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  1. Flintstone61

    On sale right now Amazon ( cheaper than

    I need a couple overview cams to go along side my varifocal Cams I bought from Andy. I bought the 5442 AS LED 6mm and the IPC-T2231T-ZS. They have a sharp image. But a Narrow field of View. I'd like to see the whole general area as well. So I saw these were $42 bucks. So I ordered 2. One of...
  2. Flintstone61

    Converter Removal team

    The Catalytic converter removal team showed up today at 5:30 in a black CRV. started sawing on a Tundra only to have the driver catch them coming outta the condo. They sped off. guy called ina plate. but they didn't finish the job and now the vehicle is leaking fluid. great. I've seen a Black...
  3. Flintstone61

    Flower Pot Banger

    Pardon the pixely look. I have since tweaked it with a higher bitrate n stuff.
  4. Flintstone61

    What do you think of this Battery backup?

    I have a rack with no backup power supply...running a 1.HP i5 8500 Elitedesk sff for BI 2. a dlink router 3.a Cisco 3650 802.3at 24 port switch 4. and a Nightowl 16 ch DVR..... thinking about buying this to keep the switch and the computer and the router up. Had a 17 minute power outage...
  5. Flintstone61

    Just trashin thru

    wham bam thank you Ma'am
  6. Flintstone61

    Ok Grrrrr time for clean install.

    this weekend crashing cycle is getting old. Today after I unF&$#@d my System, I did a Reset this PC. Wrong answer. It came all brand new and shiny with about 14 HP Bloatwares. Not gonna cut it. Built a May 2021 Windows 10 USB drive from Microsofts media creation tool. total reset tomorrow at...
  7. Flintstone61

    i7 870 optiplex collecting dust

    has anybody ever run BI on a first generation core i7? like for 2 cameras? Just wondering if there is any use for this optiplex sitting around. runs windows great with SSD.
  8. Flintstone61

    Plane engine part seen dropping

    I just got done watching the story run by NBC’s today show.... a video of the 777 engine part that looks like it might’ve been captured on a ring type doorbell or some security camera that had audio because you can hear the thud as it drops in behind his neighbors house. Crazy.
  9. Flintstone61

    Added second Storage drive

    I’m wondering if I need to delete, then Add camera’s with the new non-default Drive letter F:\ and wirh a new unique naming convention. I made 3 folders Inside F:\.Blue Iris...(New,Stored,db) I need to increase my storage capacity as I am now at 8 days of storage. So after seeing something here...
  10. Flintstone61

    checking back in....up to my eyeballs

    Down the rabbit hole I went. I'm the Maint man... jack of all trades McGyver guy. I manage a CCTV DVR for security at work. It was a mess of old B&W cameras and Win7 32 bit Pc. After poking around and trying 1080P analog cams, I realized I maybe paddling against the current. joining this...
  11. Flintstone61

    Joined today

    Good evening. John in Minnesota. Ok here we go. I just discovered from a Google hit on your site that some Amcrest products hardware data sheets, match some Dahua products data sheets. This is what made me register for a membership. I learned something new and useful! This is what I've got...