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  1. Zion

    Sonic Weapon tech to keep the neighborhood kids away?

    Philadelphia Is Using A SONIC WEAPON To Keep Kids Away From Parks! :wow:
  2. Zion

    POE network switch question

    Hi, would this be sufficient (pro's/con's) for a POE cams setup? Thanks much
  3. Zion

    SALE - 3TB Western Digital Surveillance Grade Hard Drive $72.19

    Picked up one of these and wanted to share it with others as it's the lowest price I've ever seen on this drive. Save additional 5% when you subscribe to newsletter and use code 300555 at checkout Free FedEx shipping *Ends 1/8 LaView Surveillance Grade Hard Drive Western Digital
  4. Zion

    Will adding new modem change the IP addresses?

    Hi, Will adding new Modem change the IP addresses for cameras on my NVR or any other settings? NVR is currently being picked up on through router and viewed through Blue Iris on a dedicated desktop. Picked up a Netgear CM600 which I learned here has it's own VPN built in. Thanks much
  5. Zion

    Cams showing "No signal" during daytime

    Hi, several of my cameras (1 does so more so than the other 2. Have 8 total) show "No signal" starting about 6 or 7am till just before sunset, while others are working fine. Have physicaly reset cameras to no avail. This issue is only happening through BlueIris as all cams are showing fine on...
  6. Zion

    Blue Iris alert still sounds alarm after cam deleted

    Hi, much appreciated if someone could tell me how to stop a cam sound alarm trigger that is still sounding even after the camera was deleted. (Deleted and "Show hidden camera's" is enabled, no other cams show their either and each cam has it's own specific sound) Any suggestions appreciated.
  7. Zion

    No signal Error 8000274c

    Hi, Blue Iris was working fine till yesterday and now I'm getting: No signal - Error 8000274c (timeout; check IP address and port) 0 *date/time is working Camera's are on a LaView NVR with ethernet cable to a desktop exclusively for BlueIris. (not used to access www) I've tried rebooting...
  8. Zion

    Hikvision with quality zoom? Re-branded Hikvision Mfrs?

    Hi, any suggestions appreciated on a ip cam with good zoom. Ultimately would like to see face/license detail at 100'. Also, what other manufacturers re brand Hikvision and would appreciate knowing of any quality models at discount pricing. Thanks in advance.
  9. Zion

    WD Purple: 2TB WD Purple Surveillance Hard Disk Drive $65AC@Newegg (Today Only)

    Good drive at a good price. 2TB WD Purple Surveillance Hard Disk Drive $65AC@Newegg EMCPSEP25 promo code ends 3/11 *Still wish I could get some help adding 2 new Hikvision camera's to my setup. Have spent many hours unsuccessfully trying. (not...
  10. Zion

    Blue Iris "clips" keep disappearing then reappearing since update

    Since updating BI, my clips will almost all vanish and then later reappear. (usually only shows a few clips from days past that were not saved. Recent clips are nowhere to be found) How do we delete this upgrade and go back to the stable one? Thanks
  11. Zion

    Blue Iris update removed Settings for 'Send SMS text message'

    Blue Iris update removed Settings for 'Send SMS text message" Update changed number to 18005551212 and carrier to ATT When I change it back to my actual number and correct carrier it fixed it. For some reason only 1 camera configuration was effected.
  12. Zion

    Adding a Hikvision Camera

    Hi, I have a LaView LV-KN988P86A4 Premium IP Surveillance System 8 Channel NVR. I have a bit of an unusual setup yet very thankful for what I have. The NVR is located in the main house that has no internet. Internet is located in guest house where Blue Iris is on it's own dedicated pc, so I...
  13. Zion

    How to extend recording time after a Trigger?

    Hi, I'd much appreciate details on how to extend the time that BI records an event after triggered. Currently it is cutting off prematurely. Thanks
  14. Zion

    BI not recording clips on 1 cam

    Hi, all my other 5 cameras BI is recording motion and saved in clips (though still trying to get those dialed in to not trigger when wind is blowing/shadows or a light comes on) however one camera BI fails to record. Have restarted/unchecked and checked boxes and adjusted sensitivity yet still...
  15. Zion

    Getting BI to show from DVR to Desktop

    Hi, new to the cam world and have a LaView LV-KN988P86A4 Premium IP Surveillance System 8 Channel NVR. The recorder is located in the main house that has no internet and router is located in guest house. Ran internet cable over to main house and can see all of the cameras are working from the...