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    network ip address config

    so i am having issues with my ip addresses on my equipment. the router says the address for the BI server is ! for the first NIC card. but when i put that address in as a static ip address i loose internet connection. if i leave it to obtain ip address automatically and then set up...
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    Blue cave vs ac68u

    Leaving out price and aesthetics, what are the real world pros and cons of the blue cave and ac68u? I see a lot of people on this site are pretty happy with the ac68u but does the blue cave gain or lose anything over the 68?
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    Searching for a desktop for blue iris

    I'm looking at this desktop to run around a total of 10-12 cameras. Most are going to be 2mp and a couple of 4mp cameras and maybe in the future a 8mp camera. I would like to record at 20fps. Is this a big enough set up for those cameras? HP EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF (C) - Core i5-6500 - 8GB RAM -...
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    Hello from NJ

    Been doin research on this forum for a few weeks now. Thought I had a plan until I found this site but now it has all changed. Just looking to have my wife and kids feel safe and not wonder what that noise was outside late at night while I'm at work on late nights.