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    UI2 and UI3 constant session disconnections

    Does anyone have a fix for constant session disconnects with UI2 and UI3? I can only stay logged in for about 5-10 seconds at a time and then I get the window in the bottom right that my session expired and I'm going to have to log back in. It's extremely frustrating. As far as I know this only...
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    Latest BlueIris Update Breaks TinyCam?

    Just updated my Blue Iris installation yesterday and now I'm noticing today that none of my cameras are working through TinyCam on Android. If I go to edit the camera's properties the feed at the top says "OK" but when I click on it to test the view it's not receiving anything from Blue Iris. I...
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    Amcrest Shield (IPM-HX1) Connectivity Issues

    This might be more of a camera issue than Blue Iris itself, but I was hoping since there's a community here of camera users that maybe others have experienced this and/or can provide guidance. I have two Amcrest Shield wifi cameras (model IPM-HX1) that routinely experience high latency pings...
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    Jumpy video - any way to remedy?

    Hi all, Latest Blue Iris version running on Windows Server 2016 with dual E5620 CPUs @ 2.40Ghz (16 logical processors), 48GB of RAM. Average CPU and memory utilization is about 20% - server isn't being taxed at all. Amcrest ProHD 1080p WiFi Camera. In the camera's configuration, I have the...
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    Web GUI constantly disconnecting?

    Is anyone having this issue? It appears to have started after the latest update to BI. I log into the web gui remotely while I'm at work, but if I minimize the window and check back 5-10 minutes later it's disconnected and requires me to log back in. Sometimes it times out while I'm in the...