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  1. bp2008

    5.4.5 - May 10, 2021

    My memory usage is actually down from 3400 MB to about 3000 MB with this update. Not continuous recording though, and continuous recording was the focus of the update.
  2. bp2008

    Dahua day/night switch utility - DahuaSunriseSunset

    You downloaded the source code, not the compiled exe.
  3. bp2008 Issue

    Video encoding is complex. Ideally if you encoded the same exact scene using H.264 and H.265 both at the same bit rate, then H.265 would yield better quality. But if the H.265 encoder is poor quality (or just poorly tuned by the camera firmware), it could negate the difference or even give the...
  4. bp2008 Issue

    In my case, Intel hardware acceleration has been misbehaving since at least late January I think where Blue Iris would automatically turn off the hardware acceleration for no apparent reason on random cameras. The CPU 100% pegging was relatively recent. Maybe only after 5.4.x. I do want to be...
  5. bp2008

    AMD cpus recommended for Blue Iris machine

    It is very rare for software to have a problem running on a VM. Blue Iris has no problem with it. The only difficulty you might have is trying to pass through graphics hardware to the VM for Blue Iris to be able to use hardware acceleration.
  6. bp2008

    Setting up NetTime Time Sync Tool on Windows 10

    That is basically step 4 of the guide in the first post of this thread. Only the inbound rule is needed. Outbound rules to explicitly allow certain kinds of traffic are unnecessary unless something has really messed up the default firewall configuration.
  7. bp2008 Issue

    I started getting CPU pegged at 100% after a while when using Intel hardware acceleration on an i7-8700K box. Not only would it be at 100% but a lot of cameras would be frozen. Disabling hardware acceleration sucks but it beats revering to a release from 6 months ago and never updating again.
  8. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    Let me guess. Backslashes in your recording file paths (customized paths)? \ is a backslash. They weren't getting escaped correctly in the JSON responses. At least that is what I determined a couple days ago when I logged in to someone's system to figure out the problem. There could have...
  9. bp2008

    It's hard trying to be pissed off right now ...

    Heh. As far as I am concerned that just means the world is more focused than ever on wasting electricity and making my tech hobbies more expensive at the same time.
  10. bp2008

    Which IP cameras are Y2K38 (Year 2038) compliant?

    The time when "shit" is supposed to "hit the fan" is 03:14:07 UTC on 19 January 2038. Not January 1st. I expect about the only thing that would go wrong is the clock would tick over to a negative number and might start showing early 1900s. Not sure. I'm not going to bother testing to find out.
  11. bp2008

    New build 40 cameras 4K , what would you do ?

    RAID 5 definitely a no-no. Raid 6 however is not necessarily bad. I have a RAID-Z3 (ZFS) with 11x 6TB disks. 42 TB usable. 86% full. A disk swap happened last month and the resilvering took 18 hours 18 minutes . Granted this isn't relying on some cheap RAID card; it was running on a...
  12. bp2008

    Truck- Expedition vehicle Driving thermal camera help.

    None that I am aware of. You could easily spend $3k by the time you're done. Maybe less with the non-FLIR stuff but it might not be as good.
  13. bp2008

    Which IP cameras are Y2K38 (Year 2038) compliant?

    @MicahJames That will slow down sooner or later ;). Most of my cameras are a year or two old now, if not older. A few must be close to 5-6 years now.
  14. bp2008

    Truck- Expedition vehicle Driving thermal camera help.

    Those are likely analog HD cameras which are safer for driving because they'll have extremely low delay when used as recommended, and most likely if the camera were to suddenly fail you would lose picture immediately instead of being stuck with a freeze-frame.
  15. bp2008

    Truck- Expedition vehicle Driving thermal camera help.

    Here's just one quick example of what I'm talking about. Loads cheaper than a thermal camera, and much easier to use and more reliable. You just can't use them where they could interfere with other drivers. There are bigger and brighter floodlights out there -- it would be up to you to decide...
  16. bp2008

    Truck- Expedition vehicle Driving thermal camera help.

    Don't try to use IP cameras for driving. They add video delay and significant chance of glitches like the video freezing or getting corrupted. You'd be sacrificing safety. If this is to be used away from public roads, you may find that high-powered LED floodlights mounted on the roof would be...
  17. bp2008

    Truck- Expedition vehicle Driving thermal camera help.

    No. Not even close. If it is for the driver to use, then get an automotive thermal camera solution. If it is for passengers to use through open windows, then there are plenty of handheld thermal...
  18. bp2008

    Which IP cameras are Y2K38 (Year 2038) compliant?

    Interesting. I thought most systems used at least 64 bits which should last half a million billion years even using millisecond precision. But I guess it shouldn't surprise me that many core systems use a 32 bit integer for their time still. The issue isn't so much that IP cams from today...
  19. bp2008

    Can you identify car? Uber Eats delivers food and takes amazon package

    Take it to twitter or wherever and the company will likely bend over backwards for you...
  20. bp2008

    Hard Drive Replacement

    When the video disk in my continuous-recording BI box was failing, it would cause the system to completely freeze at random times for random durations ranging from a fraction of a second to about 1 minute. It was very worrying, as this Blue Iris box was a virtual machine running in unraid, and...
  21. bp2008

    Hard Drive Replacement

    Yeah you can delete the files from the HD, but remnants will still exist in Blue Iris's clip database so you'll see them in the clip list but they won't be openable. Blue Iris's clip database is really rudimentary and not robust, hence the trouble you've had trying to unprotect things. You're...
  22. bp2008

    Hard Drive Replacement

    Yes. You wouldn't even need to reboot. Just stop the Blue Iris service, exchange the drive letters in Windows, and then start Blue Iris again. In fact you could even do this step before you start copying video, and probably not break anything. But you won't be able to access old clips through...
  23. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    Show that to Blue Iris support. That sort of error has happened many times in the past because Blue Iris does not use a proper JSON encoder, so sometimes it accidentally violates the syntax rules. If the bug isn't obvious on his end, he might ask for remote access to your system. Or worse he...
  24. bp2008

    High CPU, no or low GPU utilization

    I have a GT 1030 in my BI box (for the 4K 60hz display outputs) and it does work with NVDEC acceleration. Weird thing about that, on one of my cameras it never gets past the colored bars test pattern if the sub stream is set to H.265. Yet the same configuration works on a different camera...
  25. bp2008

    camera ip from blue iris on a web page

    Normally I would recommend something that goes through "livestream.htm" but that isn't working well right now it seems.
  26. bp2008

    camera ip from blue iris on a web page

    In Blue Iris's web server advanced settings, you'll need to have authentication required from "No connections", and configure the "Anonymous" user account to have the permissions you want to make available to the public. <DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>My Awesome Web Page</title> </head>...
  27. bp2008

    Failed Cash-In-Transit Heist Because Driver Has Balls Of Steel

    Video description said Egypt, but they entered the coordinates wrong. It is South Africa.
  28. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    I haven't seen any such problem @OICU2. If Blue Iris is using sub streams (confirm by looking at Blue Iris Status window) then UI3 will use them too in group views.
  29. bp2008

    Support question

    Some things won't keep working indefinitely. One thing that will break in older BI versions is push notifications, especially to Apple devices. Numerous Blue Iris updates have included new certificates for Apple push. This goes for any third-party integration really. A breaking change could...
  30. bp2008

    Blue Iris UI3

    That sounds familiar. Blue Iris sends audio in a format invented about 50 years ago, and web browsers do not support it natively so I had to decode the audio in JavaScript and feed the raw audio buffers into the Web Audio API. iOS is the only major platform which doesn't allow this for reasons...