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    LTS Platinum Logo and Type tool

    Youtube is showing V2.0609 as the version used in a "how to video" on modifying the splash screen logo on LTS Platinum NVR. Where may I obtain version V2.0609 of this Toolset application? This Logo and Type applications are not available in the LTS Platinum Toolset version V1.2.0.51 build...
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    Canon VB-M50B and Blue Iris

    I am unable to use the PTZ functions of my Canon VB-M50B with Blue Iris. Any suggestions or directions. Keep up the good work and thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Stone surface installation

    We prepped the stone surface with a grinder to permit flush mounting of the PFA137. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    does not support configuration search and modification AGAIN

    I've searched this FORUM and have not located the solution for activating IVS via a SMART PLAN on my NVR. I've created IVS trips lines for each camera through the camera interface and the only active camera is the Dahua Starlight PTZ SD59225U-HNI and on the actual NVR screen, I can see the trip...
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    No signal: (only through Blue iris, Dahua NVR no issue)

    Just recently started noticing the <IP###: No signal> screen for 4 of my 16 cameras with my Blue Iris system. My back up Dahua NVR5216-4KS2 (non POE) is not showing any dropped signals The Blue Iris PC, a Intel Core i7 950 3 GHz, Quad Core, 32 GB ram, and 16 GB of WD Purple Storage has never...
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    WTS Dahua Starlight Recessed Dome PTZ (SD52C225U-HNI), $325.00

    Dahua Starlight Recessed Dome PTZ (SD52C225U-HNI) I bought 2 but only need one. NEW IN BOX. #325.00 plus S/H Will Ship from DELAWARE
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    Surveillance Camera solutions?

    Hey guys, in the planning stages of installing a video surveillance camera system on a large 2.5-acre property, which includes the main farm house, semi-detached 4 car garage with loft (connected to the main house by a covered walkway), and a small outbuilding that contains a whole house...
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    Dahua PFB300S, $18.00 plus S&H

    Daha PFB300S, Dahua Technology 1.5" Pipe Thread Wall Mount Bracket for Select Dome Cameras $18.00, plus S&H I ordered one (straight and true) from BH photo and do not need now. Thanks, Mike
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    BI Occasional No Signal

    Occasionally I receive a No Signal message in the BI camera window connected to my LG LVN5100R cameras. This No Signal image pops up for several seconds and then the camera will seem to work fine. This occurred several times throughout the evening a per the BI log. I thought this was a camera...