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    When ya gotta go ya gotta go!

    I installed a system at a Business a few weeks ago and the lady that runs the place pulled this video up and sent it to me. So I am posting it for your enjoyment!
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    Weird sighting after security system and camera installation

    I can tell that 100% that dsc makes no keypad with the model you provided with a camera built in. If you can connect a monitor to the nvr you should be able to see all cameras connected to the system. all you need is a tv with a hdmi cable and plug it into the nvr. you should see all the cameras...
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    Verizon vs. Tmobile

    I will probably be switch back to Verizon. I am saving about 30 bucks a month but If i cant get coverage than why bother.
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    Verizon vs. Tmobile

    I have been with Verizon for years and I found a plan with T mobile that will safe me a lot of cash. anyhow, I switch over and on my wifes phone when she calls into her office to check messages the phone will only ring 1 time than line goes dead. I tried it on my phone and it does the same...
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    Rack installation for 16,000 sq. ft home

    I will be posting more pics as soon as more equipment is installed. Some of the contractors are still working in the house and I do not want to take a chance on anything walking away. The homeowner has invested 800k into the equipment so far. Which is not including the equipment for the theater
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    Rack installation for 16,000 sq. ft home

    These 2 racks will house amps. Sonos equip. Router. Modem NVR. A few Poe switches. Pre amps. The dedicated home theatre will have its own rack.
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    Rack installation for 16,000 sq. ft home

    Not this model amp. the amps Im installing are about 20 grand each, my cost
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    Rack installation for 16,000 sq. ft home

    same here, I have a lot of high end clients in my area. The owner knows his shit!. It is so nice to work with a client that knows exactly what he wants. The theater we are installing is off the charts! I will post pics of that next week. not much installed yet but ill post more as I get deeper...
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    Rack installation for 16,000 sq. ft home

    I am not even close to done. this was done td Wiring trays will be installed after all equipment is installed in the rack. the racks are almost empty at this point. only have a switch for the wap;s powered up and a Few power conditioners. Next week I will be installing 16 D’Agostino Classic...
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    Help with alarm in pigtail wire

    stagger the splice and solder them, then use 3M electrical tape to wrap them with. if you stagger the splice you dont have to worry about a short. Also put the splice in a weatherproof box if possible
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    Rack installation for 16,000 sq. ft home

    I prewired this Home 4 years ago for security, which will have over 160 hardwired zones, 42 Ip cameras inside and out, 18 rooms of audio/video, 16 WAP's. also lutron lighting control system, dedicated home theater. another 2 months and this should be wrapped up. I'll be spending about a week or...
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    Got my new PTZ to replace new one I fried in 2.34" rain. Need the Gods of the Forum to tell me how to waterproof properly.

    grease the 45 connector, you only need a small amount and use a weathrproof box whenever you can and seal any holes with silicone
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    Are Unify cameras good?

    I don't think there bad cameras, I just think the price is way to high for what you get. They are very easy to set up even if you have little or no experience setting up cameras. I sell A lot of camera systems and can't see how anyone can make any money off installing them because of the cost of...
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    Are Unify cameras good?

    I bid on a job early this year and they specked Unifi, I did get the job. Installed about 50 cameras in a large office building, Not a big fan! The software is really nice but I do not think they are worth the money. The customer was happy with the installation but not so much with the quality...
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    Installing a system inside a garage that get HOT ***pics**

    A few years ago I installed a small system in a shed with no air conditioning. I put the nvr in a box that i built and installed a few fans. One blowing hot air out and the other drawing air in. I mounted the power supply on the outside of the enclosure as well as the router. I also found some...
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    Meth Head at the House

    It takes a lot of balls to go into someones property uninvited. Then when they get shot by a homeowner everyone gets there titties in a uproar! and all the talk about addicts need treatment and rehab. come into my house univited in the middle of the night while my wife and children are there and...
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    Service call at a church

    Yesterday I had service call at a church. I step outside and there are police everywhere. a guy was on his bike coming to the food bank that the church operates. he crossed the street and got hit by a charger going 35 MPH. he was in critical condition according to the officer that noticed the...
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    Tester for CCTV Cameras

    I bought 2 of these testers about 8 months ago and both of them have failed.
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    Is my NVR got hacked?! Trying to reset password.

    Try to contact tech support. They should be able to give you a temp password to log in with. I'm not sure if Dahua does this but I am pretty sure they can. I lost a pass word for a UNV camera the other day. I also had the password wrote down on a piece of paper I wrote it down wrong! when you...
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    Driveway alarm? 1,200 feet.

    These work great every time! If you need to extend wire make sure you use shielded cable. I have installed probably 30 if these in the past 10 years and have never had any issues at all. They work as Mier DA500 Drive-Alert Wired Vehicle Driveway Alarm should.
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    Need a 4 mp dome with a smoked dome

    I have a customer that wants a IP dome and wants a smoked dome so someone can't see which way the lens is pointing even though his entire lot is covered. And the cameras will be mounted about 18' off the ground! anyone know of a onvif dome with a smoked lens? price is not a option
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    Building a new house and Electrician is installing Paradox

    I have been in the security Business for over 30 years and strongly recommend a hardwired system. I do install some wireless systems. i prefer Napco and DSC products. Everyone always talks about someone hacking into wireless systems. sure it can be done but it happens in movies more than in real...
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    POE switch troubleshooting

    You can get a cheap cat cable tester on amazon for about 10 bucks that will tell you if you have a open, short, miswire. Or you can take the camera and plug it into the switch with a short patch cable and see if the camera will fire up. also try to plug one of the other cameras into that port...
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    Price of conduit.

    I ended up at home depot and got it much cheaper
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    Price of conduit.

    I do have a account with that distributor!
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    I need of harsh weather enclosure

    This will be on lake Erie and there is no way a camera without a enclosure will survive 1 winter. The camera will need to be enclosed no matter what the ip rating is. With the freezing Temps, and water. It would look like a block of ice. It also needs a wiper blade
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    I need of harsh weather enclosure

    I need a enclosure for a camera, it will need a wiper blade and heater/ blower. Switch will be mounted indoor
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    I need of harsh weather enclosure

    I'm am quoting a job and one of the cameras will be mounted on the back of a boat house which is on lake erie. I will need a enclosure with a heater and wiper blade. not having much luck finding anything. for this customer price does not matter. any suggestions?