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    New Dahua doorbell DHI-DB11

    The manual is not there yet, so i bet it hasn't been released....
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    New Dahua doorbell DHI-DB11

    Indeed it is.... "DC 12V, PoE(802.3af)
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    New Dahua doorbell DHI-DB11

    I like this new one better because it's SIPed.. https://www.dahuasecurity.com/products/productDetail/21847
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    Decoder vs NVR

    So I have a question... I have the DSS4004 and recording to a freeNAS via iSCSI so I really don't need a NVR. I just want the live view part of a NVR which brings me to Dahua's line of decoders. From what I can tell all but the 1ch 4k version (NVS0104DH-4K NVD0105DH-4K) do not have a a local...
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    Dahua VTO2111D-WP Information and Hacking

    Actually, there is a SIP firmware now.. check my other thread!
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    VTO2111D and SIP

    Looks like there is a SIP firmware for the VTO2111D doorbell! I don't have mine anymore, but this was just what i was looking for... https://share.dahuasecurity.com:8080/Index.aspx?name=FCFA47E1A015A9EA1D750AC48AFAC038&system=FCFA47E1A015A9EA85387DD5C18BFEF1 Všechny firmware pro zařízení...
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    Dahua VTO2111D-WP Information and Hacking

    I couldn't get it to work with my Asterisk setup at all. I searched for a SIP firmware like their other doorbell cams, but could't find one anywhere. I don't understand what is so damn hard about making a 2mp, 1080P, ONVIF, SIP Doorbell/Camera!
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    Hello everyone! I have Dahua's CMS full blown server (DHI-DSS4004) This thing is almost brand new, but I'm moving and won't need it anymore. DSS4004 | Dahua Technology DSS4004 DSS4004 is an all-in-one server that is composed of Dahua’s video management system (VMS), Operating System and...
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    Is this camera the same as the Huisun 20x Auto tracking camera? Sunba PTZ IP Speed Dome Camera 805-DG20X Pro | eBay
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    Buylog - 2015 20X Optical Zoom IR 150M High Speed Dome Full HD1080P Auto Tracking

    I noticed today Sunba has a firmware update for this camera. Anyone checked it out yet?