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    Need advice please, Lorex 8CH 4K HD NVR 6 Bullet Camera Security System

    Thanks guys, I've been out of the cam game for a few years and just wanted to make sure that Lorex wasn't dollar store trash before I purchased it. There are dozens of guys who put this system in and swear it is the best thing since sliced bread, but they are business guys, not tech guys, so I...
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    Need advice please, Lorex 8CH 4K HD NVR 6 Bullet Camera Security System

    Long time member, been MIA for a while. Still running my 2 Blue Iris systems with 9 cams each on my computers for my home and business. Still running on old BI and haven't even bothered to upgrade. It just keeps working!!!! Praise to HIK and Blue Iris... For my business, I'm adding 16...
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    Hikvision camera admin password reset tool

    EDITED POST, UPDATED, PROBLEM SOLVED!! Been a while since I have visited this page. Turned into a "set it and forget it" scenario with my Blue Iris and HIKVISION cams over the last few years. Ordered 6 newer cams as upgrades and add-ons and am working on pulling the rest of my hair out trying...
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    Forgot to put it in "Park"

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    Bored Employee on a slow day...

    Blue Iris Tools software provided the weather info. HIK2032
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    USPS Tosses Packages 5ft Into Air Onto My Porch!!!

    Ha ha, I seen that on facebook..that's funny....nice cam catch...
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    Bored Employee on a slow day...
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    Employee scares another employee

    Hik2032. 3mp
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    Sparrow inspecting cam

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    Employee scares another employee

    Bottom right of the screen... She screamed very loud.
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    Kind of funny..a little...

    (facepalm)... should be viewable now... sowwy
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    Kind of funny..a little...

    The view is from one 2032 looking at the back of my house... It happens to catch another camera in the top left of the screen.... Not sure what the bird was looking for, but kind of funny...I suppose...looks better if you watch it in slow motion...
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    Kind of funny..a little...

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    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    Are you using Blue Iris Tools? Maybe try a different weather station for the info, it could be an error on their data feed.
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    Another "What Do I Need" Question From A Newbie

    umm, yes, what he said ^^^ and yes, the Ethernet cable gets plugged into a router, switch, or hub on your network.
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    Another "What Do I Need" Question From A Newbie

    I won't attempt to answer all of your questions, but will add my 2 cents.... the light between the garage door looks like a decent place to put a camera. Directly below the light about at the top of the garage door level. You will be able to fish the cat5/6 through the opening where the wires...
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    Need help nabbing these vandals ... pls advice !!

    I agree 100% with your statement about the ineffectiveness of the police. I've been having many problems with a neighbor and the police have been less than helpful. The law appears to be on the side of the criminal, and the criminals know it. The criminals know what they can get away with and...
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    Neighbor doesn't like my camera

    Naa, there has been plenty of trouble with that individual, but nothing regarding the camera. Cops all know it's there, and it's perfectly legal.
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    Help with camera in Blue Iris

    I had the same issue. the result was me going through every camera profile in BI until I got to about the 30th one and it worked. Your camera looks a lot different than mine, but there is a good chance that it uses the same protocol as a camera that is already configured in BI. Keep trying...
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    price has really dropped quick...

    Thanks for the heads up on the seller..I've never ordered from them, but seen the cheap price and thought I'd share.
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    price has really dropped quick... ***********Edited ^^^^^^^^^^^ possibly a fake account, beware, excellent price, but might be too good to be true. ********** 1/2 of what I paid a few months...
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    Recommended software to record at all times? CHEAP and 100% better than just about anything with a Foscam label.. good luck
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    OUCH... fried my brand new Hikvision DS-2CD2732F-IS

    Damn, once the magic blue smoke has been let out, it's generally difficult to repair. Yank it apart and have a peak, maybe you'll get lucky and just see a couple wires fried together...(probably not, but worth a try)
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    Couple of Bucks in their prime

    it's just laying on the ground...once a week, I yank the pole out and roll up the cable to mow and put it back... no problems yet.. for now, it's more of a temporary install...
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    Neighbor doesn't like my camera

    Oh, that would be neat. Even a little remote control tank with software to interface with the surveillance software.. motion is detected in a quadrant, and the mobile camera is deployed. Mobile tank camera would have object detection software to recognize movement and track it from a specified...
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    Blue Iris Tools - Weather Overlay, Watchdog & more!

    I'll second that idea. I've noticed that (now that I have nine 2-3mp cameras running at 5-20fps) I've been having issues with the GUI causing issues. the GUI will freeze up from time to time, and it seems as though I start getting hundreds of clips that range from 2 to 10 seconds. restarting...
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    Kids letting off fireworks in front of my business sunday afternoon

    dumb kids...sigh..oh well... no damage and wasn't any harm done.. still, dumb kids...get on my nerves.... by the way, fireworks are illegal in Ohio...
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    Neighbor doesn't like my camera

    Camera is mounted on a small fence pole in the back of my back yard... neighbor is a azzhole and we are feuding.... Won't go into details, but it's funny that he took a pic of my camera, then called the police on me saying that I had a camera pointing down the road towards his driveway. The...
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    Cat+ Bird + Screen door = funny

    Declawed on all 4 paws... strictly indoor cats
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    Intermittent Pixelated video capture

    Not a subject that I'm well versed in, but I can offer one of my experiences to see if it is relevant to the topic. I attempted recording directly to disk on one of my systems that was loading up the CPU, and also causing a delay between realtime and whats actually on the screen. The result...