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    Blue Iris PTZ help

    The reason you can't move them is because the LNE9292BW-4PK is not a ptz model.. 4K (8MP) Motorized Varifocal Smart IP White Dome Security Camera with 4x Optical Zoom, Real-Time 30FPS Recording and Listen-In Audio (4-pack)
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    Can't get cameras to sync correctly with proper time all the time

    NTP is utc only, so dst is handled by the devices itself.
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    Reolink RLC-520 Unable to change to Static IP Address...

    @glenwood is right. Cant do that.
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    Out For A Walk

    That was also my first thought.
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    Pi-hole and OpenVPN

    I run Pihole in a virtual machine on my server and openvpn on my opnsense router, different devices but sort of the same situation.
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    Pi-hole and OpenVPN

    You shouldn't have a any problems using your asus router as your openvpn server while running pihole on a pi
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    DMSS , not really HD quality

    To me it sure looks like full quality. Did you press the HD/SD button?
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    Looking for ways to view my cameras in every room besides using and relying on phones and tablets.

    I have option 2 but from gofanco. Which can do 'one to many'. I bought this kit from amazon and a couple of RX's. Works great
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    I have a network/PoE mystery on my hands

    You could just crimp new plugs on it, you never know
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    How do you guys keep track of your IP cams, passwords etc?

    For passwords: Bitwarden. For the rest excel sheet
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    I have a network/PoE mystery on my hands

    Maybe try switching cables between the keystones at dmarc to ensure which part of the run is bad. Like @SpacemanSpiff mentioned it could be that the camera is powered but there is a break in RX/TX. POE wiki, check the pinout part
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    Blueiris or NVR?

    Your grass is already the greenest, there are a bunch of threads on this. Especially a variety of brands will give you a headache on a nvr
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    Substream showing cropped in BI, but not VLC.

    Isn't the BI screen just zoomed in? Not behind BI right now but i believe you can use the scroll wheel.
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    Wired LAN Speed

    You might want to remove this picture, it shows your public ip
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    Patio Install

    My brother recently bought this one for me: Noyafa 8601W. It also tells you the cable length, of each single wire, which can safe you a lot of hassle!
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    Is there alternative mobile android app for blue iris?

    Imo the live grid view on the dahua app is better than the BI app. But on other features like watching the alerts for example, BI is miles ahead. I find myself switching between apps for the different features, would be nice if the BI app has the same live grid so i can ditch gdmss plus
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    Display Port to HDMI Over Distance

    This is not correct. I use gofanco extenders, one tx and 3 rx with a switch in the middle.
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    Just updated to new BI ver and it broke object detection

    I had no trouble with the update, just hit update and it went fine. Not using quicksync though. The issue i'm having is that it keeps showing the percentages of parked cars. According to this post static objects should be detected once.. Gave the machine a reboot but no luck, this isn't a...
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    Blueiris added direct support for Deepstack AI

    Is t possible to filter in BI on these labels?
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    IPC-T5442T-ZE dual IR - electrical tape?

    It can't hurt to try! Also make shure there aren't any objects on which the infrared can reflect. A screenshot says more than a thousend words..
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    The new updated android app has been pushed to the play store

    I never used the old version, but i don't have a lot to complain about the new version. I'm running openvpn, so no issues there. What i do miss compared to the dahua app (gdmss) is the layout of the "all cameras" view. I have 6 cams which are showed in 3 columns/2 rows, very ineffecient on a...
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    SSD drive vs conventional hard drive

    If the data is that important i'd rather go for 2 recording devices. I have an NVR5216 as second recording to my BI machine but I only switch it on if i need to power down BI.
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    Migrate to Blue Iris on Q-See NVR?

    Installing Blue Iris on the NVR is not possible, you'll need a Windows 10 PC for that.
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    why does my 30x ptz seem only like 10x?

    It's 4.3mm - 129mm, so that's 30x..
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    Hot water heater exhaust capture

    Is it there during the day when the camera is in color mode? If not maybe a different camera that will run in color all night will solve it?
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    ReoLink RLC 1220a work with Blue Iris?

    Can you explain to us how you know his reviews are honest?
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    Yet Another Free Extension for Blue Iris Adding AI Object Dectection/Reduction in False Alarms/Enhanced Notification of Activity/On Guard

    Not trying to take over the thread, so i'll just dump a bunch of info in one post and you should be able to get pretty far. From my configuration.yaml: For the cameras, i have dahua: camera: - platform: ffmpeg input: "rtsp:/admin:pa$$w0rd@" name: frontdoor -...