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  1. Silhorn

    Record to 2 hard drives at once for backup.

    Hi, Soon I need to take out my drive dock (connected to usb on BI pc) where my recording drives are on for maintainance. If I take it out blue iris no longer will record to anything unless I set a new recording drive while my drive dock is taken out. Is there a way to make blueiris...
  2. Silhorn

    9 Channel POE NVR. Connect both directly and indirectly?

    Hi, I've got a Milesight 9 Channel NVR. It has 4 poe ports for direct camera connection and 1 network port. It currently has 4 cameras connected to the 4 poe ports. I was told if I need to add more than 4 cameras that I would need to take ALL cameras out and plug them into a separate poe...
  3. Silhorn

    Dahua 2 wire intercom app

    Hello, I have a 2 wire intercom bought in australia that is branded vip vision but it looks very similar to the dahua 2 wire intercom and uses an app which seems to be made by dahua. I have a few questions: 1. The app is called idmss. When I press the intercom on my iphone I get a notification...
  4. Silhorn

    IMX323 or IMX291 for a sunny day?

    Hello, I am getting an AHD MDVR for my car and the cameras i'm getting have option for either IMX291 or IMX323. Was wondering which of these cameras would give better detail for a bright sunny day? I know IMX291 is good for seeing at night just don't know about day.
  5. Silhorn

    Less latency and skipping

    Hello, I've got a generic ip cam from my local supplier. I have used them on a nvr, pc, and phone. There is always at least at least 0.5 to 1 second delay time. Today in it's own web viewer page in live view I noticed all main stream, substream and third stream each had it's own 3 options...
  6. Silhorn

    Looking for mini dome cam smaller than 100mm diameter >2MP

    Hello, I am looking for waterproof ip dome cams smaller than 100mm diameter and 2mp or greater. So far I only seem to find elp from aliexpress to make mini dome cams (also mini cams too but not waterproof). Are there any more brands out their that make mini dome cams according to my...