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    When ya gotta go ya gotta go!

    I installed a system at a Business a few weeks ago and the lady that runs the place pulled this video up and sent it to me. So I am posting it for your enjoyment!
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    Verizon vs. Tmobile

    I have been with Verizon for years and I found a plan with T mobile that will safe me a lot of cash. anyhow, I switch over and on my wifes phone when she calls into her office to check messages the phone will only ring 1 time than line goes dead. I tried it on my phone and it does the same...
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    Rack installation for 16,000 sq. ft home

    I prewired this Home 4 years ago for security, which will have over 160 hardwired zones, 42 Ip cameras inside and out, 18 rooms of audio/video, 16 WAP's. also lutron lighting control system, dedicated home theater. another 2 months and this should be wrapped up. I'll be spending about a week or...
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    Service call at a church

    Yesterday I had service call at a church. I step outside and there are police everywhere. a guy was on his bike coming to the food bank that the church operates. he crossed the street and got hit by a charger going 35 MPH. he was in critical condition according to the officer that noticed the...
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    Need a 4 mp dome with a smoked dome

    I have a customer that wants a IP dome and wants a smoked dome so someone can't see which way the lens is pointing even though his entire lot is covered. And the cameras will be mounted about 18' off the ground! anyone know of a onvif dome with a smoked lens? price is not a option
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    I need of harsh weather enclosure

    I'm am quoting a job and one of the cameras will be mounted on the back of a boat house which is on lake erie. I will need a enclosure with a heater and wiper blade. not having much luck finding anything. for this customer price does not matter. any suggestions?
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    some footage from a ghetto apartment complex

    I converted the file to webm and now it should show. This Is a local crack head that comes into the apartment almost everyday. She is also the one responsible for using the washing machine for a toilet. very classy young lady!
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    Ghetto apartment install complete!

    Just finished another complex yesterday, total of 62 cameras. 4MP on the interior and 8 MP on exterior. I will be posting some video of the last apartment complex I did for the same property manager as soon as they guy is caught. a few days ago a guy breaks into a apartment and set in on fire...
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    Price of conduit.

    I needed 50 ft of 1'' EMT conduit and stopped at home depot and they were sold out. I stopped at mars electric which is a local electrical supply house and they want $68 for a 10'stick! WTF? Home depot sells it for $17! Needless to say I stopped at another HD and found some.
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    A few pics of latest installation at Ghetto apartment complex

    A few pics of the many cameras I installed at a apartment complex. I will post more pics as these cameras are shot out !
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    this may slow down the vandalism

    I posted about a week ago about having cameras taken out with a hammer in a apartment building .ceilings are very low and did not have many options on mounting cameras to keep them out of reach. I found a few smoke detector cages in my shop and made a trim ring so the camera would fit. the...
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    Need to cover dome camera

    I am installing 38 cameras in a apartment complex in a really bad area in Cleveland and I already know that the cameras in the hallways will be damaged even before I finish the installation. I found some acrylic covers and was wondering if anyone has used them before and if they are worth...