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  1. J

    A Hikvision journey of discovery (tips and tricks for the perfect setup)

    I mean just swiping the app off in card view I assume logging out will prevent Push notifications.
  2. J

    iVMS - Is it possible?

    Not that I am aware of. Sure would be nice. What I do, is record events to a 64GB SD card in the cameras, and record continuous to the NVR. You could also record to a NAS drive just the events as well. Then you can connect to the NVR to get continuous playback, or connect the individual...
  3. J

    Hikvision NAS issues

    You can use any size drive you want, you just need to partition a volume that is less than 200GB from the larger drive, and record to that volume. But yes, it would be nice to be able to point to any size drive or volume, and via Hikvision interface set the amount of space to use.
  4. J

    iVMS-4500 Push Notifications on Android Pie

    Just got a new Android phone running Android 9 (Pie). I cannot enable alerts in iVMS-4500. When I try to enable the alerts I get a message saying "Failed to get the push token". Alerts are still working fine on old Android phone. I have a feeling it must be related to permissions related to...
  5. J

    Ghosting/Shadowing recording?

    That video doesn't look bad to me at all. Yes, it isn't ultra smooth, but these are surveillance cameras and not designed for ultra fluid motion. If you want it to be smoother, lower the the resolution to 1080P, increase the framerate to 30(for NTSC) or 25(PAL) , decrease the exposure time...
  6. J

    Intrusin detection alerts not working.

    Make sure motion detection is enabled on the NVR. You can set the motion area to nothing so you don't get motion alerts, but if motion detection is not enabled on the NVR, you may not receive any of the smart events such as line crossing and intrusion detection. Not sure which NVR models and...
  7. J

    c# listening for Hikvision events

    Nayrnet has written some pretty sweet code for NodeJS. It is really simple to use. I know it isn't C#, but you might consider using it as the listener for the events, and have it trigger your C# application when it detects events. Maybe via HTTP requests or websocket or something like that...
  8. J

    A Hikvision journey of discovery (tips and tricks for the perfect setup)

    Hikvision has recently released iVMS-4200 Lite (for Windows PC only at the moment). It is a game changer for me. It a less bloated version of the full iVMS-4200. It loads much more quickly, and uses significantly less processor resources while displaying multiple streams. It has eliminated...
  9. J

    DS-2CD2142FWD Foggy At Night After Restore Default Settings?

    How about SmartIR? It looks like maybe there is an object very close to the left edge of the camera? Not exactly how SmartIR works, but from my understanding it detects when objects get close to the camera and it adjusts the IR so the object isn't blown out by the IR. Maybe it could even...
  10. J

    Hikvision NVR video conversion ffmpeg

    I posted a possible solution here: Converting HikVision MP4 to standard MP4 or other format This works perfectly for me, fixes the wrong length, and makes the MP4 seekable again. Also should play in any player that supports MP4 encoded in H.264.
  11. J

    Converting HikVision MP4 to standard MP4 or other format

    Try FFMPEG. It will modify the MP4 so it can be played on any device/program that supports MP4 encoded in H.264 (or H.265 depending on your NVR and/or camera). Here is a command you can run to fix your MP4's: ffmpeg -err_detect ignore_err -i video.mkv -c copy video_fixed.mkv You can...
  12. J

    Converting Hikvision MP4

    You can use FFMPEG (free) to fix the MP4's without doing any conversion and loss of quality. Fixing the MP4's using FFMPEG only takes a split second, and leaves you with an MP4 that can be viewed in any MP4 player, with the proper time displayed and ability to seek. Download FFPMEG and run the...
  13. J

    changing resolution/bitrate on NVR not changing stream?

    You shouldn't have to set the quality on the camera as well. Changing it on the NVR will change it on the camera. There are certain camera only functions that do require you to login into the camera directly if you want to set them, but the stream settings are not one of them. Is it possible...
  14. J

    DS-2CD2142FWD Foggy At Night After Restore Default Settings?

    That looks like IR bleed to me. Did you have IR disabled, and restoring default settings re-enalbed IR?
  15. J

    New Hikvision iVMS4200 Lite

    I have been using iVMS-4200 Lite for the last few days and it vastly superior to the alternatives I had been using. The full version took so long to start up, and when it did there were so many options I didn't need or use. Not to mention it used considerably more processor while running...
  16. J

    Hikvision Camera email Not Working

    For gmail, set Email Encryption to TLS and select "Enable STARTTLS" as well.
  17. J

    Hik-Connect push notifications from manually added Hik NVR ?

    Yeah, it is pretty silly. In iVMS-4500, if you manually add a device, you can turn the notications on/off. If add a device to iVMS-4500 via Hik-Connect the notifications are turned ON, and there is no way to turn them off. By contrast, as you've found out, in the Hik-Connect app, you cannot...
  18. J

    A Hikvision journey of discovery (tips and tricks for the perfect setup)

    Just a quick update. I have created a small Node.JS app that listens for camera events, using nayr's code from the following location: nayrnet/node-hikvision-api My code sends PUSH notifications via PUSHY (pushy.me) on the "start" event of various motion/smart events to my Android phone, via a...
  19. J

    event call url

    Call url is not directly possible, but you can write a program that "listens" for events to occur, and the you could call the URL yourself in code. Hikvision uses ISAPI for an API and you can make calls to various channels and streams and listen for events to occur. If you are familiar with...
  20. J

    A Hikvision journey of discovery (tips and tricks for the perfect setup)

    Thanks for the comments. I was aware that the NVR web GUI can show motion events, but without the ability to see smart events, it is mostly useless to me. I actually have not looked at the VGA/HDMI playback screens, I run the NVR headless in my basement with all of my networking equipment...
  21. J

    A Hikvision journey of discovery (tips and tricks for the perfect setup)

    After several months of playing around with various hardware, software and network configurations, I have finally arrived at a setup that works well for me. I am writing this post to share what I have learned about setting up Hikvision cameras, NVR and the various software packages available...
  22. J

    Sweet! LTS is releasing an ONVIF compatible doorbell with SD card slot and 940nm IR

    Hi Gus. How do you know ONVIF has been enabled? Do you know if it is enabled by default, or if it has to be enabled through the web interface. Installed the firmware, but do no see anything about ONVIF in the web interface. I cannot get the camera to work in TinyCam on my phone, or in QVR Pro...
  23. J

    NEW 1080P Wifi Video Doorbell!

    What Brand and Model do you use to set up in TinyCam Pro? I can't get mine connect using TinyCam. Having the same issue with my QNAP QVR Pro software, can't figure out how to get it to connect via ONVIF.