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  1. Philip Gonzales

    Dashcam - How do you not see a full-size pickup?

    Dashcam is a Viofo A129 Duo. This was on the way home to pick up my daughter from school. I do not believe they hit or I would have stopped and offered up the footage. Regretted not stopping to verify as soon as I pulled into the house but my main concern at the time was getting my daughter...
  2. Philip Gonzales

    Neighbor Hit and Run

    Pretty sure this was a visitor as I haven't seen this vehicle before. This house (where the car is coming from) has a lot of visitors if you know what I mean. I gave the export to the neighbors son. It's his dad's truck who is elderly. Wish I had a camera that captures license plates but...
  3. Philip Gonzales

    Inspiron 3670 - adding extra 3.5" drive?

    Purchased this PC to run Blue Iris. Only going to run a handful of cams (for my mom's house actually). Ordered a 4TB WD purple, should give her at least 6 weeks of footage. We don't really desire any more than...
  4. Philip Gonzales

    Small closet in my mom's house

    Didn't take very many pics but we are working on installing some cam's at my mom's house. She's having a new house built and thanks to @EMPIRETECANDY she will have some starlight IP cameras. First time she's had cameras. She's seen my little setup and was impressed and intrigued. Today we...
  5. Philip Gonzales

    Dual-PTZ camera Hunter SDT5X Series

    Going to replace all my cams with this one. Gotta love that Time Division Multiplexing!
  6. Philip Gonzales

    Well there goes the neighborhood

    Pretty sure this is a methlab that someone parked in their driveway. The guy in the car supposedly is on meth and he had been sleeping in his car in front of different houses in the neighborhood each night. He got kicked out of his house. Guess he didn't move very far.
  7. Philip Gonzales

    PTZ control/presets no longer working

    Works fine from the cam but not from within blue iris. Not sure what changed. It was working yesterday I believe. I've removed it and added back in Blue Iris with no luck. Cam is a SD49225XA-HNR. Here is the PTZ tab in blue iris for this cam. Any ideas?
  8. Philip Gonzales

    Sentry alerts still sent for human detection in masked off part of zone

    This may be more of a Blue Iris thing than a Sentry thing but I thought I would post my "issue" here in case anyone else was seeing the same, or if someone can see if I am doing something wrong as far as my setup. I have sent an email to Ken to see if he can assist. What I believe to be...
  9. Philip Gonzales

    Deep IVS, am I missing something for auto tracking?

    First PTZ camera here, SD49425XB-HNR is the model. FW Version info below. Device Type: DH-SD49225XA-HNR System Version: V2.800.0000000.13.R.P9.2520.UN.NR, Build Date: 2019-08-01 WEB Version: V3.2.1.768810 ONVIF Version...
  10. Philip Gonzales

    PTZ AI network cameras

    @EMPIRETECANDY Are you going to get any of these PTZ's? I'm in the market for one and about ready to pull the trigger. SD49225XA-HNR SD49425XB-HNR SD1A404XB-GNR These ones below are out of my price range for now but would still be cool to see. SD65F233XA-HNR SD5A425XA-HNR SD5A445XA-HNR
  11. Philip Gonzales

    What this PC work for my needs?

    Don't flame me. Lol. I'm going to try to talk my mom into going with blue iris for her new home. So much so in fact that I will offer to buy the PC if she goes with blue iris. We are going to be buying the cams from Andy. Anyway will this be OK to run 6 2MP cams at 15fps or so? Sorry I...
  12. Philip Gonzales

    WLAN Access Rejected from shanghai high-flying electronics MAC

    [WLAN access rejected: incorrect security] from MAC F0:FE:6B:68:18:31, Saturday, Sep 28,2019 12:12:35 I keep seeing the above in my router logs. I blocked the MAC address just in case. Any idea what devices use shanghai high-flying electronics network adapters?
  13. Philip Gonzales

    How to connect mic to Foscam fI9928p

    I've been trying to find info on how to connect a mic and which microphones work with this camera but couldn't really find much info. Any chance someone has any advice?
  14. Philip Gonzales


    Not a great vid, but someone tagged the neighbors fence. Makes me want to put up more cameras!
  15. Philip Gonzales

    White light in B&W mode? Not getting a great picture.

    I'm trying to help my brother set up his Dahua IPC-HDW523R-ZE cameras and so far we are not happy with the picture. I think the major issue may be camera placement but we are looking for tips. Here is the security light he installed. Defiant 270 Degree White LED Bluetooth Motion Outdoor...
  16. Philip Gonzales

    That's one way to get down the road.

    Just so happen to glance up at my tablet when this guy was driving by today.
  17. Philip Gonzales

    The other day I found 20$ in my driveway...

    I looked around, some neighborhood teenager was cutting grass down the street. I thought maybe it's his, or hmm maybe it's not. Turn out my fiance dropped it there 7 hours earlier! What are the odds of it staying in the driveway all day lol.
  18. Philip Gonzales

    suspicious vehicle - looks like they wanted to steal my package

    Here is the package being delivered. And the vehicle pulling in, pulling out, then pointing at my camera and driving off. Notice they did not do a U turn. They kept driving in the same direction as they started. Here is a picture of the plates in case anyone recognizes it. This is...
  19. Philip Gonzales

    Added a sweet sign to my install!

    I wanted all the vandals to know that my dog was manning my cameras 24x7. Lol
  20. Philip Gonzales

    Life of a Trashcan1

    My poor trashcan had a case of the Mondays today. The wife must have thought I was the trashcan or something.
  21. Philip Gonzales


    Not much more to say about this one.
  22. Philip Gonzales

    Pi-Cart - Raspberry Pi gaming system in NES cartidge.

    Pi Cart: a Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Rig in an NES Cartridge I just thought this was so cool. I bought all the supplies and will be building one next week.
  23. Philip Gonzales

    Intel CPU Design Flaw

    Get ready for decreased performance everyone. Kernel-memory-leaking Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign 'Kernel Memory Leaking' Intel Processor Design Flaw Forces Linux, Windows Redesign - Slashdot
  24. Philip Gonzales

    Is this a reflection/glare? Any idea how to get rid of it?

    There is a white blob just to the right of the pillar by the sidewalk. It only shows up in color mode at night. I assume it is some type of reflection as it only happens at night and this cam runs in color mode 24x7. The porch light is to the left of both pillars. So it's out of view to the...
  25. Philip Gonzales

    First time I've ever seen snow falling!

    I am going on 30 years old and live in San Antonio, Texas. First time I've ever seen snow fall!!! Amazing!
  26. Philip Gonzales

    What are my options for a doorbell camera, I don't have a chime/transformer.

    From what I understand my house doesn't have a door chime/transformer. I rent and the doorbell has never worked. I took off the doorbell and twisted the wires together and nothing. I tested for voltage and nothing also. I've never came across the chime and the house is pretty small. I...
  27. Philip Gonzales

    Android Tablet wall mount "install"

    So for my early bday present I got a 10.1" Android Tablet. It was $177 around black Friday. $100 off. Bought this...
  28. Philip Gonzales

    Mini Dome Wedge not switching to color mode when lights are on

    So I have a IPC-HDBW4231F-AS in my living room and the darn thing wants to stay in black and white mode most of the time. Even when I have the lights in the living room and hallway on it stays in black and white. I currently have shutter speed set to a customized range of 0-17ms, gain 50...
  29. Philip Gonzales

    Where did my alerts go?

    Hi, So I record continuously 24x7 on all profiles direct to disk. Today I accidentally unplugged my power strip that goes to all my servers when I was fiddling around and plugging my NAS in to it's permanent home. So my blue iris server was rebooted. I also cleared the log. After I got...
  30. Philip Gonzales

    Which indoor IP Cams for hair salon?

    My Wife works at a hair salon and they are thinking about getting cameras installed. They are a small business privately owned salon with 2 co-owners and my wife does booth rental there. They don't have a big budget unfortunately. They have a drop ceiling with the tiles that lift up when you...