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  1. DLONG2

    Sentry Alert List

    Was wondering how I was able to stumble upon the Sentry alert list. Here's how (in BI 5): Click on the 'Show/Hide Clips' button on the top left, and in the panel which appears, there's a 'View' folder icon at the top. When you click into that folder icon there's these options: All clips Alerts...
  2. DLONG2

    Problems With New HFW5241E-Z12E

    I am about to give up on this camera, after a month of trying to capture plates at night. The previously-purchased HFW5231EZ5 camera has stellar views at night, and its IR beams a bright red glow. This new camera's IR seems pretty weak. So I bought a long-range CMVision 940nm lamp, hoping to add...
  3. DLONG2

    Lens Flare on HFW5241E-Z12E

    After installing the new 5241-Z12 the images get lens flares, both when morning sunlight is reflected off a car, and at night when tail lights cross the scene. Is there a way to lessen this lens flare, which I never saw before on the 5231-Z5 camera? Also, getting plates at night seems to be...
  4. DLONG2

    BI5 - Folder Sync Issues

    Today while documenting all the camera settings on a spreadsheet, I noticed there is a dis-join between where BI videos and JPEG snapshots are actually stored, and where the camera settings say they are being stored at. The videos and JPEGs for one of my cameras are located within the "AUX 1"...
  5. DLONG2

    HA System Recommendations?

    Getting disappointed with the HomeSeer/Z-Wave home automation system I had invested in last year. Is there something else based on wireless which is hardier and easier to manage, and which can integrate with Blue Iris, Hue lights, etc.?
  6. DLONG2

    Change in the OpenALPR CSV Export

    This morning, the format of the exported OpenALPR CSV file has changed. There are a 14 new fields added to the export: crop_location gps_latitude gps_longitude img_height img_width plate_x1 plate_x2 plate_x3 plate_x4 plate_y1 plate_y2 plate_y3 plate_y4 processing_time_ms This will require a...
  7. DLONG2

    OpenALPR 48 Hour CSV Collection?

    Curious if anyone has been able to fully automate the CSV file download every 48 hours? In my Visual Studio project, I have everything automated except having to initiate and save the download. The Windows form has a WebBrowser control, which is logged into via code, exposing the details page...
  8. DLONG2

    Log File Shows Signal retry and restored

    I never look at the Blue Iris logs, but now I see a recurring message of: Cam1 Signal: network retry Cam1 Signal: restored Probably the RJ45 ethernet connections on this camera's cable? The camera is always working okay, but this pair of log entries recurs every 30 seconds.
  9. DLONG2

    Amcrest IP2M-841B With PTZ Presets?

    I received this Amcrest 841B wi-fi camera, and I am stumped on whether there's a way to change the PTZ presets? Edit: Found the PTZ settings finally. In the browser's Live view; there's a PTZ button on the bottom toolbar.
  10. DLONG2

    OpenALPR Advice?

    I signed up for the OpenALPR 'Cloud Stream' service, and it works really well with my highly-zoomed Dahua HFW5231EZ5 camera. It's not clear that this service will be a part of the advertised 'free 2 days of storage' plan. Also, I noticed the CPU usage has more than doubled just to allow the...
  11. DLONG2

    PTZ Camera's PT Motor Frozen - Needed a Power Recycle

    Had an odd occurrence yesterday. Noticed that the SD49225T-HN PTZ camera I've had for a while now was recording and playing in B&W all day, and that the preset zooms on some motion events were not pointing at the required location, just zooming straight ahead. The pan and tilt would not respond...
  12. DLONG2

    Disable Auto Focus on HFW5231EZ5?

    Is there any way to disable auto-focus on this Dahua verifocal? I use mine as an LPR recorder using maximum zoom, and sometimes the camera will become and stay focused on the breezy air somewhere, rather than at the ideal distance for reading plates on my street.
  13. DLONG2

    Changing PCs - Any Advice?

    Soon I'm going to be installing a new PC for Blue Iris. Any advice on a smooth transition? I'll change the IP of the old PC and assign the old IP to the new PC. I have a backup export of the .REG configuration. I am assuming the install of BI will go well from the license. Anything else I am not...
  14. DLONG2

    Alert on PTZ Preset Change?

    Is there a way to configure an alert on BI whenever the PTZ preset changes to, say, number 5? With home automation, I can change the preset to zoom on an area whenever a magnetic switch is opened. I'd like to see if BI can then email me a snapshot. Currently, the alerts are all based on...
  15. DLONG2

    Upgrading firmware on Starlight SD49225T-HN PTZ Camera?

    I am looking for advice on performing firmware upgrades; i had taken a look at the PTZ camera's data sheet (SD49225T-HN | Dahua Technology) and became intrigued with the other options available, such as face recognition and IVS. Heatmap is shown in the datasheet, but my software doesn't list it...
  16. DLONG2

    Outdoor Z-wave Motion Sensors?

    Looking for an outdoor motion sensor to integrate with HomeSeer, preferably battery-operated. I can't seem to locate anything rated for outdoors.
  17. DLONG2

    Windows Update - WiFi Camera Lost

    Among my many fine Dahua cameras, I have one Annke WiFi camera connected to Blue Iris. After a recent Windows update, this one camera is now locked out, and all that shows are the color bars. I am not able to restart it, view camera properties, disable it, or delete it, as those options are...
  18. DLONG2

    Arranging Camera Order?

    Curious if there's a way to arrange the cameras on the layout. I have 6 cameras, showing 3 to a row, and 2 rows. How do I get to move the cameras around so that their ordering makes better sense when viewing the screen?
  19. DLONG2

    No Live Views?

    I was fiddling with the settings, trying to change the ordering of the cameras, and at some point I clicked on the 'Group Frame' button when it had become enabled, and something I did has resulted in the cameras not being visible, just the clips and alerts. How do I get the live view of the...
  20. DLONG2

    Neighborhood Watch Blue Iris System?

    Seems like a great marketing niche, having a networked Blue Iris system designed which neighbors can just purchase and install, covering a whole block or neighborhood. I can imagine there are basic trust issues with video surveillance. But apart from the social questions, what would be the...
  21. DLONG2

    IPC-HFW5231E-Z5 Time Shifts

    My Dahua Z5 camera has been having problems with the time setting. I use the camera overlay to show the time, and when I first got it last year, had set the camera to DST by date. This isn't my main camera but is used as a license plate reader. At some point I realized that the camera's time had...
  22. DLONG2

    Video Enhancement Software?

    Someone on my local neighborhood forum is asking if there's a video enhancement software available which can help identify a car's make and model and license plate, and hopefully for free they say. Apparently there was a carload of rowdy kids on Saturday night caught by their home camera.
  23. DLONG2

    VPN Through Browser for Neighbor?

    I had set up my VPN in the UniFi USG, and now I can use my iPhone to VPN in and view the BI app, by making the server addresses both internal (thanks to fenderman's advice!). But now I need to figure out how a neighbor can view my BI through his browser? I turned off port forwarding, and don't...
  24. DLONG2

    Simultaneous PlayBack of Multiple Camera's Clips?

    Can Blue Iris be set up to play synchronized clips from multiple cameras? Currently, if a motion event is being viewed on one camera, I have to search for the neighboring alert for another camera's playback in order to continue to view the motion. It would be ideal if I could view synchronized...
  25. DLONG2

    Website Threat?

    Wondering why my MS Edge browser wouldn't let me access this website earlier this evening.
  26. DLONG2

    SerComm RC8230D

    Now that I have Blue Iris installed, I'd like to repurpose the AT&T Digital Life's Wi-Fi PTZ camera, the SerComm RC8230D, as remote connections to Blue Iris is lightning fast. Anyone have any experience getting this device off of AT&T's control? I tried a factory reset but Digital Life still...
  27. DLONG2

    Blimp Cam Idea?

    Thinking outside the box, wondering about an IP camera tethered to the bottom of a helium balloon large enough to lift the payload and maybe 100' of cat5 outdoor cable. The cable would be grounded, and provisioned via a garden hose winch. The camera would have PTZ features, but wouldn't be...
  28. DLONG2

    Setting Local NTP Server for Time on G3 Camera?

    Since isolating my cameras from reaching the internet, I noticed that the time stamps are drifting, as they cannot now reach their NTP servers to correct the times. With the AmCrest setup, it is easy to at least log into the camera and click on the "PC Synch" button to change the camera's time...
  29. DLONG2

    BI, VPN and Unifi USG

    I am almost there with my home cameras, but am struggling with VPN and networking, using the Ubiquiti USG and a UniFi switch. BI is running on its own dedicated PC, and that PC and the IP cameras are on their own VLAN. The cameras are blocked from accessing the internet via a 'LAN IN' rule. The...
  30. DLONG2

    Trading in Old Port-Forwarding for New VPN

    I got the VPN working on my home network, and with the iPhone it is quick to turn it up or down. But what are the next steps to forego the current WAN IP/Port Forward structure to one where I can view the BI through VPN? The BI Server has both a local and an external server address. Do I just...