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  1. Dodutils

    Oups she did it again

    Bloody uncensored version ;-) To solve my not so good quality 12mm lens problem I do have now two cams side by side one with a daylight focus and the other for IR light focus but the owl rarely come daylight, hope i'll get a full colored video of this owl, but I am now looking for a good 12mm...
  2. Dodutils

    Barn owl good hunt :-)

    For such video I do not regret the efforts I spent to install the camera 6 meters high :) Youtube do not display :-(
  3. Dodutils

    Barn owl (but DOF problem between IR/no IR mode)

    For some weeks I found rejection balls (don't know if it is correct name as I am not english native) on the ground in my barn produced by some owl, so I checked upside and located a girder were I guessed it could come time to time (looking all the sh*t it left on the girder was easy to guess ;-)...
  4. Dodutils

    Mini 12V UPS $15-$30

    Hi, I like digging for new electronic/technical stuff and I recently found an interesting product that is a mini 12V UPS that you connect between your 12V 5.5 Jack power transformer and the 12V system you need to power. Size is like any usual USB Powerbank, the battery inside seems to be a...
  5. Dodutils

    Wild life quick & dirty

    Last year a WoodPecker almost killed one on my trees making a huge and deep hole and then after I hoped some bird could nest into it and here we are but I had to use remote wifi cam ($20 cheap Digoo M1Q) with USB powerBank (camera is USB powered) enought to stand 24H including with IR ON at...
  6. Dodutils

    ESCAM QD900 by night 2.6mm vs 16mm

    Still playing with my $45 camera (so no fear to teardown and try things) I changed the original 2.6mm lens for a $6 16mm (rated 5MP), nothing special just for test, will also try to use remote IR projector instead of integrated one because it attract flying bugs and if there is the smallest...
  7. Dodutils

    FireFox 52.0 is out ... no more NPAPI !!!

    Hello everybody, Take care about FF 52.0, many cameras may not show their video stream or controls anymore (for example the camera will say OCX/ActiveX not installed and propose to download/install it again and again) so you should keep FF 51.0.1 somewhere (and turn off auto-update once...
  8. Dodutils

    Good dashcam with interchangeable lens ?

    Hello, Dashcams usually use ultra wide angle lens and because of it you see a very large field that's cool but it provide much lesser details because the view point is "more remote" so you get less details for Plate ID or people's face details. So the idea is to find a dashcam with good WDR on...
  9. Dodutils

    Cameras with UV light instead of IR ?

    Hello, Did anyone tried this to see the result at night in the range of 380-385nm wave length ? I am curious about the visual result and how it may change with or without IR filter at night (of course IR filter should not change the result at night but as I said I am curious). Of course...
  10. Dodutils

    What is you KW electricity cost in your region ?

    Hello, Because all this computer/cams/router stuff eat electricity I am curious about the price of your electricity per KW ? In France (I removed the fixed monhtly fees/taxes just kept variable parts) but of course they are different suubscriptions with some that have different daily/nightly...
  11. Dodutils

    P2P camera protocol technical info

    Hello, A few days ago I tried the P2P feature of the Escam QD900 using a generic P2P camera client software on my Smartphone and also on a my PC from a different Internet access point. As expected it worked well, zero setup, I just had to enter the UID that is unic for each camera (depending...
  12. Dodutils

    Command line tool to test if sunrise/suncheck in your scripts

    Hello, Today I prepared a camera dedicated to do a TimeLapse of a Peony's growth (cameras are not only a security thing) so I need to take regular snapshots daytime only not at night but because the growth will last for many days the sunrise/sunset timing will change a lot. So before I...
  13. Dodutils

    Movies/Series with CCTV inside ... so wrong

    Hello, I just watched the movie "Mechanic : Resurection" and unfortunately it was a very bad one (Jason Statham why did you sign for it ?!), but the thing is that this movie showed many of scenes with IP cam/CCTV involved but they were so wrong, worst than average in movies/series, if anyone...
  14. Dodutils

    Basic IR leds or newer high power IR leds ?

    Hi, Did someone compared the two different kind of IR LED technology (example picture below) ? old one with tons of small IR LED and newer one with only a few big high power LED ? Any pros/cons ? how do they compare for same current usage and life time ? may be big LED are more energy...
  15. Dodutils

    Axis 207W 24/24 7/7 since 10 years !

    Hi, Just a word to say I do have 3 Axis 207W running for 10 years now (bought 330€ each), well not 3 but 2 as one suddenly stopped display any video (don't now why, may be some faulty memory component died). Of course the web interface and the codecs are in trouble with recent Browsers but...