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    Expert Recommendations for Live Streaming Camera

    Over a long period I have gotten really good advice on these forums. I have a coworker that happens to have a nice "river" view, and he wants to stream it (his thinking is ofc youtube), but he doesn't really want a dedicated computer setup purely for that purpose (he has one today for the Dahua...
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    IPC-HUM8230P-E1 - does anyone know the substream URL ?

    Trying to set this particular camera up for substreams in Blue Iris v5. However, even though the main stream works (/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0), nothing appears to work for substreams even though this camera UI shows there should be two of them. I have tried...
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    Finally Completed - New EPYC build & Limit Test - (Extremely Unnecessary Builds)

    Before the comments flood in, this build was done as a project/for-science build. This is not an endorsement of this type of build for a reasonable person, or (really) anyone tbh. This is simply a shameless attempt to try and get the IPCT contributor badge ;) Once a year I get bonus "mad money"...
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    Amazon and Newegg have 12TB WD Elements for $199 today (4/24/2020)

    Just mentioning in case anyone missed the prior sales on 4TB or 8/10TB. Some of the lower capacity are now confirmed to be SMR drives (On WD Red NAS Drives - Western Digital Corporate Blog), which will have lower write performance (who knows if it will still work for surveillance maybe if you...
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    Anyway to simulate more Camera load?

    I am planning to update my aging Blue Iris setup soon, but just curious if there is an easy way to simulate higher camera load before I start buying more cameras? I know I could push the frame rates up to the camera max (25 or 30 on most mine), but not sure if the camera hardware can handle...
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    Can we gather some Memory Benchmarks?

    All. Every since @bp2008 did a test on where the limits were for his Blue Iris machine running an AMD 3950x (thread here: Ryzen 3950x for Blue Iris), I have been thinking that just as important as cores/threads to determine "maximum capacity" of a Blue Iris VMS PC there might be a memory impact...
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    Recommendation for Office Cam for monitoring a lobby (not security) - simple solution

    Wanted to see if anyone had a simple idea to solve a problem at my wife's office. They have an entry lobby, where a receptionist used to sit to greet people that came in. The remaining offices are down a long hallway with no direct view of the entry area just due to angles. Due to personnel...
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    Stumbled upon this On Quora - SR71 Camera System - Frank Murray Pilot

    Does any admin know how to make it open directly in youtube as it won't allow embedded players. Highlights that made my jaw drop. Funny old guy, that was a pilot on it. In 1960, this camera system was capable of shooting hirez at cruise speed of 3300 ft/s on SR flying at 85,000 ft altitude...
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    Another Ring Success Story

    She installed a Ring camera in her children’s room for ‘peace of mind.’ A hacker accessed it and harassed her 8-year-old daughter. Ring says probably a credential stuffing attack, nevermind some strange dude is talking to your daughter and can SEE INTO YOUR DAUGHTERS ROOM!
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    WD 8TB Purple 5400 - on sale $205

    Just saw this in an ad at Newegg, on sale until Saturday 7/13. $205 WD Purple WD81PURZ 8TB 5400 RPM 256MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -
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    QQ - Blue Iris as a Camera or?

    Ok, embarrassed to even ask this because the thread is probably here but I'm not finding it. After an incident where the neighbors car got set on fire and I didn't get enough on video because it was: 4AM and very dark I was using motion activated recording and the event was outside the motion...
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    Traffic Stop Robot (popped up on my LinkedIn feed)

    Just a prototype, but who knows, maybe making an appearance at a future traffic stop. ReuBotics: Reuben Robotics
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    Thanks for Blue Iris Sale Price !

    Not sure why it's on sale it is already cheap for what it is capable of didn't really need another copy bought another license anyway Keep up the great work!
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    Quick Refurb Question

    @fenderman or anyone else that might know. The HP and Dell Refurb systems, whats the best way to get something that can hold more hard drives via the refurb method? just buy a workstation mid-tower or full-tower directly from the refurb channel buy a SFF or desktop and transfer into a bigger...
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    August 2018 Weather in Longmont, Colorado

    Weather, yesterday, 10x speed because this is my first time and I don't know how to edit videos! (be gentle) :D At 5:15:50 that's me trying to race the wifes car into the garage, had to abort the pizza run I was on! This was a deluge of mothball size hail and slightly larger, and my vegetable...
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    Another Andy (EMPIRETECANDY) & DHL is GREAT thread

    Here is my last transaction with EMPIRETECANDY, paid via PAYPAL Invoice Conversation started June 15, 2018 11:07 AM "I need to order from you direct and be sure they arrive by June 29" June 15, 2018 11:32 AM First response from Andy about "whats in stock" and prices June 15, 2018 3:13 PM...
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    Best way to optimize Camera Feeds to avoid bandwidth limits and cap

    All. Constant lurker here, I am travelling back to old place this week to install the following: Currently have 1.3MP Amcrest mounted indoors, will move to outdoors garage Bought IPC-HDBW4231F-E2-M (2MP starlight PoE 3.6mm) dual-dome, adding to cover small back and side yards, guessing this...
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    Home8 Cameras - anyone know if they will work like regular IP camera?

    Title says it. I happen to have a Home8 system that was picked up (not by me!) and I wanted to play around to see if it can be connected to Blue Iris system? Just wondering if anyone happens to know, even though I am well aware these are probably considered throw-away by most informed parties...
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    Question Re: Hikvision DS-2CD6412FWD-L30-28

    Ok so I might have rushed to order a camera I wanted small enough to mount to a birdhouse without doing enough research. I haven't ordered Hikvision before or from this vendor. I ordered: Hikvision DS-2CD6412FWD-L30-28 and I received just the 25 foot cable, a barrel-style camera lens and a...
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    Nighttime Motion Blur - IPC-HDBW4231F-AS

    I have setup my first outdoor camera, unfortunately the motivator to get them out of the box and hang them was several cars were broken into in this neighborhood, my wife's car window was broken out so they could rummage through the glovebox and steal an empty "Prada knockoff" purse from...
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    DH-SD29204S-GN PTZ base is HOT (like 100 degrees) - is this normal?

    Hey all IPCT! I bought this camera like a year ago, and only now playing around with it. I have had it connected to POE+ switch HP-1910-8G-POE+ for about 5 hours sitting on my desk and hooked up to Blue Iris (working great, but only 1 camera). I pick it up and the base (where the metal plate...
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    Newbie - Please start me off with Camera/FoV Recommendations please

    ok, I posted this in New users Forum, and it either got missed probably due to how active the forum is. I PM'd milkisbad once, but I'm thinking I'll have better luck if I have a CLUE what I need to start to provide coverage. I'm sure he's swamped based on the number of "posting here so I can...
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    Experts Please Review/Comment - Home Network + PoE Security Network

    All. New here but would appreciate expert commentary to make sure I don't go off rails in the wrong direction. Just focusing on the network portion of my home security setup. While I thought I knew what software I was looking at, that is probably going to change, but the hardware is...
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    Hello IP Cam Talk forums members

    Mostly posting here because I can't send milkisbad a PM yet for a catalog and price list. :D Utter newbie alert. My background ======================== General programming and software equipment control, I work at home so I get a lot of packages and would like to make sure none "walk away"...