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    how to make good cat6 cables all the time

    Nothing wrong with using Cat5e RJ45's on your Cat6, but only downside is Cat5e connectors are rated a Gigabit speeds and Cat6 is at 10 gbps. So you're in a sense potentially bottle-necking the maximum speeds your cables will handle. But then again, what are the odds you're running a 10gbps...
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    Blue Iris for Educational facilities?

    Is Blue Iris ideal for use in Educational Facilities? At this time, we're currently doing to a retrofit from old analog DVR's/cameras and replacing them with Hikvision (Nelly's) cameras and NVRs. We currently have almost 400 cameras on our campus. Approximately half of those are now 2MP IP...
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    installed by a alarm comany

    I'll be the first to admit, I'm not licensed in my state to do CCTV. I mainly do it for my employer where I'm covered, but every once in a blue moon word will get around about me knowing how to do cameras and a small business will ask me to install cameras for them. I'm always hesitant about...
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    Hikvision seller & questions

    I'm not sure about the ebay seller, but I trust Nelly's Security (who is a featured vendor here on IPCT). Hands down. We've probably bought about $10k worth of a equipment over the last couple of years and always had top notch support -- and it's all English cameras. As far as water spots, I...
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    Issue with Everfocus PTZ RS-485

    Let me know your results please. Our systems are quite old now, at least 7 years old so I'm pretty certain a new unit is out of the question -- not that it really matters as we're slowly converting over to Hikvision IP systems.
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    Issue with Everfocus PTZ RS-485

    Sadly, no. I have not been able to resolve the issue. So basically I'm forced to use my camera tester to turn the camera. Saves me the trouble of having to climb up on the ladder to turn the camera, but still. Kind of ridiculous that this makes three Everfocus systems we have in our system that...
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    iVMS-4200 more than 4 auxiliary screens in 1PC

    Honestly, I don't believe iVMS has the capabilities of expanding beyond that simply due to the softwares RAM and CPU consumption. With that many monitors, you'll probably need to utilize the Video Wall feature, however that requires a decoder and they can get expensive. And to the best of my...
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    T-Bar Clip recommendations?

    Hey guys! Sorry for the bump on this and the late reply. I just wanted to update the status on this to save other people some trouble in the future. I might have missed something, but I learned real quick that these T-Bar Clips will not work on the Hikvision Dome cameras by themselves. The nut...
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    T-Bar Clip recommendations?

    I managed to find some laying around (and a camera) where I worked and thought they'd be perfect. They're Caddy 4G8. Unfortunately, they're too short for a Hikvision dome camera. It's ridiculous how expensive some of these Clips are, especially if they become a paperweight because the studs are...
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    T-Bar Clip recommendations?

    Sorry for the bump, but anybody have any suggestions on which t-bar clips/nuts to buy?
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    T-Bar Clip recommendations?

    I've got to get some T-Bar Clips to install some Hikvision Dome Cameras (from Nellys) and I'm looking for suggestions on which ones to buy. I've never used them to install cameras on ceiling grid since I usually use toggle bolts. My concern is getting ones that are too short/long or too big to...
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    iVMS-4200 causing Abnormal Shutdown?

    Got a curious situation here. One of our NVRs (out of 5) has been giving us some periodic Abnormal Shutdowns the past couple of weeks. It started back up out of the blue and I'm not certain why. We had this same situation about 6 months ago but determined it was likely the result of a network...
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    Viewing Hikvision NVRs cameras on TV?

    Me personally, I figure no reason to need more than 20-25 or so (all in sub-stream quality). If they are using iVMS, I would encourage them to create a Custom View page and only drag and drop the most important cameras they wanted to view from each of the 3 buildings.
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    Viewing Hikvision NVRs cameras on TV?

    Got a request coming up soon where a person wants to be able to access their cameras on a TV in their office. The issue is there are multiple NVRs in different buildings, so no ability to run cable directly to the TV. I'm looking at miniPC type set ups to run iVMS. Obviously iVMS has some...
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    Drip loop needed in this situation?

    I kind of thought so, and it was even advised by another to consider doing it, but I've never been led astray here so I thought it best to get a concrete answer here. Thanks!
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    Which cable?

    Yep, that's true. Even after inaccurately predicting the internet wouldn't be a big deal. But I guess we all win some and lose some.
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    Drip loop needed in this situation?

    Getting ready to mount a couple of cameras to the outside of one of our buildings in a couple of weeks and need some advice. I've installed a few outside cameras but they've always been under eaves or I've been able to go straight through the brick. I understand the concept of drip loops, but...
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    Which cable?

    At my place, we tend to use CableMatters Cat6 cable for the majority of our cable runs. Especially whenever we're doing anything involving computers and access points. Certainly don't ever use anything that is Copper Clad Aluminum. It's about $140-ish a box so it's not terrible for a 1000ft...
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    Power cameras/bridge on parking lot light pole

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the feedback on this. Though I'm sure there is, I'll check to see if there's conduit ran to the poles. Is it a code violation to run fiber in the same conduit as electrical? I doubt I'll be able to talk the maintenance guys into putting timers on the poles as there's...
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    Power cameras/bridge on parking lot light pole

    I'm looking at trying to put together a proposal for improving and expanding the surveillance coverage of our parking lots as we tend to have numerous hit and runs and thefts. So this involves putting cameras and wireless bridges on a couple of the parking lot light poles. The issue at hand is...
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    What do you use for a Router? Need replacement advice

    Can't recommend Ubiquiti enough. Have an Edgerouter and a Unifi AP. Wish I had went with the Unifi Gateway so it would tie in with my Unifi controller, but all in all, Ubiquiti is an enterprise grade system at a consumer grade price. Very dependable. But to answer your question, you need one or...
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    Hikvision NVR dropping Cameras

    This may be a redundant question, but when these cameras drop from the NVR, is the camera still directly accessible via its IP? Just the NVR has for some reason lost connection? It sounds to me somewhere along the lines to be network related. Are your camera bit rates reasonable and not...
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    Issue with Everfocus PTZ RS-485

    Here's a photo that I took of my tester and the DVR's I/O Settings. The Everfocus PTZ supports Pelco-D, Everfocus and Samsung. I set it to it's default Protocol of 'Auto', with a Baud Rate of 9600 and an ID Address of 2. Though I didn't take a photo of it in the DVR Camera Settings...
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    Issue with Everfocus PTZ RS-485

    Yes, the Tester and DVR have the exact same settings. As for the cabling, they used Cat6 cable. For the Positive, they used Striped and Solid Green, and Negative is Striped and Solid Brown. I guess they did both pairs for redundancy?
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    Issue with Everfocus PTZ RS-485

    I have an issue with our RS-485 jack on the back of our DVR and I don't know why it's not working. I'm hoping somebody can give some feedback to help me resolve this issue. I was under the assumption that the RS-485 port was defective on the DVR. Using my camera tester, I determined the cable...
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    Ivms 4200

    In the Tool> System Configuration > Image section, is View Scale set to 'Full Screen'?
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    Axis 215 PTZ power supply

    It appears the power supply on one of our Axis 215 PTZ's has gone bad. Does anybody know a reputable site/business that has a suitable replacement? I've scanned the the web but I cannot seem to find a power brick that looks like the one I pulled out. Picture below. I'd love to upgrade this unit...
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    Hikvision Playback and Motion Blur

    I'm only speculating and don't know a whole lot myself, but I'm thinking maybe there's something going on with your frame rates. I know with low frame rates, fast moving objects such as cars will appear blurry. I was able to correct this issue by setting my frame rates to 20-30 fps. This is...
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    Accessing the management application outside of the server

    We've started using the Milestone Essentials software to monitor our PTZ cameras since it was free and supports our 6 cameras. But I'm curious if there is any way to access the Management software that's installed on our Server on a different computer to make any setting adjustments without...
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    Renovated building install

    Hey folks! After coming here and always asking questions about this and that and receive a lot of helpful information, I figured it would be a good idea to show off my first true installation project. For those that might not have read any of my previous posts, I'm certainly no pro at this. I...