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    Mounting Hikvision indoor station inside a kitchen unit

    What would be the best way to mount a 10inch Hikvision indoor station (DS-KH8520-WTE1) inside an open-fronted kitchen unit (replacing the old monitor in the attached photo)? I want the new screen to be flush with the front of the cabinet but I don't think it will accept a VESA-type TV mount...
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    (UK) 12V power supply for Hikvision indoor panels

    The Hikvision video intercom (2nd generation) allows multiple indoor screens to be connected either by POE or by wi-fi to the master screen. Trouble is the instructions contain zero useful information about the power supply required for an indoor wi-fi screen - and of course no power supply...
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    300 yards

    Neighbour needs to install a camera at the entrance to his property, 300 yards from his house - which will be his first CCTV system. He has electricity at his gates so what would be the best way to set up a camera so far away?
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    Rogue disconnected alerts

    After test installing a few new Hik cameras plugged into a POE and monitored on my PC, I'm getting very frequent offline alerts about two of the DS-2DE2A404IW-DE3 cams but when I switch my focus to iVMS-4200, these cams are still there, still connected and still working. Do they know when they...
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    You won't ever see 4MP video, said the man

    I was asking a pro installer today about fitting a new Hikvision POE CCTV system to coincide with my new 1000Mbps fibre broadband/LAN and when I told him that I would like to see 2560 x 1920 4MP video footage on my 5k Mac monitor, he told me not to bother and choose instead 2MP cameras because...
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    Looking for a UHD PoE NVR

    Newbie looking for a recommended PoE NVR to use with my Mac and I'm struggling to decode some of the manufacturers' sales spiel. I'm viewing output from 4MP and 5MP cams on a 27in 5K iMac which has a greater resolution than the cams and I want to be able to view the cameras' native UHD output...
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    Hikvision Mac client

    Has anyone tried the Hikvision Mac Os client (iVMS-4200) I just downloaded it to see if a Hikvision access control system might be viable for me and the software quit when it asked for a password after clicking on the Device Management button because I couldn't give it the correct password. I...
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    Anyone tried these SSD surveillance disks?

    SSD for Video Surveillance I read here that SSDs are not well-suited to the read/write demands of 24/7 CCTV but I assume that Hikvision have tested them and found them fit for purpose. I realise that they are expensive and may not last as long as conventional disks but my priorities would for...
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    Buying from Andy's AliExpress store

    I'm seriously tempted to buy some cameras from Andy's Empire Technology store on AliExpress but having never bought from China before, I would appreciate some pointers. DELIVERED PRICE Unspecified import duty and taxes have to be paid to bring his stuff in. Any idea how much, typically, these...
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    Ancient Machead from the 52nd state

    Backyard lantern cam close-up by ipOsX posted Aug 25, 2019 at 12:11 PMHi all - and thank you for this great resource. I'm in the UK and about to upgrade an ancient analog POE system (Philips REO/Bosch Eazeo) before it completely disintegrates. It's staggering how far this technology has come...