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    IP Cam in a car -- It works better than you think.

    I've been able to do some pretty miraculous things with 3G/4G cellular links over the past decade. Things people said were impossible at the time. Obviously the largest challenge with such a volatile network is reliability/consistency which, if you don't ace that part, it's not really worth...
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    $29 screen -- Perfect for cam feeds and whatnot

    Those Amazon 7" tablets are on sale for a few more days I'd assume. $29 for a screen that works with Google Play Store and runs reliably 24/7 -- not a bad deal at all. (Not to sound like an advertisement for them, but I see a lot of people on here going back to the whole Raspberry Pi monitor...
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    Inactive Cameras

    Can't seem to figure this one out for some reason. One of the newer BI Updates states: A new option on the Schedule tab in camera properties "Camera is only active when viewed remotely or full screen" can be used (in conjunction with un-checking the box Continue to display and stream video)...
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    Wondering if I'm the only one before I email support

    So for the past few months (at least) I've had an issue with the ActiveX player as well as iPhone/Android apps. I'll log in, click on a cam with PTZ support, try to move the cam around or choose a preset, and nothing will happen. I click several times. Nothing. I close out of the app (or IE)...
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    Mailbox question

    So I figured this would be a bit more popular now in 2016 to search for, but I've only seen a few articles and threads--nothing concrete. I wired Ethernet up to my mailbox a while ago. I put a simple PIR sensor in it that reports back to my smart home Raspberry Pi to trigger a pic of who opened...
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    ZyXEL GS1200-5HP Quick Notes

    FenderJason recommended this a while back and to his credit, it was indeed a good find. So I decided to test it out. Amazon sells it for $60. Light weight and not a very deep chassis For a little basic 4 PoE setup, the main emphasis will likely be on remotely bumping ports. At first it's...
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    $5 Thrift Store Find: Axis 200+

    Nice to glance back at the roots every now and again. This was one of the world's first network cameras as we see them today. The world's first IP camera was the Axis 200 model, released in 1996. This is a variant of that model. Their documentation says this was the first, but it's either...
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    Turkeys Got an email alert earlier this morning from one of my places -- this is a 4G based setup since I can't get any other Internet out there. Cam is one of those ESC 2MP bullets. Bonus: This is one I took earlier in the year from the phone. Just keeps on going haha :)
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    Not able to export clips

    What is your receive buffer set to on 3-4MP cameras @ 6-10fps out of curiosity? Maybe it's something else, but lately I haven't been able to export certain clips. BI just bombs the task without displaying an error. It produces a half-attempted file that, after opening, allows you to identify...
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    ZWave Controller Question

    Hey all, I've been able to build everything without the use of cloud junk or ZWave, but lately I've been tinkering with ZWave and realize how stupid simple it is. So my question is if there's an "open" controller that I can shut off from cloud services and directly hit up via IP/web...
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    10 seconds to steal a car

    Have a condo in Chicago -- neighbor's car was broken into and the other stolen. Both were by using some electric hacking tool that only took like two seconds to get into each car and about 10 seconds to start one of them. The video recording I have here is the sub-stream (extremely low res...
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    4G LTE setup

    I've made several versions of these over the years and they all work flawlessly. Basically what's compressed in the box: WiFi Router 4G LTE Modem PoE Injectors (2) 12V-->5V adapter 256GB USB stick Windows 10 Pro server running Blue Iris and dial-in software (3 entry/failover modes) The...