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    Need advice please, Lorex 8CH 4K HD NVR 6 Bullet Camera Security System

    Long time member, been MIA for a while. Still running my 2 Blue Iris systems with 9 cams each on my computers for my home and business. Still running on old BI and haven't even bothered to upgrade. It just keeps working!!!! Praise to HIK and Blue Iris... For my business, I'm adding 16...
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    Forgot to put it in "Park"

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    Bored Employee on a slow day...
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    Sparrow inspecting cam

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    Employee scares another employee

    Bottom right of the screen... She screamed very loud.
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    Kind of funny..a little...

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    price has really dropped quick... ***********Edited ^^^^^^^^^^^ possibly a fake account, beware, excellent price, but might be too good to be true. ********** 1/2 of what I paid a few months...
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    Kids letting off fireworks in front of my business sunday afternoon

    dumb kids...sigh..oh well... no damage and wasn't any harm done.. still, dumb kids...get on my nerves.... by the way, fireworks are illegal in Ohio...
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    Neighbor doesn't like my camera

    Camera is mounted on a small fence pole in the back of my back yard... neighbor is a azzhole and we are feuding.... Won't go into details, but it's funny that he took a pic of my camera, then called the police on me saying that I had a camera pointing down the road towards his driveway. The...
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    Cat+ Bird + Screen door = funny

    Cat darn near knocked the screen out of the door. 3mp HIK 2032
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    Couple of Bucks in their prime

    Mounted a camera on a small fence pole jammed into the ground, running on about 150 foot of POE. HIKVision 3mp 2032 cam.. Using it to watch an Azzhole neighbor of mine, as well as the house on the left for another neighbor of mine... only thing I caught on the first night was a couple of deer...
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    A Zillion Clips!!! Make it stop!!

    Ok.. have tried everything. Have clips set to move to storage after a few days, or 500gb. Have clips set to be deleted from storage after it hits 7 days, or 1200gb... Now, all of the sudden, something went haywire and it's making new clips every few minutes. Under status, I'm getting "clip...
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    Cam Layout

    As far as security around my house and garage, I've got a pretty good view of nearly everything. Obviously the angles are not exact, but it's a pretty good representation of the field of view. Think nearly all cameras are a 4mm lens, couple are 2mp and few are 3mp Hikvision.
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    Really nothing too impressive, but impressive quality for 720p on a $75 dome camera from lightinthebox. This is one of the cameras I've previously mentioned to NEVER buy, it's crap, but it works, and I spent money on it, so I use it. seems out of my 19 cameras, on 2 systems, I always get a...
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    Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW 3MP w/POE IP Camera night vision will not switch to day

    Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-IW 3MP w/POE IP Camera fresh off the boat from china... excellent picture, frame rate, and quality seems ok... the problem is: No matter what settings I've tried on the day/night switch, the only way to show day vision (a color picture) is to select "day" mode... on...
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    IP scanner to find what's on your network

    Very simple, small, easy to use stand-alone program... I've had this in my arsenal for a long time, and have used it several times... anyway, I've realized that not everyone has some of these cool little tools that can make life a bit more simple, so have decided to share it to anyone who may...
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    1.3mp IP cam on sale.. good buy? 1.3mp... assuming that's 720p.... pretty cheap...any thoughts?
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    HIK 2032 install pic

    Finally got 4 of them from china... got one mounted so far...100+ foot run with POE and a 48 volt 18 watt computer monitor power supply ($10) spliced into the blue and brown wires on the cat6 cable. Nothing special going on in this shot, customer picking up vehicle...
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    mailbox abuse

    asked her why, she sais her hands were full... lmao [video]
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    Darn Kids...Caught them!!!!!!!!

    kind of funny...I went over and told the kids' dad to keep them away from my business or they'd end up in big trouble. 2mp camera at 15 fps running about 400kB/s bitrate..... action towards the top of the screen is about 60 feet away from where the camera is mounted. Seems like it lost a...
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    Settings in DVR software and cameras

    Ok, I can't be the only one. I've managed to fumble through getting several cameras set up in BI, and have managed to tweak a lot of settings to attempt to make the systems run smoother, but some stuff may as well be written in Chinese because I don't know what it means... I'll start with one...
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    Finally put a decent cam on my birdnest

    well, I'm on my third cam..1st was a 640x480 with the most junk lens ever... 2nd one was a nightmare to even get working, and when I put it up by the birdnest, things just didn't work out and the image/video was not worth sharing... But, this is a 1080P camera that probably isn't meant to view...
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    Puzzled with cam

    have a cam, actually 4 of the same model... 3 of them are on one of my systems at my house. 1 of them gets good frame rate all of the time, the other two (on a different powerline adapter in my garage) get between .1 and .5 fps... the one that is connected good gets over 300 kB/s bitrate in the...
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    More Cameras? Specs/Settings help please

    I have 4 cameras running on this junk camera, 2 slightly better than junk cameras, and 1 nice camera... I've dropped the frame rate down on the best of the 3 cameras, to 10 frames/sec in an attempt to lighten the load on my CPU. I have a pretty decent processor, AMD Phenom II...
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    Camera Lens Reference Diagram

    well, for anyone smart enough to do some research and get guidance form a forum such as this, here is a good explanation of lens field of views. basically, I wish someone would have crammed a pic like this down my throat before I ever purchased my first camera. In addition.... 640x480...
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    Passive POE trick to save a buck

    one of my favorite tricks is to wire up the RJ45 with the blue and brown pairs...I leave them hanging out...Then, I grab the power supply for whatever device I'm powering, chop it in the middle, strip the wires, and splice them onto the blue (for positive) and brown (for negative) to send...
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    paperweight camera HELP PLEASE

    Ok...this may take a couple days..but wanted to get the ball rolling on it..hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I bought 3 cameras from and 2 of them were "ok"... 720p 1mp cameras..onvif...hooked up and working fine...They looked like PTZ cameras, or at...
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    yup, another newbie can call me Ken...not to be confused with "Ken" of BI... got 2 systems running BI, and enjoy playing with my cameras...which reminds me..i need to put a better camera up near the bird nest in my garage so I can clip some funny videos to share...Anyway... Eastern time in US here...