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    2x viewer 1x Server??

    Hi, why not working to connect with 2 viewer ? I habe 2 Displays ( Windows Tablets ) .. but i can only connect with 1 viewer. Its planed to connect with a other BI only as viewer ?
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    Only 4% GPU ? CPU 100%

    Hi, i habe a i5 and a oboard intel hd graphics 4600 In Taskmanager i see GPU only 4% 3d = 3% Video Decode 4% My CPU 60-100% .. On motion i have90-100% I have actovate Hardware "Intel" I use 10 Cams see attach. Maybe i need a external gcard ? But now i use 4% GPU ?
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    i have update v5 all okay not BI 4 and 5 noch working

    I habe update V5 all Working.. bit Motion Area not loading .. after reboot BI Gui not working i see task bit not starting. I delate all BI registy reinstall reboot not working. I can not start BI 4 oder BI5 nice...........
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    BI5 : Not access 2 clients to 1 Server ? :(

    I habe test the new BI5 Remote .. but i can only connect with 1 client. And the client need a licence .. DEMO working but only 15 days. I will have 1 BI Server and 2 clients connect same time.
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    BlueIris5 Client ?

    hi, BI5 have now Server / Client ? But i can not finde a option or a client/viewer Download.. I have only option local.
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    Good ipcam ? IPCX-H35-5MP

    hi, i found a ip cam 6x arry IR 5MP Sony WDR POE for 50$ 2MP 3MP 4MP 5MP Sicherheit POE IP Kamera Metall Netzwerk Kamera Video Überwachung 1080 p Nachtsicht CCTV Outdoor Kugel cam XMEye in 2MP 3MP 4MP 5MP Sicherheit POE IP Kamera Metall Netzwerk Kamera Video Überwachung 1080 p Nachtsicht CCTV...
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    BI Interface on Server and stream to 2 other devices with Toutch? NO UI3

    Hi, i have a Win10 Pro Server with setup BI and 9 Ipcams. BI working good i see all my cams on start and get alert tiggered cam in fullscreen. On my win Tablet i start a RDP to BI Server ( win 10 Pro ) working ! Now i get a other Win Tablet in a other room. RDP not working .. only 1...
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    stored on a NAS ? And many crashes

    hi, im using BI with and without service .. but i have often crash since 1 month.. i dont know Log nothing to see I have add my NAS on stored: \\diskstation\bi The new folder record on my hdd. 3 01.11.2018 11:34:18 ptzdome MOTION 0 01.11.2018 11:34:31 New...
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    Good Indoor Night Cam ( PTZ 4MP ?? )

    Now i have a reolink C1 and in 2-3 weeks i hope i get a Reolink C2 from amazon .. I search a other Indoor cam with good Night vision and (4MP) PTZ maybe little Zoom
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    BI Viewer on Tablet?

    Hi, on my win tablet i have a overview all my cams with fullscreen and sound on alarm. Mobile app ... But my win tablet is not fast low cpu and wlan .. I must disable recording ... I will setup a big BI PC/Server and will see the BI Cient on my Tablet.. RDP/VNC not good ... Can i instal BI...
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    Surveillance Station Stream Urls ?

    Hi, can i add my Surveillance Station Cams in Blueiris ? I record over Surveillance-Station. Blueiris for mobile/alert. I will not connect with Surveillance-Station and Blueiris to this IP-cam :(
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    Tiggered Cam = Full screen

    I have a overview with 6 Cams. Now i will see only a tiggered cam in full screen. Pls help
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    All cameras (index) missing

    hi, my own Blueiris i have "All cameras (index)" Webserver and App.. In a other Blueiris location i have no "All cameras (index)" I can not find a option .. Pls help
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    S: 5MP Dome+ POE +WDR + microphone

    hi, i search a Dome IP cam with 5mp,poe,wdr and a intern microphone. I use Blue Iris. Pice max 130$ Thanks Thanks
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    Push Alarm Image ?

    Can Blueiris app send me a Push Alarm Image ? At the moment i use E-Mail and .. but its not so good
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    S: ip cam microphone

    Hi, i search a good ip cam microphone for my ip cam. Can you help?