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    Not seeing labels for Deepstack in Alerts view

    I have Deepstack running and configured but I'm not seeing labels in my alerts view. Would expect the car alert to be labeled... Any ideas? Thanks!
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    How to control when the Alert image is captured from a camera

    I'm using Plate Recognizer and the image it's reviewing needs to be delayed a second or two before it is captured and sent for review. Is there a way to control that?
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    Snapshot from iOS app... where is it stored

    I used this feature for the first time yesterday. For the life of me, I can't find the snapshot. How/where can I find it? I also tried it via the console and can't find it either. I'm sure it's something simple I'm missing here. Thanks!
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    Can Alert settings be profile specific for a single camera?

    I have one camera with two profiles where I would like to have unique alert settings for each profile for that camera. It seems when I change the alert settings for the first profile, they also change for the second profile. I would like for them to be completely different if possible. I tried...
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    Getting alerts while sleeping... looking for ideas

    I'd like to hear from some of you who may have found a way to receive alerts from Blue Iris overnight while sleeping. Now that I have AI working with Deepstack, I would like to send notifications to my iPhone and Apple Watch while sleeping if a person is detected outside my home. The reason...
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    What causes this to happen?

    Recently, I've noticed this smearing or pixelization. Not sure how to fix it and I'm looking for advice. Resources on my BI machine are fine and I've included the camera settings below. Thanks!
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    Deepmind for Blue Iris?

    I read in the Doorbell Forum where someone is using Deepmind for AI. I'm curious about it and would like to try it. Anyone tried it?
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    Does this mean I have a BI memory leak?

    I've been testing the latest few BI releases and I've noticed that my BI workstation has been running out of memory. This has never happened before and I have not made any changes/updates etc. since I started noticing this. The attached screen shots show the difference between BI's memory usage...
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    AI Plate Recognizer time stamps

    Can I adjust the time zone for this service. I'm capturing license plate numbers but the time zone is incorrect. Thanks
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    Motion trigger setting question

    Would this trigger setting mean that an object must travel 150 pixels AND must be in Zone A before a trigger occurs? Thanks
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    Should "New" clips be written to the C drive only?

    I'm trying to troubleshoot random crashes when triggers occur. Nothing in the BI log or Windows Event Viewer. I was writing to an external drive and changed it to the internal SSD C: drive and the random crashes continue. Thanks
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    Why do I have clips with red borders?

    This is happening frequently.
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    I'm getting push notifications but no clips in iOS app

    I'm experiencing an issue where I'm receiving push notification but no clips to review for triggered alerts in the iOS app. Any idea why this would happen? I'm running BI version and the latest iOS app. Thanks
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    Can't connect to BIT site

    I'm getting this error. Anyone else? Can’t connect securely to this page This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner.
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    "Wait until triggered at least" setting advice

    I'd like to know if others have used this setting to help with reducing false alerts related to shadows from trees blowing in the wind. If so, what setting did you find worked well? Thanks!
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    Update download doesn't start

    Anyone else seeing this issue where are you try to download an update and download never happens?
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    Sub Stream usage confirmation

    I'm suspecting that BI is no longer using the Sub Stream since my CPU percentage is 40% higher than it was after configuring Sub Streams. Is there a way to confirm BI is using the Sub Stream? I'm running the last stable release Thanks!
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    Push notification image pull timing

    When I have a motion trigger alert, the image that is sent to my iPhone doesn't show the source of the trigger. I'm wondering when BI pulls the image for the alert. I use a 6 second pre-buffer so maybe that's why. Would be handy if you could adjust when the image is pulled for the push...
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    UI3 keeps saying my server CPU is not fast enough?

    Not sure I understand why this is happening. See screenshots. Thanks!
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    Push notification are delayed on iOS app

    My alert trigger push notifications are delayed about 45 minutes after the motion recording stops. Is that normal? Obviously I'd like to get them faster if possible. Thanks
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    Lightning flash triggers alert

    I'm using motion detection in one zone. Make Time is set to .9 seconds. Anyone have any experience with trigger settings to help not trigger lightning flashed at night? Thanks
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    Mobile device notification sound/camera

    It would really be helpful to have notifications on my phone trigger a different alert sound for certain cameras. I don't believe the current app allows a way to customize the sound per camera. I'm going to contact Ken and submit this as a feature request.
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    Unexpected shutdowns

    Over the last several releases I'm getting a pretty consistent amount of these every day. Anyone else? 5/29/2020 4:10:31 PM App: Restarted after unexpected shutdown (1500/240) (0)
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    What is this red line in the Motion Trigger window preview?

    Just curious what this red line represents. Thanks
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    Double-click camera in BI doesn't open large window

    I noticed this when I tested the latest version. I can't double-click a camera and have it open to a large window so I can live view. Anyone else have this happen? Thanks
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    Edge Vector zone crossing detection is still unreliable

    Over the past few days I've been testing zone crossing using Edge Vector and it's not performing well at all. During my testing, I'm using default settings for size, contrast and movement. The zone config includes 3 zones. Zone A and B are the zone masks to determine the crossing areas, Zone G...
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    Getting motion triggers but can't see why

    I'm getting motion triggers, but when I test run it through the motion detector with 6 seconds of pre-buffer, it doesn't show me what triggered it. Is 6 seconds enough pre-buffer? I'm running Thanks
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    Why am I receiving a "Warning" on my cameras?

    With the new Sub Stream feature, I've been able to bump all my cameras to 30 FPS and 30 iFrame Interval. Since doing so, I'm seeing the little warning symbol in each camera's status window. Any idea why?
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    UI3 live view quality while using new sub-stream feature

    Is there a way to set UI3 to show the Main Stream when you click to enlarge a camera? Now that I have Sub Streams defined for each camera in BI > Video > Camera Settings, I seem to get the Sub Stream video when I enlarge a camera in UI3. I tested this by removing the Sub Stream info from the...
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    Can you "see" a difference between 4092 and 8192 bitrate?

    I have all of my 5231-ZE cameras set to use the attached Video settings. I'm not worried about storage space, so I'm curious if others have been able to tell a difference in video quality between the two in either Day or Night mode. If yes, then I'm going to up my bitrate and give it a try. Thanks!