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    BI only "sees" NVR and none of my cameras

    Hi, I bought BI tonight and I'm trying to configure it to show my eight Dahua cameras. When I do a search for cameras I keep getting the Dahua NVR, IP address I've tried manually putting in the individual cameras IP address eg Cam 1 as but BI can't seem to find it. I...
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    Changed password on my NVR now my cameras are bricked!

    Hi Guys, I have a NVR4108HS-8P-4KS2 that I was trying to upgrade to online today. To cut a long one short I had forgotten my nvr password. No problem I thought, so I did a system (Only) reset put in my new password and bingo, no cameras. I'm currently running 2 x IPC-HDW5231R-Z, 2 x...