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    Blue Iris UI3

    Question for anyone..... I am using the UI3 interface on a Raspberry Pi with Chromium to display my camera's onto a QAM TV channel (via an HD encoder modulator). The Hot Keys available within the UI3 allow for great camera and group switching. My question is how can I get the UI3 web page to...
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    RG59 to POE - 8 Camera System Conversion

    I have an 8 camera, analogue system (Geovision GV-1240) using rg59 siamese cable. Additionally, I have a Blue Iris system that has another 8 POE HikVision cams. I am looking to upgrade the analogue system/cameras to POE, and run all of it via a single Blue Iris system. My question is...
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    Amazon Echo commands

    The camera icon on the lower left of your multi-view screen (when left clicked by your mouse) toggles between a green camera icon and white camera icon....
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    Amazon Echo commands

    Yep, mine did that....and only that until I pressed the camera icon (that turned, and stayed green) on the lower left of the multi-view screen.
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    Amazon Echo commands

    Thank for the tip. I just tried this and it indeed does work (the camera goes full screen when I say turn camera XXX on, and reverts back to the multi-camera view when I say turn off camera XXX). ....To clarify your tip, the camera should turn green when depressed....then things work...
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    Amazon Echo commands

    Must be some other settings are also needed.... I can get Alexa to "select" the camera I ask for (that cam is then highlighted with a white box around it), but the camera doesn't go to full screen. When I tell Alexa to turn off the desired camera, I then lose the white highlighting box (so it...
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    Proper Way to Update Blue Iris?

    Thanks....I guess I have just been lucky with never having an update problem before....
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    Proper Way to Update Blue Iris?

    Ok - I messed up. I updated BI through the "Check for Updates Now" button, and installed an update version ( w32) that crashes BI. I likely need to "roll back" to something earlier.... I have no idea how to "roll back". Can anyone point me in the right direction? Within the...
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    4.4.8 - November 12, 2016

    I upgraded just now (unfortunately I didn't notice what version I was on, but it wasn't more than a month or two old)....and it now crashes after about 20 seconds...crashing version is " w32" I am running win 7 x32 Home Premium. About 8 cameras (Hiks, and some crap Foscams).