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    German Jewelry Heist

    Whatever happened to the IR capable cameras? You're guarding 1-billion dollar collection and this is your night-vision capability? :facepalm: ... (One must "watch this video on YouTube")...
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    Problem After BI Disk Upgrade

    I'm having issues after doing this with my existing BI4 server at work... Booted Blue Iris 4 and turned off the Blue Iris Windows Service Quit Blue Iris 4 Pulled the existing WD 6TB (OS Drive V Purple out of the server and put it in an external USB3 Enclosure Installed a new WD12TB Purple in...
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    Showdown At The Feeding Station

    Dwight thinks it's his job to guard the feral cat feeding station. But when the 6 baby raccoons show up things get a tad tense.
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    Mini-PTZ Give-Away Qontest

    It has been approximately eight (8) long months since my last junk-giveaway ...ummm...Qontest™ So here we go! We have as the very grandest of prizes a brand new-in-box Imporx/Huisun 2MP Mini PTZ Camera. This is a (provided in "as is" condition, but should be fully functional) PTZ camera and...
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    More Proof!

    That Andy is terrific! Ordered three (3) new cameras from Andy on Saturday. Three (3) new cameras arrived on Thursday! Thank you Andy!
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    Last night at 3:57 AM. Guy comes up the hill. Must have been doing 60. Jumps a curb. Skids across a lawn. Uses my property to brake his vehicle.
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    Another UPS Tosser

    Parks his UPS truck in a profoundly dangerous location. Side gate is locked. Front gate is open. He can't figure it out, so he tosses our purchase over the fence, then proceeds on his way to ply his trade upon other unfortunate customers. The thrilling action starts at the 00:45 mark...sorry I...
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    Official IPCT Pet Show

    show ‘em if you got one. My “Andy, Feral Wonder Cat & International Viral Sensation”...
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    "Intel®" vs. "Intel®+VideoPostProc?"

    Blue Iris Options > Cameras > Hardware Accelerated Decode What is the difference between "Intel®" vs. "Intel®+VideoPostProc?" Please school me.
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    How did I just get scammed?

    ...on ebBay?... Order Details: Alienware 17 R5 17.3" Gaming Notebook i7-8750H 8GB RAM 1TB HDD 256GB SSD GTX1060 Item price $108.69
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    Kitten Name Qontest > Vote For A Winner

    Read about the Qontest here... Name My a new IPC-HDW5231R-Z varifocal Please vote and help decide the winner of the Name A Kitten Qontest. Note: This forum is configured to allow only fifteen (15) poll choices, so only the first fifteen (15) name pairs are listed here.
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    Blue Iris Performance Statistics

    Somehow I missed this and just came across it yesterday. Wow! What fabulous work! I believe that @bp2008 is responsible this? This is a terrific method to analyze CPU vs. load and subsequent performance. A+++ IMO! Nut now I want an i7-8700! Blue Iris Update Helper @bp2008!
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    Name My a new IPC-HDW5231R-Z varifocal

    Well...almost new...and a bit of a project camera...but none-the-less... Many months ago back Andy sold me a IPC-HDW5231R-Z varifocal which I never unpacked. I finally un-boxed this new camera and set it up a couple of weeks ago and it ran perfect for 10 hours...but then there was suddenly no...
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    POE Extender Project Box

    I built this project box to use as a weather-proof POE extender inside my Feral Qat Shelter®. I utilized PG7 glands to pass cable into the box to the POE extender. A single cable carrying 802.3at is input into the extender which allows (up to) four (4) 802.3af outputs (the docs state 4 @ 6W, or...
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    Teletubbies Lunchbox Remediation Project

    Faced with the overwhelming burden of the public shaming and humiliation heaped upon me by the ipCamTalk community (refer to the "A bridge not too far - Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M5" topic) I embarked on the long overdue overhaul of the Teletubbies Lunchbox installation, in large part to mend my...
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    Classic Shell > StartIsBack

    For those of you who use Classic Shell to recapture your Win7 Start Menu experience in your Win8/Win10 installation... Classic Shell is no longer supported by the developer who has written that Classic Shell may soon become non-functional as future Windows updates are installed on your machine...
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    Advertising Hall 'o Shame

    Flock's "100% wireless outdoor security camera"...with a wire.
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    Hik's Will > But Dahua's Won't?

    Crimped a good quality RJ45 connector to the camera end of a 100-foot outdoor run of quality Shireen gel-filled double jacket cat5e cable. I know the cable is good and I was reasonably certain that the crimp was good. Plugged in a Dahua 2MP Starlight Mini Dome IPC-HDBW4231F-AS and...nothing...
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    Help > Dahua SD6CE245U-HNI PTZ install

    The Dahua SD6CE245U-HNI PTZ is a big hunk of metal, and I plan on hanging it on the side of my house to test it for a few months and to learn how it functions. I’ll be powering this camera with POE+ over cat5e. The pigtail that comes off the camera is BIG, but I won’t be able to pass it through...
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    Qontest: Win a BRAND NEW free 2TB WD Purple Surveillance Drive

    Enter this Qontest to win F*R*E*E* brand new unopened 2TB WD Purple Surveillance Drive Contest Rules: You must have at least 100 posts to enter into this contest You must "Like" this topic for your qontest entry to be eligible The winner will receive is one (1) brand new free 2TB...
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    Yet Another "Andy IS The Best" Topic

    I just purchased the following from Andy ( @EMPIRETECANDY )... One (1) SD6CE245U-HNI Dahua Starlight PTZ Two (2) corner mounting brackets for the SD6CE245U-HNI Not knowing, I asked Andy is there is anything else I needed for corner-mount application. He provided some pictures and told me that...
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    Best PTZ > $500 or $750

    Yes. I know. Q posts a "what's the best" Topic. I suQ. I know. Buuuuuttttttt...what are opinions of the best PTZ camera out there... 1) $500.00 price range 2) $750.00 price range Thanks fellas.
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    Great camera placement?

    Perhaps this is an example of how correct camera placement can result in excellent evidentiary images?... Police search for suspect in fatal stabbing of woman at Oakland BART station
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    Dahua Firmware Auto-check Update feature Faulty?

    Fellas, the Dahua firmware update auto-check functionality may be faulty, as noted below... I just purchased a IPC-HDBW4231F-AS from our friend @EMPIRETECANDY (thanks as always Andy, it came fast!). I logged into this new camera with IE11 and noted that the currently installed firmware...
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    Feral Cat Shelter

    You may know the thrilling story of Andy The Kitten,and his rise to fame as an international viral celebrity. Well that was nearly 1-year ago and over the past year we've come to realize that Andy's mom, brothers and sisters are living in the woods behind our property. Mrs. Q™ started feeding...
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    A bridge not too far (Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M5)

    Just installed 2 Ubiquiti Nanostation Loco M5’s to create a bridge from my gazebo (Station mode) in the backyard to my house (AP mode). The connection is ROCK-SOLID, which the Ubiquiti UNMS utility reports the bridge as having a 300 mbps capacity, although the 5 (2mp & 5mp) cameras I have...
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    New PC’s for the office

    I need to replace five (5) work stations at our office. Since we’re a poor company I was thinking of purchasing five (5) identical Dell Optiplex 7010 i7-3770 units. For $220.00, each unit comes with 8gb of ram but no drive and no OS. Each comes with a Windows 7 COA. My plan was to purchase five...
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    How to distribute a digital document?

    Fellas, next month I'm going to give a talk to a large group of people. I want to distribute a digital copy containing my remarks, citations and 30 pages of reference documents; this digital copy will be a large PDF document. What is the best way for me to make this PDF available online? I need...
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    Win10 Fall Creators Update 1709 QlusterFuQ

    Installed Win10 Fall Creators Update 1709 yesterday. Although I approached the task as would a wounded wilder-beast approach the lion's watering hole, it was a slow day so I figured "WTF." After 40 minutes, and after final restart, searching my IMAP and mailboxes...FAILED. Failed as in didn't...
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    DGS-1100-05PD PoE-Powered 5-Port Gigabit Switch and PoE Extender

    No AC power for this switch...