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    Anyone using smartthings and hate it?

    I've been using it for years and am tired of the issues. The one that bothers me the most is sometimes when i use the app over LTE i get the error " no network connection, checking status" so i can not control a device. I have been getting that error for a year or two ever since they got rid of...
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    Best current low light eyeball/Turret for $100

    Who has the best low light 2.8mm eyeball/Turret POE with IR for around $100 right now? Hikvision or dahua.
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    Network Cable Testers

    Wondering what you guys use? I have been using a klein tools tester and it has let me down sometimes it shows pins are open when they are not. Use another tester and the cable is fine. Reset cable does not matter port is clean on the tester. Looking for a new one be great if it did POE.
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    How do you guys keep track of your IP cams, passwords etc?

    All my IP cams are assigned static IP's and each have a different password. I have been crating a CSS table to organize them. Wondering what you guys do when you have a large network of devices to keep up with, i have 75 devices. I use a CSS table because it's free and uses no software, no cloud.
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    What email service are you guys using for alerts?

    I was using gmail but ever since i started using google authenticator it wont let BI use it.
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    Remote network using a bridge for cameras?

    I use ubiquiti gear so i got the idea of setting up a bridge to a distant building that no longer has internet but already has POE IP cameras setup around it. I would like to setup two ubiquiti locos as a bridge so i can put the video feed to BI at my house that is 2,000 feet away the way the...
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    Driveway alarm? 1,200 feet.

    Anyone have any luck with a long range driveway alarm? I have tired one or two but they never work very alarm at all or false alarms. I bought cheap models $40. I wonder if the more costly models would be any better.
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    Baby cam?

    I 'm looking for a baby cam with it's on LCD that a homecare worker can view and hear and one that i can also view remotely on my phone? Does such a thing exist? Need it for a elder.
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    convert/export not exporting entire video?

    I have a video that is over a hour long when i click on convert/export it is only exporting 30 min of the video when the video is over a hour long. Is there a setting i am missing? I am not triming the video.
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    Can you use a poe hub with swann camera system?

    If you buy a swann 16 channel dvr system can you power the 16 cameras with a Poe hub and then run a single cat6 cable to the swann dvr? asking for a friend.
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    CAT5e or 6 for outdoor run?

    I'm out of CAT5e outdoor cable is there any use to buy CAT6 instead? It cost a little bit more but will it ever matter for IP Cams over a distance since CAT6 can't do it's higher speeds at a distance.
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    Any issues with joining cat5e and 6?

    joining together 5e and cat6, i have a bunch of cat5e cable that is underground that i need to extend. 5e Direct Burial seems to be out of stock in a pull box, i do not want the wood spool i find it a pain to move around in tight places.
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    Any good rj45 couplers?

    I don’t like to have splits in my cables but I have a few that are underground that need to be extended in the crawl space. they don’t need to be waterproof but it would be nice if they where for protection as they are under a house and should not get wet. there are a ton of them on Amazon.
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    crawl space Getting wire into house?

    I have a crawl space and no attic, I’m trying to figure out how to run Cat6 cable into a closet where i will have a Poe switch, modem etc doing the least amount of damage to the floor drilling a big hole for 17 ip cams cat6 cable plus coax cable and other cables supplying internet to other...
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    What router are you guys using?

    I'm using a Synology RT2600ac but looking to move on to something else that has OpenVPN, a good firewall with logs, and AP's i can spread around the house. Been thinking about Ubiquiti but they lack two of the things i want, wondering what you guys are using. My Synology 2.4 Ghz radio is dead...
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    My first bad experience with aliexpress only due to shipping

    Bought more IP cameras from aliexpress and to find out that it had been returned to the seller as all it says (Parcel is returning to sender) Is this the sellers fault? Seller responded and said it didn't make it through customs check.
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    Do PTZ Presets work in the app iOS?

    They work fine on my PC but i do not see them on the BI app on iOS.
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    dahua screwdriver?

    Anyone know what kind of alan/torq driver dahua uses to take the dom of there cameras? Yes i know they come with one but it would be nice to have a T handle version.
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    Dahua PFA137 or PFA130-E

    Will both of these fit the same camera? My camera only shows the PFA137 for a Accessory. My PTZ dome cable is mounted towards the side like in this picture.
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    Dahua Region codes?

    Anyone have a list of there Region codes? Looking to buy another PTZ and they have UE and T in the part # and GN ant the end. for example. SD22204T-GN SD22204UE-GN 22204UENI new model i think.
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    Looking for a outdoor min dome PTZ with night vision.

    Any suggestions? Does not have to be hik brand.
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    Install ideas for a dome in soffit?

    Wondering if any one has ideas on how to install a dome cam under the eave in the soffit. There is no 2x4 going across. What i have been doing is cuting a 2x4 the width of the soffit and mounting it to that.
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    Cameras drop signal every 24 hrs?

    I have 4 Hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW wireless cameras and they loose connection every 20-24 hours or at random times rebooting my router fixes the issue for a day. Rebooting the cameras seems to make no difference, My router is a Synology RT2600AC that is up to date each camera has a static IP...
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    DS-2CD2455FWD-IW vs older DS-2CD2442FWD-IW?

    Anyone know what the difference in these two are besides the obvious 4MP, 5MP only difference i see if the newer model does H265 There is also DS-2CE38D8T-PIR that is a 2MP version.
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    Audio settings for BI5 different for firmware versions of the same cam?

    I bought a Hikvision DS-2CD2442FWD-IW it is using V5.5.82 build 190220, i can not get the audio to work. I have two other DS-2CD2442FWD-IW using a older firmware (V5.4.4 build 161125) and the audio works. In the camera settings i'm using G.711ulaw In BI5 Audio path is blank format is set to...
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    Suggest wireless cube cam for senior monitor.

    Was using hik 4mp Cube cam but it died after 2 years use. Are they still the best for under $150. I still have two more of them going strong. needs to have mic/speaker built in as well for indoor use. Thanks
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    BI app not loading cameras?

    Using the newest BI app on IOS 13 along with BI When you use the BI app the cameras will not show a live feed. Sometimes it does but takes a few min to show. It does not seem to matter if i view them remotely or locally. On my PC they are all shown just fine. Any ideas?
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    Turn off alerts remotely for one camera?

    Is there a way to turn off alerts for one camera remotely using the BI app? I have one camera set to send me SMS pics that i would like to turn on and off remotely without disabling recordings.
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    Setup two wireless networks? one for IOT

    Would you be safer if your collection of IOT devices had there on network? Like another router, i have a netgear nighthawk collecting dust my current router a synology is working fine.
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    What video file format to use when recording?

    My recordings have been disappearing in a few hours through the day the record size limit was set to 4GB. I checked the log it seems BI was deleting them even though my hard drive is no where close to full i guess it goes by the set limit of 4GB I looked in the BI folder (New) where the clips...