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    Blue Iris Live View Different From Recorded View For 4K Camera

    Hi there - this is most likely a newbie problem, but I can't seem to find the answer in searching Google / Forums. I have had Blue Iris working great since version 4 - using the Dahua 2MP turret cameras that have been highly recommended. With the recent upgrade to BI 5, I also added some 4K...
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    Help Setting Up PTZ Camera From Vivint/Alarm (Vivotek ADC-V620PT)

    Hello there, Hoping to seek the guidance of helpful members of ipcamtalk :) While cleaning for the New Year, I found an old Vivint camera which was not being used. I decided to hook it up and see if I could access the camera via the IP. Turned out there was a login/password requirement - but...
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    Yi Home Camera RTSP Hack - Connect To Blue Iris

    Let me preface by saying - this post is not meant for the hardcores - as certainly they would have better alternatives for indoor monitoring. I'm getting my feet wet with the DIY security setups, as opposed to the consumer grade products. I'm quite pleased with my Dahua IPC-HDW5231R-Z cameras...
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    Lost - With Dahua Smart PSS

    Hello fellow members! I recently received my Dahua IPC-HFW5231E-Z - and I've been trying to figure out how to set them up. I've changed the IPs on all the cameras per instruction and changed the password. I can successfully login to each cam and adjust the various settings. That said, I'm...
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    Setup Help And Opinions?

    As I mentioned in the New Member section, I'm new to the IP Cam technology and looking to add some quality cameras for home security. Based on the what I've read over the past couple days on the IPCAMTALK forums, I've narrowed down the camera technology to the Dahua IPC - HDW5231R-Z Turret cam...
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    New and looking to learn :)

    I'm a newb looking to learn about ipcams. I was looking to add some security cameras to my residence, and made the mistake of installing EZVIZ Wifi Cameras outside. I figured since I was using the new Google Mesh Wifi, it would be sufficiently strong for maintaining a connection to the cameras...