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  1. J

    Dahua NVR hdd replacement

    i have currently 3 hdd’s in my 5416-4ks2 nvr. This is 2 x 6 TB purple, and one 4 TB seagate survailance. The 2 x 4 TB purple of my previous NVR i want to place inside the new NVR and than remove the one seagate. If i just take it out, i might loose historical data i perhaps need. Is there a...
  2. J

    Hello from the Netherlands

    Welcome to the forum.
  3. J

    Review-Dahua 4mp SD22404T-GN 4x Mini PTZ Speed Dome

    I see it in the app: US $155.99 5% OFF|New Model SD22204UE GN 2MP 4x Starlight PTZ Network Camera , free DHL shipping-in Surveillance Cameras from Security & Protection on Aliexpress.com | Alibaba Group You see it there as: Model SD22204UE-GN 2MP 4x Starlight PTZ International number and not...
  4. J

    Dahua 2MP Starlight Lineup

    Question: So the IPC-HDW5442TM-AS-LED with 1/1.8” chip (0.0016Lux/F1.6 ( Color,1/3s,30IRE) with a F1.6 lens is better than a IPC-HDBW4239R-ASE with a 1/2.8” chip with a F1.0 lens (0.006Lux/F1.0 ( Color,1/30s,30IRE) It seems to use internal leds, is that than making it 4 times more light...
  5. J

    SD22204T-GN intermittent lense movement - zoom + focusing

    I upgraded one of my units. I tried the PAL and NTSC image. Tilt and zoom still work. But Pan does not work at all. Factory reset does not resolve the issue. Anyone a guess how to fix it ? Device Type SD22204T-GN System Version 2.640.0000000.2.R.T4.484, Build Date: 2018-09-28 WEB Version...
  6. J

    New Dahua install

    I have already ordered the replacement camera via @EMPIRETECANDY and will move this 5231 to other side of the house watching the most easy entry onto the Garage and carport roof as I will have solar panels there also. There is no light there so I need IR. This seemed the best thing to do. The...
  7. J

    New Dahua install

    We have the heatpump operational now, but the garden is still a mess. Further we are in discussion with the local government to expand the garden area. If that is possible, the sensors need to move over like 3 meters all. So I did not start that yet. The front facing Optex I should install as my...
  8. J

    New Dahua install

    I will replace one 5231 with a 4239R as this now blows out the fence with its IR Only advantage now is someone climbing over the fence will be very visable. But the rest of the image is too dark. I have extra IR here which is around 3 M up. This lights out everything including the street. But...
  9. J

    Just a Kangaroo hopping down the street.

    Is it not “run fast or get eaten” ?
  10. J

    New Dahua install

    The local government installed lamp posts. The image of the 4239 really improved, you can count the street stones by night now. That is both near and far from the camera.
  11. J

    What is you KW electricity cost in your region ?

    Oktober 2018: 2324 kWh November 2018: 2532 kWh December 2018:2897 kWh Janunary 2019: 3232 kWh That is using a heatpump in our climate without the ground source of heat installed. The 124.5 meter deep ground tube is in now, it only needs to be activated. When you use more than 10.000 kWh per...
  12. J

    What is you KW electricity cost in your region ?

    We are now at €0.21 in The Netherlands. And they intend to phase gas out here. So electricity became somewhat cheaper and gas price goes up.
  13. J

    New Dahua install

    This is with the 2x 5 watt led lights off. So it seems too mich light near the camera makes the image go darker further away.
  14. J

    Review-Dahua IPC-HDBW4239R-ASE full color camera

    I have these now on the front of my house. There is no street light, only 2 * 6 watt led fixtures that light up the house front and first few meters. They are monted little strange still, have to adjust them. I have 2 units whick look towards each other in front of our house. This shows only...
  15. J

    We had a thief.. And now I want a better system

    Full color starlight.
  16. J

    Dahua Starlight Varifocal Turret (IPC-HDW5231R-Z)

    One of my 5231 has moist on the inside, shows on the lens. Strange thing, it is under the carport, so never had direct rain as it is in the edge at least 2.5 meters away from the side. I saw in the z5 thread the suggestion of opening it, use warm/hot air to inside and dry the gel bag in the...
  17. J

    IPC-HFW4239T-ASE (Full Color Starlight) as a weather cam

    I did order 2IPC-HDBW4239R-ASE from Andy to swap out 22204 units. Will see how much the image improves.
  18. J

    New Dahua install

    Under the rain gutter or what it is in English there are dahua mounts. The ethernet cables are inside somewhat protected. Front i have 2 x 10 watt IR lights. It are mini ptz as i originally wanted those as i was not sure of the angle and area i wanted to cover when the house was on the drawing...
  19. J

    New Dahua install

    You can make photo’s in public space. But a camera that records is not supposed to record the general traffic movement. You are allowed to film your car parked on public parking space like in front of your house. If tou than record part of the road it is allowed.
  20. J

    IPC-HFW4239T-ASE (Full Color Starlight) as a weather cam

    But this camera advertises as having a F1.0 lens. Most motorized or multifocal lenses are much worse, with the 5213 starting with F1.4 I think when you go from F1.0 to F2.0 you need 4 time the light, or 4 times longer exposion. So is this not the standard exmor chip with just a much better lens ?
  21. J

    New Dahua install

    That neighbor complained about my camera setup. He was worried about his privacy when he walks or drivers over the road in front of our house due to the amount of cameras i have. We do have rules that you cannot film the public space in general. Only an part of the picture when you watch over...
  22. J

    New Dahua install

    Here is the back of the house with the 49225 ptz and the 5231 near the doors. As for the optex sensors, they still will go in, but the tubes under the floors are not yet brought in to the utilities “room” which we call “meterkast” in Dutch. My prioritys are in the house itself to keep...
  23. J

    New Dahua install

    All cameras are mounted, but i am still building my network up. Have finisched the outer light, and i doubt i need any IR lights Under the carport i will use a sensor for these 2 lights . The smaller lights all around the house are on in the dark hours for now.
  24. J

    New Dahua install

    Progress on the camera part. Front 2 mini ptz 22204 on 3meter height. Right side under carport near front door 2 x 5231 Back door 5231 Veranda door 5231 The 5231 units are like head hight installed. I do not reall like the looks of it, but it will be effective. One 5231 is heigher...
  25. J

    Review-Dahua IPC-MW4231A-E2 Starlight Dual Lens Dashcam

    It does not do speed overlay in picture ?
  26. J

    Cams up, Pictures here.

    I like the lower position as well. For the 5231 i have the connections from the wall at about 190 cm up. So the camera’s will end up at 180 cm, just about head hight. Only disadvantage is that someone will bang their head against it some time. But this will be a nice video capture than :) Als i...
  27. J


    Perhaps a very simple thought.. why not add a 2nd hdd. Only one is active most of the time.
  28. J

    Review-Dahua 4mp SD22404T-GN 4x Mini PTZ Speed Dome

    No, the cameras will be installed, and hooked up to the wiring panel. I will make 1 vlan for the default dahua subnet and place port in vlan. Access the camere web page, renumber the camera to the required ip address and than change vlan of the port. So i can renumber them one at a time.
  29. J

    Review-Dahua 4mp SD22404T-GN 4x Mini PTZ Speed Dome

    @EMPIRETECANDY How to order them ? Perhaps you can send me a aliexpress invoice for 2 ? International modell would be fine.