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    BI HDD allocation bug or I'm missing something?

    A while ago I set the limits for recording to BI's dedicated HDD. The HDD is 4TiB which is roughly 3.63TB or 3717GB. I set one folder's limit to 3400GB and the other two's to 100GB each, so the total is 3600GB, below the drive capacity. Today I was greeted with a yellow warning "!! D: -93.8G" I...
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    Any way to change the web server ID of BI?

    When I type my BI web server URL into a browser I am greeted with '... is requesting your username and password. The site says: "BlueIris"' and I am prompted to enter my username and password. Is there any way to change what "the site says" from BlueIris to something else? I haven't found where...
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    Amcrest IP2M-841 firmware going backwards?

    So, after almost two years of known vulnerabilities existence Amcrest updated the firmware on some of their cameras. But for this camera line the firmware seems to go backwards. It was V2.520.AC00.18.R, now it's V2.420.AC00.18.R. Does anyone know why? Did Amcrest reuse the older firmware base...
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    How to setup a camera for remote access only in BI5?

    I added a baby cam to my BI5 with the only purpose to access it remotely with tinyCam Monitor, so I don't have to setup a VPN or open ports. Unlike other cameras, I don't want the BI to monitor this camera at all. I only want it to become active when I connect remotely so the BI can webcast it...
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    Toggle Day/Night profiles on Dahua/Amcrest cams from BI

    I remember reading either on this forum or on Dahua forum that someone mentioned it was possible to toggle Day/Night profiles on cams from Blue Iris. Can anyone briefly describe how to do it (if possible at all) or point me to where I can read about it. I can't seems to find it. Thanks.
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    Sunrise, sunset times in BI. Where do they come from?

    Every day I have these entries in the BI log: Today's sunrise: x:xx AM, sunset: y:yy PM. I don't remember setting my location in BI anywhere. I looked for the location setting and didn't find it. Does anyone know where these times come from and how to correct them? They are inaccurate in my case.
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    How to disable a PTZ tour on startup on Amcrest camera?

    I happen to have an Amcrest camera - the IP3M-941 which is essentially the same as IP2M-841. Upon every boot it moves to the far extreme point, gets stuck there, makes loud noise, then goes to the default point (I suppose it calibrates the movement), then it moves back to my intended position...
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    Can Blue Iris do Intel (QuickSync) hardware accelerated ENcoding?

    I am in the process of migrating Blue Iris from a PC that had NVidia hardware to a PC with an Intel GPU. I am not transferring the settings via .reg files but configuring the new install from scratch. On the old PC I was used to seeing the "use CUDA hardware encoding" checkbox on encoding...
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    Can Blue Iris do CUDA ENcoding?

    I know it can do decoding now, and I know it's "inefficient". I am confused whether it can CUDA encoding H.264 and H.265. I am thinking of using this for the webserver to serve the streams outside of my LAN and perhaps for re-encoding the motion detect clips for storage. Anyone knows?
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    SSA (Smart Scene Adaptive)

    Using search I found only one post about it with no answers. Does anyone use SSA? Somehow it's not in the specs but my camera (IPC-HDW5831R-ZE) has it. The latest firmware removes it but the older one has it. The older firmware seems to be more stable anyway based on what I read here. I tested...
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    Why use SD card in an outdoor camera?

    I am preparing to mount my first outdoor turret Dahua camera. Before reading this forum I wasn't going to use an SD card in the camera because I couldn't see why. And it's a major PITA to insert and retrieve it. I am going to use Blue Iris and/or builtin camera features, no NVR. I noticed...