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    Dahua NVR alarm out cycle

    I'm in the process of building an alert system that can be manually triggered via the dahua app (gdmss) through the NVR. The scenario would be: a customer is alerted that a person or vehicle is present, the customer pulls up the camera via app on phone, to verify, and then could trigger the...
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    Dahua NVR multiview url?

    I've searched, but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I'm trying to set up the rpisurv and am looking for the correct url for the multiview on my NVR? I am able to get individual channel video on VLC using the rtsp://admin:admin@
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    SD49225T-HN LiveCam via Youtube

    We put up an SD49225T-HN, testing it as a LiveCam via Youtube. I'm pretty impressed with it's overall performance. TLF WiFi & Security Camera if anyone is interested. I've been tweaking the night time feed settings, and think I've got it dialed in pretty good without using IR (best...