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    Looking for POE pan/tilt under $100

    I've been happy with the Amcrest IP2M-841E : Unfortunately they're out of stock. Can anyone recommend a POE pan/tilt w/ mic under $100?
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    Clearing the Export queue

    The BIv5 manual says to switch to the Export Queue View and delete things there to remove them from the queue. Doing so gives me warnings that things will be permanently deleted. (BIv5) Telling it to go ahead (hoping it just removes from the queue and doesn't actually delete) gets a Protected...
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    Clearing the export queue

    I accidentally selected way too large of a batch to export to MP4. Manual says to switch clips view to Convert/Export view, and then delete. Deleting gives a warning that it will in fact DELETE, not remove from queue. Ignoring the warning, deletion gets blocked because the clips were...
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    Recovery of BI settings and registration from registry file

    Had a hard drive fail. I was able to recover the registry file and export the BI keys. Importing them and then installing BI on a new system gets me an expired Demo though. For lack of time, I've already bought a new BI registration key and rebuilt the system. Wouldn't mind recovering the old...
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    Local Console gets "stuck"

    We have a monitor always on with the cameras set to full screen view. If someone's in the office, they're hopefully keeping an eye on the cameras. Every great so often, the view freezes. It's not the program, I can hit ESC or right click and uncheck Maximize frame. Recordings are happening...
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    Software decoding w/ power video card?

    I'm bumping against the limits of what a 6th gen Core i5 system can manage with "hardware decoding". I've had to reduce framerates and disable BI features to keep CPU utilization reasonable. Heat and the cost of electricity are non-issues for me. (I get that they are big issues for other...
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    Connect remote BlueIris server to local BlueIris server

    One owner, 5 restaurants. We have a central BI server that connects to all the restaurant cameras. One location has been upgraded from 6 720p to 16 cameras ranging from 720p to 2K, and the Comcast connection just isn't fast enough for that load at decent quality. So we installed a local BI...