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    24/7 Recording

    Hi, i have one of my 6mp Hikvison setup fairly sensitive to record which i am happy with, i would like to be able to record the sub-stream of the same camera whist the main stream is not triggered, i this possible and if so how. Thanks
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    Hotspot missing movement

    Hi, i have some hotspots setup and i understand any motion at all would trigger, but it seems to be missing things, i there another setting i have missed that would diminish the hotspot setting. Cheers
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    IFTTT send trigger request to BI

    Hi, how do i trigger a BI camera from IFTTT, i am ok with the if this bit, i just need the then that bit, i think via Webhooks, just not sure what to put in what boxes, URL, METHOD, CONTENT TYPE, BODY. And cani do this within my network or would i need a DYNDNS or similar. Thanks
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    Blueiris show camera on Echo show

    Hi i have managed to get my camera to popup/show the feed on my Echo show if it is triggered, is there a way i could send the gifs (like what show on an alert on my phone), or even say a snippet of what took place to trigger. Thanks
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    Blueiris geofence thermostat

    Hi, I use my BI home/away -profile/schedule geofence to also turn my thermostat on and off when home/away (it’s the best solution since Life360/IFTTT stopped working), but would like my partners phone to be part of my BI geofence to do same, both in out or both in out, how can I do this, I don’t...
  6. A lot less choppy video

    Noticed since update all recording seems to have smoothed out a lot, i know its always a topical subject anyway. Thanks
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    Ezviz Blueiris problem

    Got this problem below in Blueiris. Andy
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    Ezviz doorbell cam resolution problem

    Hi, not sure why but the Ezviz camera keeps doing this, is ok on reboot and fine in the Ezviz app also fine in VLC, just BI, will be good for around 12 hrs after reboot of camera then starts doing below, if I open the Ezviz app then the picture comes good but as soon as I close it, goes funny...
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    Alexa Echo

    Hi, is there any work been done regards Echo show integration, just wondering if one day we will be able to send camera feed to Echo show device in certain circumstances through BI. Thanks Andy
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    Check internet connection since last Win 10 update

    Hi, i think it the last Win 10 Pro update has messed up, when i click on settings, check for updates it tells me i have no internet connection, but i clearly have, the pc browser is fine and BI settings wizard show ticks all the way. Anyone else have this, probably have to go manual download and...
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    Event schedule per cam, relative

    Hi i am trying to change the cam in event schedule per cam basis, i want to change it 10min before and/or after sunset/rise, relative, i have tried to set it and it does say all the right things in "camera control event schedule" but does not do what i hoped it would, it just changes on the...
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    Status message

    Hi we’re is the help file related to the status messages. For example “event 2211”. Andy
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    Motion blur and pink bits

    Hi, anyone know what is causing these pink bits, they only seem to happen on fast moving objects, and why is it so blurred when the exposure is set the same as another Hik but no blur. There is also a problem with fast moving objects becoming choppy, people walking it is fine but any speed and...
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    Hi, i have 2 schedules setup, home and away, switching via geofence, then i have 4 profiles home day, home away, home night and home day, on a global setup, the day night is sunset, sunrise based, but in 1 cameras case i want it to run by the global setup until a specific time at night, so then...
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    curl http code to change scene

    Hi, i have spent a while now trying to find the http request to pull the scene info from my cam, i can pull the usual image info, but the problem is it will not load the slow shutter settings for night time, i figured out if i could change the scene mode to day, night, indoor or outdoor through...
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    Curl not picking all info

    Hi, i have managed to get curl to read my Hik camera setting and create the xml file, during the day time i have wdr enabled, then on a night i disable wdr and enable slow shutter to get more light on my image, but for some reason the xml file does no have any slow shutter settings in there. The...
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    Not sending to Sentry

    Since the latest Blueiris update i added a new camera and enabled Sentry, but Blueirs is not sending to Sentry when triggered, it shows an alert up in the log for the camera. Or is it a Sentry problem. Cheers Andy
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    Notification speed

    Hi, what is the average anticipated turnaround we can expect, can this be made quicker for example the make/break time, if an alert is triggered does BI/Sentry wait until the clip/break time has expired before it sends to Sentry. Andy
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    Upgraded to 5, no problems

    Hi, just thought I’d let you know I’ve just upgraded to 5, seamlessly, no problems at all. Thought it may help some of you wondering whether to make the jump or not. Must certainly be a lucky dip for everyone. Andy
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    Geofence stopped working

    Hi, i had to change my dyn over the weekend and since then i have noticed my geofence seems to have stopped working, joined the service on this website, but cannot see why the geofence would have stopped working. Any ideas? Think i may have sorted, i input the new remote ip address in...
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    DDNS Bliueiris 5

    Is there any plans in 5 for a DDNS service inbuilt or do i need to renew my DYNDNS subscription. Cheers Andy
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    Profiles and schedules

    Hi,all I am trying to get my Blueiris setup to, well here goes I have a schedule setup to allow my cameras to use different profiles, one for day then alter at sunrise/sunset to a night profile setting, i have done this, i think, but i also use the geofence to turn cameras on/off as i am in...
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    Mask not showing in test view

    Hi, i have just been doing some tweaking and masking areas, on one of my cams it will not show up the mask/blacked out in test view mode, i have reset and re-masked a couple of time but still not showing, is all ok on other cameras but not this one, all settings checked over, i does seem to be...
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    CPU usage

    Blueiris cpu usage seems somewhat higher than what resource monitor reports, is it because Blueiris is reporting total cpu whilst resource shows as individual items, if so the totals still dont add up. Cheers Andy