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  1. TonyR

    GM Recalls Every Chevy Bolt Ever Made Over Faulty Batteries

    Just an FYI.... GM Recalls Every Chevy Bolt Ever Made Over Faulty Batteries
  2. TonyR

    Simple Blue Iris I/O using Shelly1 Wi-Fi Devices

    Simple Blue Iris I/O using Shelly1 Wi-Fi Devices I spent hours assembling the info and the images but could not post, not sure why, maybe it was too lengthy. Anyway, I still wanted to share so below you find a PDF attached of the process to use Shelly Wi-Fi switches to send input to BI and to...
  3. TonyR

    Off -the-hook NFL player Richard Sherman attempted break-in

    Of course, not my video but saw on local news, thought it would show the value of surveillance cameras, especially when evidence is needed. Without it, he could say that he was just knocking on the door or that he never touched the door, yada, yada. Just another spoiled, overpaid NFL player who...
  4. TonyR

    Possible ideas for hiding cameras such as LPRs?

    We've seen images posted by forum members of creative ways to hide cameras: birdhouses, camo duct tape, mailboxes and more. I've envisioned a small, old fashioned well like the image below-left. And then this morning an e-mail from Harbor Freight gave me another idea......a flower cart might...
  5. TonyR

    Fire breaks out a EV Charging station

    This is from last year but I just saw it, so please forgive me if it's already showed up here. The video is sped up but the whole episode takes only 5 minutes in real time....I can't imagine how toxic the smoke is coming off those vehicles. :wow:
  6. TonyR

    Ubiquiti: Change Your Password, Enable 2FA

    Ran across this today: Ubiquiti: Change Your Password, Enable 2FA "....The company says an incident at a third-party cloud provider may have exposed customer account information and credentials used to remotely manage Ubiquiti gear. "
  7. TonyR

    Happy Veterans Day, Nov. 11, 2020

    This Vietnam vet would like to wish a happy, and healthy, Veterans Day to all the men and women of this forum and elsewhere that served our great nation in the military. Thanks for your service, your sacrifices and your continued devotion as I know that the majority of you feel like I do...
  8. TonyR

    Almost a deer vs. vehicle early morning

    This is an ongoing situation around here. The deer are out in my field every night, oftentimes laying down for hours because, I guess, they feel safe and like it there. Their biggest threat is the vehicles. You can see several to the right side at :05 as the one deer crosses from the left in...
  9. TonyR

    Never Forget 9/11/2001

    Never forget...may God bless America.
  10. TonyR

    HDMI Dual Screen Splitter/Multiviewer with PiP and IR Remote

    Not sure of where to post this but figured it's hardware and it's an accessory so here goes. I got this email this morning and it looks promising, perhaps for someone. Presently I can view some selected cams from my BI server on my 65" Sony TV using TinyCam Pro. The only reason why I have this...
  11. TonyR

    tinyCam PRO 14.3 allows warning if social distance is too close

    Found elsewhere: tinyCam PRO 14.3 allows warning if social distance is too close How's this going, @alexvas ?
  12. TonyR

    Now THIS is a bit too much for my budget....

    Amcrest Thermal Body Temperature Monitoring Solution with High-Sensitivity VOx Thermal Camera, Calibrator, AI NVR, 2 x Tripod Stands Only $19,999.99 ! YIKES!!!!
  13. TonyR

    Front porch package cam triggered by squirrel or deer....

    As the title says....
  14. TonyR

    Deer this morning at base of Old Glory

    Deer this morning in front field making their way to the flag. This is why the soil is always mashed down and my flag lights frequently knocked over. Sped up 4X so as to not take so long to run. EDIT: FWIW, this is a Amcrest IP2M-841 with IR off behind garage window. I hurt my left knee a few...
  15. TonyR

    What is "The Cloud"? (just humor, not help)

    OK, so this isn't really a helpful video from a technical standpoint but I found it humorous and entertaining and if you're like me, you need a break from all the rigors and stresses of the day from time to time. Also I must admit, I am tempted to send a link to this video to my...
  16. TonyR

    Package Theft Deterence

    Ran across these, found them interesting. You could say I am NOT a big fan of thieves. :angry:. TheBlankBox - 12 gauge blank package decoy - Bait box Package Booby Trap (12 gauge blank)
  17. TonyR

    Never Forget....18 years later

  18. TonyR

    Amcrest IP2M-841 and IPM-721 Updated Firmware

    Over the last several months I have recommended Amcrest's (re-branded Dahua) IP2M-841 indoor PT/digital-zoom camera and am still a big fan. The reason for this post is to inform forum members that have the 841 or it's 720p sibling of some recent updated firmware. The new firmware is...
  19. TonyR

    Spotted fawn joins mom in side yard yesterday afternoon.

    Spotted fawn joins mom in side yard yesterday afternoon.
  20. TonyR

    Waterproof Gigabit Power over Ethernet (POE) Extender

    I got a notice via e-mail from these folks today, as I have purchased from them in the past. Anyway, it allows you to extend POE another 328 ft. and it's waterproof. May seem a tad pricey at $140 USD but since you don't need anything additional (like an enclosure, glands, etc.) it may be just...
  21. TonyR

    Found some interesting Ethernet cable marker clips

    While looking for something else, I stumbled across these cable marker clips and thought I'd share. I've been retired since 2004 and have been out of the game for 15 years now, so this may be old news to many or most of you. After struggling with stick-on, wrap around numbered or lettered Brady...
  22. TonyR

    Deer shadow puppets

    Three (or two?) deer cast shadows on side of tractor shed as car travels down the hill.
  23. TonyR

    Fat racoon in side yard and up on porch

    Yesterday morning it was a skunk, this morning it's a 'coon, up from the woods into side yard and then up onto the front porch. Better it than the skunk! Hardly a day goes by without some critter (deer, rabbit, coon, skunk, possum, fox) passing by that cam at the side. EDIT: I sped the 'coon...
  24. TonyR

    Yikes! Skunk cases the side yard after midnight

    A skunk cases the side yard a little after midnight. Not all of 'em look like Pepe LePew with the white stripe(s) down the back; a few have only the white cap.
  25. TonyR

    Bear Porch Pirate

    This bear decided to join in the action.
  26. TonyR

    Two deer and a car 011919, 0516

    Near hit of deer by a car. This same scenario plays out at least once a day here, sometimes by the same drivers! EDIT: After I named this thread I realized it was more like 4 deer there, not 2...2 more were off to the right, barely visible. FWIW, the flag is at half staff for Birmingham police...
  27. TonyR

    Two deer, a car and a close call

    This happens literally a half dozen times a day, every day....and night. And those are just the ones I know of. The locals watch for them especially right here, as they like to lie down like cows in the 2 acres in front of my house. Not sure what's going on with the overlay from BIT on the...
  28. TonyR

    FedEx delivery too heavy for squirrel?

    FedEx delivered gift today for a family member, puts in rocking chair as usual. An hour later, an eastern tree rat jumps down, empty handed. Visions of "Scrat" from "Ice Age" come to mind.
  29. TonyR

    Happy Veterans Day!

    To all my fellow U.S. Armed Forces veterans who are also IPCT members, I just want to say "Happy Veterans Day" (today = official, Monday = celebrated) and a sincere "thank you" for you service. God Bless you and may God bless the United States of America!
  30. TonyR

    PoE Detector for IEEE 802.3 or Passive PoE

    Who else thinks this could come in handy besides me? PoE Detector for IEEE 802.3 or Passive PoE