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    Only backup JPEGS to FTP, not video ?

    Right now I have video backup to my harddisk, but would like to backup only my JPEGS to FTP. Is it possible ? When looking at the POST menu, it seems that it takes a JPEG each x seconds no matter if there is movement or not, and sent it to a FTP. And in the Clips and Archiving menu it seems...
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    BIT not updating ?

    I have problems getting my BIT to update to latest version. I'm running version 1.2.3 now and at the moment latest version is 1.3.2 Each time I click update its download the update as it should do, but after finishing the download it just shows a popup screen saying "Blue Iris Tool" for 1...
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    Start Blue Iris when computer starts ?

    Some times my computer reboot by it self. Is there an option in BI to start up when my computer reboot ? I can't find this options anywhere in the settings
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    where is Auto turn on/off IR light ?

    I have two excatly same HIK vision cameras that have worked just fine for years. A few days ago I changed to Blue Iris from iVMS. After the change to BI, one of my camera will not turn on IR by it self when it gets dark. I can turn it on by my self, but the it is on the hole day until I turn it...
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    Clip - time ?

    In each Clip-thumbnail there is showed a time, like in this one, which says 7h26m57s. What does this mean exactly ? This clip does not consist of 7h26m video recording, so it must mean something else I guess.
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    How to turn off WAN access ?

    I don't want WAN access to my camera or recordings, but can't find anywhere in the manual or the settings to turn it off. If I delete my WAN IP in the "Web server - Remote external wan/internet access", Blue Iris put my WAN IP back again by it self. I already have VPN access to my server from...
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    Blue iris and NAS server ?

    I have been using iVMS-4200 for a long time with my two HIK vision cameras where I have stored all the recordings on a NAS server. Today I bought the full version of Blue iris and is trying to figure out how stuff works. In Blue iris I have access to my two cameras and the live view works...
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    iVMS - 4200 runtime error ?

    I have been using iVMS-4200 for a long time and it worked just fine. I then updated to the latest iVMS-4200 version 2.8.14. Each time I try to start the program it loads until it says 55% and then return a runtime error. I tried uninstalling it then installede the Light version and the...
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    Browser live-view will not work

    I have a really hard time being able to watch my camera's live-view in a browser. I can log in to the camera and change the settings, but I can't see the live-view. The browser tells me to download and install the plug-in, which I have tried many times now, but still the same - can't see the...
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    Record to CIFS share - not working

    I have created a server with a CIFS windows share. I can access this CIFS share from any computer. In my camera settings I can format this share and I can test it and access it. After the camera did format the CIFS share, I can see a lot of new files on my share. But my camera will not save...
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    FreeNAS, iVMS-4200 and HIKvision ?

    I'm trying to get access to my FreeNAS server from iVMS-4200 and my HIKvisions cameras, but have a hard time getting it to work. Anyone knows it FreeNAS works, in this combination ?
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    iVMS-4200 want to format my server ?

    I have setup an NFS server and connected my two cameras to this server. Now iVMS-4200 wants to format my harddisk, where this server is installed. If I let it format my harddisk, I'll lose my operationsystem and all my software. My question is - does it format the hole harddisk or only a part...
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    Record photos and video to my server ?

    Right now I keep videos on the memorycards in the cameras and photos on a (FTP) Harddisk, I have plugged in to my wifi-router. But I would really like to storage all the photos and videos, that my two HIKvision camera records, on my own server - but how do I do that ? In the software iVMS-4200...
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    Bad picture at night - Changes settings ?

    I got the mini dome camera DS-2CD2532F-I but I have a problem with the night settings. I think it's pretty bad quality. I have tried many settings, but nothing helps. Maybe this is just the night quality with this camera, but maybe someone out there have an idea what to do ? I have postet two...
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    What does "Captured picture number" means ?

    Under Storage Schedule is there an option that says "Captured picture number". What does this function do ? I have tried to change it, but can't see any difference. - Kim -
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    Upload video to FTP ?

    I have setup my router and a harddisk to work as an FTP server, and it works just fine. In the iVMS-4200 software under "Remote config - Network - FTP" I can connect to the FTP server, but I don't see any video recording. How can this be, and what can I do ? - Kim -
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    NVR question ? - Foscam FN3004H NVR 4cha

    I don't know much about NVR's, but can anyone see if this one works with my two Hikvision cameras ? - Kim -
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    Connecting to camera using VPN ?

    I have setup my router to create a OpenVPN connection and installed the OpenVPN app on my Andriod phone. This part works just perfect. Now I want to see my cameras using the iVMS-4500 app on my phone, while I'm on the OpenVPN connection. But I don't know what information to enter into the app...
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    Can't access my cam from WAN ?

    I have a HIKvision cam which works just fine when I access it on the LAN side. I have full access, and can change any settings, and all works just fine. But I can't get access to my camera from the wan side. I have tried my self to setup the portfarwarding in my router with out luck. I called my...
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    DS-2CD3132-I from China ?

    I'm almost about to buy this camera DS-2CD2132-I from aliExpress in China. When I look at the feedbacks it seems to be ok. But what is your experience with...
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    No connection to my camera - use to work just fine.

    I have the DS-2CD2532F-I Mini dome camera, which have been working just fine. But this morning it did not work any more. I can't find my camera in SADP or in the iVMS-4200 software. When I ping my camera I receive this "Destination host unreachable". In iVMS-4200 I get the message that it is...
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    Can't find online cameras in SADP software

    I did installe my HIK camera about 6 months ago, which worked just fine. Today I'm trying to install another camera, but have some problems. In the SADP software I can't find the new camera, and I can't find the one I have had for about 6 months, and which is working just fine right now. How...