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    IPC-HFW4831T-ASE Firmware

    Looking for this firmware update and appreciate the assist.
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    Push Notifications stopped working

    Hi, Anyone else having issues with push notifications? The last notification that I got was on 8/4/2019 at 21:23:05. Since then no notifications on Apple or Android phone. DHI-NVR5416-4KS2 Software version 4.000.0000000.0 7-13-2019. Checked everything Mobile Push is checked on Camera and...
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    Firmware Update IPC-HFW1831EP

    Hi, Can you please provide updated firmware? IVS push notifications are working intermittently from this camera only.
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    Dahua PAL vs. NTSC Cameras in US.

    Live in the US and have been ordering cameras from Andy and he provides great service. Most of the cameras seem to have a PAL PN# and default to PAL (ie., IPC-HFW2831TP-ZAS) and for those I can switcth to NTSC in the camera setup. However a couple of cameras (ie...
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    TripWire Work for this Front Door Camera Location?

    Hi, Switching out my Cameras that do Motion only with IVS Cameras. Would this same camera location work reliably with tripwire for notifications? Thanks, David