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  1. dukdom

    Sighthound and alerts with Zapier

    I have finally opted for this software. I follow the steps to create an alert by Zippier but that application does not appear in the list (photo). What I can do? With Webhook I can, but it asks me for a monthly subscription.
  2. dukdom

    Software that works on the browser

    Hi! I am looking for a software that works on the image that I receive in the browser. My cameras send me the image through the browser. Is there any software that analyzes license plates through the image received in a browser? Thanks
  3. dukdom

    Cheap LPR camera with integrated software

    Several of you have been helping me in another thread to try to adapt some cameras that I have to the LPR world. Finally I have decided to buy a simple LPR camera and am looking for help. I want an LPR camera with integrated software for moving vehicles. I want that camera make a list of all...
  4. dukdom

    Analyze images obtained from the web browser

    Hi! You are helping me in another thread about IP cameras. Thanks! But I would also like to know (I don't want to mix threads) if there is any software that analyzes videos through the web browser. I have a camera that gives me continuous recording through the browser. Is there any software that...
  5. dukdom

    OpenALPR without connection to the local network

    Hi! I want to configure an LPR camera remotely. I don't want to have the OpenALPR client installed on a Windows computer connected to the network where the camera is. How can I do it? I would like to have an IP camera with a 3G-4G connection and that OpenALPR takes the image directly from that...