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    Using powerline adapters and lightning problems

    I've setup a remote camera to monitor a duck coop using powerline adapter. For the most part it works pretty good. BUT...after a year or so, had a close lightening strike and it took out the camera and powerline adapter. Bought another setup...and within a couple of months it happen again...
  2. J

    Fire TV stick ungraded overnight...killed sideloaded apps.

    I've be using this Fire TV stick for viewing my cameras for a couple of months, using a sideloaded app. Overnight it ugraded itself to version 5.0.5, and now the sideloaded app will launch, but won't continue running, just exits. Anyone else using this device and having this problem?
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    Bugs tripping up camera motion

    Well my IP system is functional. First oddity I've found, bugs tripping motion. Now summer, expect that, but at 18 degrees outside??? What the heck is flying out there. I have not checked yet if this is possible but perhaps the sensitivity of detection I should turn down.
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    Lack of static IP for viewing cameras over the web.

    I have Verizon internet service via router...expensive....and limited to 20GB. I may very well switch, in the search of a different ISP, but I live far enough out in the country, choices are really limited. I've recently installed and IP system. Open the proper ports in the router...didn't...
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    Android Stick use with security cameras

    I am not an installer or in the camera business. I'm in the process of installing some IP security cameras. Our house layout puts most of our activity towards the back of the house, and several times people have driven up and we have no idea they are there. I'm wanting to put a monitor on the...