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    Dahua playback question: can the cam play back from NAS?

    I'm experimenting with a setup for someone, and I have this camera set up to record to a Synology NAS, which it's doing fine. But the camera's Playback page has a dropdown box for Data Source, and I'm not seeing a way to get it to play back from the NAS it's recording to. The only entry on...
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    Installed a ColorVu turret

    I had a old 5MP Bosch 5000 varifocal dome cam up on our third-floor porch. Problems: 1. I can't rely on a couple of the residents to run their porch lights. 2. If they do turn their lights on, then a person facing the camera is backlighted. 3. the old Bosch had inherently poor night...
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    (solved) Dahua SmartPSS advice welcome, cannot access camera snapshots

    Update: post #2 contains the apparent solution: launch the software using Run As Administrator. My landlord is interested in adding cameras to some of his other locations. He'd like to be able to view snapshots from the cameras. I've picked up an inexpensive 2MP Starlight PTZ from Andy as a...
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    Kitty makes a friend

    Kitty: meow. MEOW! (tiny human, I need rubs pls! :( ) Kid: Worthington, carry me over there at once. Kitty: Meow! Kid: KITTY! U can has rubs! :) Also, check out my teddy bear! Kitty: Meow! (yessss! :) more rubs pls!) --cropped from 4K footage from a Bosch 8000 Ultra with...
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    Porch prowler

    I was going to say "he's probably looking for something to use as a belt," but he actually does have a belt. Capture from a 2.8mm Hik 8MP IPC-T2385G-I at 1/200th second, 60 max Gain, HLC at 50 to counteract the overexposure effect of the floodlights.
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    IPC-T2385G-I Hikvision 8MP fixed turret (night videos added)

    I picked up a 2.8mm fixed-lens Hikvision from Andy to try out. Hikvision's infos: 8 MP Outdoor IR Fixed Network Turret Camera Andy's listing: US $150.0 5% OFF|2019 Latest New 8MP IPC T2385G I IR Fixed Lens Turret POE Network Camera IP67,Free DHL shipping on AliExpress - 11.11_Double...
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    Automotive IR emitter

    (Z12 at max IR, versus IR LED pod with 15° optics) I figured this would be relevant to the LPR forum. I picked up a Black Oak IR pod for a LPR I'm making for a buddy, and asked them to set it up with all 15° optics for max throw. Currently it's bolted to the chin of a big ol' housing as shown...
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    When you're high

    This was probably worth losing a $10 Philips 1500-lumen LED bulb just for the entertainment value: Now that he has a bag of water-softener salt, an 8-foot plastic pipe, AND a light bulb, he can finally _____________________ (fill in the blank for me?)
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    Anyone tried adjusting focus on Dahua fixed-lens turrets?

    I'm wondering if focus can be improved on my cam, this seems sub-standard. I see the same effect at night on reflective license plates, definite "ghosting." It's a Dahua fixed-lens turret/eyeball. I would consider disassembling it if I could get a better result.
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    Installed a IPC-T5442TM-AS-LED

    Got one of these, or considering one? Quick summary: This IPC-T5442TM-AS-LED cam has white-light LEDs and can't see infrared light, only visible light. It combines extra low-light sensitivity with substantial "enhancement" abilities to boost dark scenes. It's a variant of the other 5442...
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    A few pics from the 'hood

    what? I'm just making sure I'm prepared how are you even driving that? well if he can do it, so can I... this guy stole a dog the day before, stuffed it in a backpack and fled when the owners chased him. to the dog park, Worthington, my tennis ball requires exercise
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    BI5 display scaling seems improved

    I used the Fast display scaling in Settings > Other with BI4 because the Bilinear and Bicubic options came at a major CPU-usage cost. BI5 is letting me use Bicubic with about a 12% increase in CPU usage during viewing and playback. <Darth Vader> Impressive. </Vader>
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    Is there a way to switch camera groups during playback?

    I haven't yet discovered how to switch from one camera group to another during playback. Does BI have an option I haven't spotted yet? Example, I look at the movements of a car prowler in the parking lot, viewing the on-premises camera group, then I want to switch to the Perimeter group to see...
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    "Debounce" snapshots to reduce number of images stored?

    I got my HFW5231E-Z12E and it is very enthusiastic about storing a series of snapshots to my FTP when motion detection is triggered. I played with the anti-dither setting and looked around for anywhere that I can tell it "dude, ONE photo would be perfect, I don't need four to six of them per...
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    Kitty v. catnip mousie

    For the kitty fans out there :) From my old porch camera.