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  1. Shockwave199

    New iDMSS Plus ver 4.70.000 8/22/2019

    I'm on ios 13.1. Compatibility mode is in the me menu. I had to enable it.
  2. Shockwave199

    New iDMSS Plus ver 4.70.000 8/22/2019

    My xr won't open and has an error message on windows, upgrade device or run compatability mode. I can't find compatability mode. Anyone know? My air 2 works fine with the update. Just the iPhone is hosed.
  3. Shockwave199

    Outside light question

    It won't mess up the video. Light is always a good thing too. But that wooden beam looks like it's in bad shape. I'd be more concerned about mounting to that.
  4. Shockwave199

    Newly installed IPC-HDW5231R-ZE

    Lens flare. Don't get too worked up about it. Small inconsequential flare.
  5. Shockwave199

    How to Replace Analog system into IP system easily

    Would this by chance work with crappy kit cable that came with qsee kits back in the analog days? The spaghetti cable.
  6. Shockwave199

    Willing to pay for help with my cameras

    More info needed. How was this set up before the problem? What was in the network settings? A dynamic service such as dyndns? Were there any port forwards set up? Did you get it working or did someone else? My first thought is your public ip address changed. Type in what's my ip address in a...
  7. Shockwave199

    Is my Dahua NVR broken??

    Look at post 8 from Chris again. Open the nvr and reseat wire and ribbon connections where you find them. Sometimes it's as simple as that.
  8. Shockwave199

    iDMSS 4.50,000

    I haven't gotten push to work for a long time. No change even now. I could be home and get push notifications in the past. Now nothing.
  9. Shockwave199

    Dahua PTZ 1.5 inch pipe flange

    Nice. I've often wondered if I could get a dahua ptz mounted on my ptz mount for another ptz camera. I'm sure something could be worked out. What camera is that? Seeing as how the plastic bubble domes can get very nasty over the years and can't be cleaned and restored, I'll be avoiding that...
  10. Shockwave199

    Newest iDMSS app 4.40.000 is borken

    Push on ipad still doesn't work. I've checked everything I can think of and it doesn't work. I see on the main menu there's a login. Is that only needed for the cloud? Why do you need to log in? That's the only thing I haven't done, nor have I set up an account for log in.
  11. Shockwave199

    Newest iDMSS app 4.40.000 is borken

    Yes playback is a mess. Goes along ok for a bit and then just speed jumps through to the end of the time period. That's a pain.
  12. Shockwave199

    New 3MP Wifi Video Doorbell!

    Need doorbell wire already there to power these?
  13. Shockwave199

    Problems with Dahua NVR/IPC install

    Man I feel for you. The poe nvr's can be possessed, I swear. Even though it's plug and play, once a channel assigns an address with a camera plugged into it, it does not like giving it up, changing it, or accepting any other camera than the one that was originally in that poe channel. It acts...
  14. Shockwave199

    The Power of Front Door Cams

    Don't count on that happening very often. My front door camera motion triggers my ptz to audibly swing around and look right at them. They actually think I'm home for sure working the camera and knock longer. It's ridiculous. No soliciting sign, at your own risk is a better option.
  15. Shockwave199

    Dahua gDMSS Plus Save View

    Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app? Just jot down device settings first. It's amazing how much you can forget over time!
  16. Shockwave199

    Dahua gDMSS Plus Save View

    Go into the three line menu and select favorites. Add and name a favorite. Back in live preview Make sure all channels are closed. Open the cameras you want in each channel window. Once opened tap on each channel and then hit the star button, which is the favorites button and choose the...
  17. Shockwave199

    Dahua gDMSS Plus Save View

    It works fine on my iPad, live view and playback.
  18. Shockwave199

    Newest iDMSS app 4.40.000 is borken

    Was a little whacky on my air 2 but I closed all channels via the close/open button in the app and they all came back up without further issue.
  19. Shockwave199

    Heaters in the Lens to Prevent Condensation?

    This problem is a risk with dome cameras. The camera itself can get pretty warm. At certain times of the year with just the right outside temperature difference, fog can build up inside the dome. Over time that can lead to internal water build and severe humidity inside the dome. You can change...
  20. Shockwave199

    WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS

    I turn off audio, no GPS and turned off the g motion setting too. I only have the time and date stamp and it doesn't keep time well so I try and keep that as accurate as possible. Date and time stamp - the only two things worth showing besides the video itself.
  21. Shockwave199

    Looking for outdoor PTZ that's not a massive big brother camera for my house

    All I'll add is that a ptz can be incredibly useful as part of a well done overall system of static cameras. Well placed and aimed static cameras is of course the priority. But they have finite capability. Once aimed, that's all you get from them until you readjust them and lock them in again...
  22. Shockwave199

    Blizzard knocks out my PTZ

    Glad all is well with the ptz. Assuming the camera isn't actually moving 24/7, they can last for years and years as far as movement. The first thing to go is the IR'S. My ptz is over 8 years old and the wide IR was done in the 6th year. When I zoom in the others kick on strong as usual. But when...
  23. Shockwave199

    Blizzard knocks out my PTZ

    Snow and ice piling in the side seams will cause that. I had that happen in a blizzard. Keep the camera on to at least see a video feed. Usually the next day the sun is enough to melt the caked up snow that's blocking movement and all is well. Check every so often but don't force it. If you can...
  24. Shockwave199

    Exposure mode/ shutter speed

    It's all about the actual camera that they put in the ptz. Just because there's a menu line item for a setting does not mean the camera they put in there can do it. This is probably the case.
  25. Shockwave199

    Dahua VTO2000 no mobile notifications in gDMSS Plus ...

    Push notifications has been out for me on andriod and idmss for quite some time. It happened years ago too when Google changed their server ports or something like that. The app developer has to fix the app. Until then, push is busted. That simple.
  26. Shockwave199

    Help deciding between these two 4k Lorex systems or an alternative

    Just make sure the network cables are quality. Kits tend to sacrifice the most with the cables. It's usually best to get better cables and not install kit cables.
  27. Shockwave199

    "Chasing perfection", is it worth it?

    The point of security cameras is to be your eyes so you can mostly forget about it once everything is in place. Security guards watch cameras. Homeowners normally go about their lives after the novelty wears off. But install quality and install it well. That'll save you having to futz with it...
  28. Shockwave199

    PTZ or no PTZ

    How about just under the upper eave of the garage? You don't have many options. And frankly, if you're not attached to the tropical tree in front, it should go. Having your front door that covered isn't good from a security standpoint.
  29. Shockwave199

    PTZ or no PTZ

    You know I used to say that a ptz is only good if you can be at it frequently. Tracking really isn't that great to rely on. But you know, all these years with my analog ptz, even with some IR's burned out and front dome haze having set in, I still appreciate having it. I don't sit and operate...