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    Ubiquiti G3 and G4 cameras? thoughts / opinions?

    Any thing these are decent cameras? they cost decent camera money. do they compare with sony sensor based cameras?
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    Crappy wifi solar cameras that support RTSP or ONVIF?

    At this point i'm willing to dig bottom of the barrel. I'm dealing with parking lot that only gets 3 phase 480 volts or the like at night. no 120volt, no Ethernet, no wifi, no nothing. Wifi though can be fixed with another AP. Every year they get a quote for trenching and conduit, and every year...
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    Any thoughts on this 5mp flood light IP Cam?

    5MP Outdoor Flood Light Camera, 2.8mm Lens, H.265, (with PoE, 2-Way Audio) - PI Manufacturing
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    just posting to show i'm human

    just needed an account to view pictures and maybe chime and research some of these hikvision ONVIF Doorbells.