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  1. Breakrellom

    POE or Analog

    Before I say anything, my own server is not an option, dvr or nvr is the question. I have an 8ch NVR “wireless pppoe” and an 8ch DVR analog. I use the NVR on the house and DVR for garage. im tired of the wireless cameras always losing connection, we dropped cable and use sling so everyone...
  2. Breakrellom

    Repair analog wire

    Someone cut my one of my cameras, can I repair it or should I just cut my losses and get a new one?
  3. Breakrellom

    Need recommendations

    So I currently have 8ch SANNCE NVR (non-Poe) system. The quality is great but the alerts are so bad that I have them turned off. I’m looking to upgrade to to a POE or CCTV system (preferably POE) because I live 3 streets over from the “most dangerous” city in America (Camden, NJ) and I don’t...
  4. Breakrellom


    Hello all, Last year, I moved back to NJ from Florida (dumb I know) and being that I live 2 streets over from the most dangerous city in America (Camden, NJ) I figured a security system probably isn’t the smartest idea, and I bought a 1080P 8CH SANNCE NVR MODEL N48WHE, seeing how cheap it was...
  5. Breakrellom

    Opinions needed on set-up

    So before I start, no I will not go wired. moving on, so I currently have a SANNCE 8ch wireless NVR. It came with 4 paired, I have added 4 cameras, now I have 2 PTZ’s with features I can’t use without using their apps (5 apps total. So keeping it short and to the point, I want Auto-tracking...
  6. Breakrellom

    Adding IP camera to NVR

    When I add additional IP cams, they snow up on IPcamsuite, but when I search in video manage, nothing comes up and to add them I have to manually edit the channel. My one Addon gives me alerts through NVR software but the other ones don’t, and they all say p2p/onvif/etc. cams but don’t come up...
  7. Breakrellom

    NVR freezes when I plug in Ethernet

    So, before I start I think I know the answer, and probably the solution, but not the proper or best way to achieve the solution. I have a SANNCE Wireless 8ch1080P NVR, it came with 4 paired 960p cameras, a few weeks back then last week I added a PTZ WiFi ip camera and then a 1080P IP camera...
  8. Breakrellom

    **FIXED** Complete newby, damage to RJ45 connector!

    So, I’m new to all of this, I am pretty tech savvy for the most part but I am stumped. I have a 8ch 1080p SANNCE NVR wireless system, came with 4 cameras paired to NVR, i was considering changing interface so I was changing the camera ip’s to my network’s gateway, well silly me conflicted the...