught this guy at one of our dealerships. He took a walk directly to the back of the dealership before he checked anything out. For some reason there was an older dude there on the lot already, who was looking a new trucks. Why at 1:30 in the morning, I don't know. The older guy took off and...
  16. bababouy

    Need storage solution for RV installation

    Also look into Dahua mobile recorders 4-channel Mobile NVR – Dahua North America We have several of these out there that we stream live video from via a sim card and they work pretty good. They are built to take shock.
  17. bababouy

    Suggestions needed for PTZ install

    I would walk the site and see where you have power that you can tap into. Take a google screenshot and draw those areas on it, then post on here for us to tell you the best spot. If you are going to mount a PTZ in a spot where you already have a switch and network, you might as well install...
  18. bababouy

    Monitor By Front Door That Displays NVR

    Nice job and better than a peep hole in the door.
  19. bababouy

    Two guys going through my work car...

    Plus, They are probably in the garage
  20. bababouy

    No back tire

    No tire on the bike. This is something that we should see on @lulu5kamz street
  21. bababouy

    Canadian catch

    The dispatcher told be that the responding officers were setting up a quadrant, which he later explained is a perimeter in US terms, a few minutes before they actually showed up on our cameras.
  22. bababouy

    a few nights later

    We see a pretty good response time across the country with departments. The difference when we call it in is, we are reporting a live event and we are able to give real time info to the dispatcher. With a burglar alarm or video verified alarm call, most departments see them as being false most...
  23. bababouy

    Home cameras - no cameras on the house

    I am in a suburb community and the houses are closer than I would like. The goal is to do something a bit different, keep the wife happy, and to hide the cameras. Most will be on 4ft-5ft poles. I have a landscape island in the front yard so I can mount a couple of cameras 8-10 ft from the road...
  24. bababouy

    Home cameras - no cameras on the house

    So the wife, two pit bulls, two cats, and I moved again for the third and final time in four years. I have been walking around the new house over the last couple of weeks trying to figure out where I want to put cameras and what I want to capture. I think my plan is to keep all cameras off of...
  25. bababouy

    Wall of shame

    @CCTV SURVEILLANCE I mean used an installer in West Palm that is probably guilty for most of those. He lived in loxahatchee and had an old fire truck.
  26. bababouy

    Custom dual cam mount

    Nice mount. You need a pick of the welder in the background.
  27. bababouy

    Canadian catch

    I happened to be in our command center last week and caught this guy around 8:30am myself. It felt like old times. My heart was pounding while I waited for the cops to show up. I didn't realize that I was on the phone with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police until they showed up. This is a...
  28. bababouy

    a few nights later

    We get this guy walking around and going through some of the commercial trucks.
  29. bababouy

    No back tire

    I got a little behind on posting videos, so I'll put a few up tonight. This was a weird one from one of our active dealerships. I'm not sure where his back tire went.