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  1. Holbs

    Blue Iris App... does it use Google/IOS push services for notification?

    Been dabbling with my Dahua VTO and push notifications to see how things shake up while watching with Wireshark. I need something to compare it to. Does the Blue Iris Android/IOS app use cloud (google or ios) push notification services?
  2. Holbs

    A single P2P device on its own subnet vlan network?

    With my week being dedicated to dabbling more and more understanding and making things better with my Dahua villa intercom system (1 VTO and so far 3 VTH's), one thing that still mystifies me. 1.) I am no power user when out and about on cellular wifi. I still need to figure out how to keep VPN...
  3. Holbs

    Finally! Gots my VTO-2202 and VTH-2421's to work, mostly! I purchased the KTP01(S) IP Video Intercom Kit from Andy @EMPIRETECANDY last year and had a HORRIBLE time configuring things. Calls between VTO and VTH's (I did purchase 2 additional internal VTH-2421's)...
  4. Holbs

    Duran Duran members are coming out of retirement!

    They must be hungry, kinda like wolves. (5442 6mm 3:30am 1/120 shutter). So glad my 5442 Dahua AI HUMAN triggered on these Duran Duran group members!
  5. Holbs

    Neighbor wants what I have but that's not going to happen.

    My next door neighbor is becoming more aware of vehicle crime increasing in the neighborhood and wants to upgrade his 2 cameras: Ring doorbell and wireless above garage door. I showed him my setup (Dahua 5442's, 5231's etc) with Blue Iris. He likey. However, I would not be too keen on...
  6. Holbs

    May need advice: digging trench for retaining wall. I'm out of ideas other than manual labor

    Last year, my 65' long backyard dog eared picket fence blew over. Not wanting to re-install 4x6 lumber that will just rot again, I purchased enough retaining wall blocks for the 4' height x 65' length. I starting digging 10" backwards to the base of retaining wall block line for drainage rock...
  7. Holbs

    External VS ONVIF Blue Iris Alert check marks

    Fiddling around with my Dahua SD4 PTZ series camera, I changed some settings as I'm always fine tuning. Not sure why or when I did it, but for the last 3 weeks I was getting no Blue Iris alert events for this camera. At first I thought it was due to the recent BI update. Then I thought I...
  8. Holbs

    Maybe moving to Florida from Nevada. Also, questions about 5th wheeler trailer living & cameras

    My stable work place is going through a change by the end of this 2021 year. Owner is retiring and selling the company I have worked for since 1999 here in Reno, NV. It creates an unknown in my path to perfect stability! So I must prepare for the worst (such as doors closing). Best to...
  9. Holbs

    What are the reasons as to why certain browsers mostly work while some do not on Dahua GUI?

    As many find out...using Chrome browser interferes with Dahua camera GUI where as things just do not work right after hitting save (FW updates, auto-tracking seconds, no IVS lines on main view, etc). For those that do not not use Chrome. Most folks use the older Microsoft IE browser...
  10. Holbs

    Stealth hiding my Dahua 5231. No one will ever see it!

    I have a birdhouse camera with a 5442 turret that works fantastic (though, during snow plugs up with snow). And now, for my left driveway 6' height camera...I wanted to hide it as well. No one will see this til it's too late! muhahahaha!
  11. Holbs

    FYI: Weather Station LUX/UV sensor for day/night events

    Just wanted to toss out there for folks that have various weather stations, they usually have either a LUX or UV solar radiation sensor that you can use for incorporate into day/night events. I found this out by accident on my station that it even had this sensor. I use it to turn on/off...
  12. Holbs

    Doing some tinkering. Instead of Dahua internal SD card, was able to send .DAV videos and .JPG to NAS instead.

    I successfully tinkered and was able to save Dahua camera snapshots & videos triggered by IVS to my NAS shared folder instead of using the internal SD card. I was just playing around trying to fine tune my IVS intrusion/tripwires. Completely useless other than backup purposes. It would be...
  13. Holbs

    Soil solarization landscaping. Clear vs Black plastic. I'm going Clear for this first attempt.

    Bought this house back in 2010 during a short sale, which means it sat solo for 2 years. The grass/landscape situation was...barren to say the least. Haven't done anything to it always thinking "next year I'll hit it". Well, 10 years later, finally getting around to it. I am no landscaping...
  14. Holbs

    Getting Home Assistant states from my Ambient weather station over to MQTT and into Blue Iris macros. Possible?

    Looking to add various readings onto my camera overlays. With BIT Tools being...whacky, I am trying to figure out alternatives. I do have a Ambient weather station that sends info up to the cloud which Home Assistant pulls 15+ measurements down via API. My thinking: send these states via...
  15. Holbs

    Who has converted their vehicles from non-(insert item) to powered? I gots a 2001 Dodge 1500 basic cab (ST?) with no bells & whistles.

    Now that I am down to a single vehicle (used to have a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am GT for my primary), I am looking to put some bells & whistles in my Dodge. Already swapped out the standard mirrors to towing mirrors. These ECCPP towing mirrors I won at a local auction for...well...basically 85% off...
  16. Holbs

    Friendly reminder if using Home Assistant: can easily add Chrony NTP server

    I have 20+ Dahua cameras on a different VLAN subnet (very much locked down) from my Home Assistant NUC. Less outbound internet traffic from my camera network, the better. For the longest time, I just synchronized all cameras to the local PC. Needless to say, come cameras where seconds if not...
  17. Holbs

    MicroSD cards... what to look for in specifications for IP Camera duty? What I found in a couple minutes for public consumption:

    In security camera applications, only the write speed matters. Choose a memory card with a speed rating of SDHC Class 10, which means it can sustain a write speed of at least 10MBPS. Making the choice even more complex, the SDHC speed rating is now being replaced by SDXC I and SDXC II. For 4K...
  18. Holbs

    Prime-Line Woodguard Steel Security Door. Thumbs up!

    Prime-Line 3809BZ3068-I-WF Woodguard Steel Security Door – Traditional Screen Door Style with the Strength of a Steel Security Door – Steel and Wood Construction, Non-Handed, Bronze via Amazon at near a $400 mark (I believe cheaper at Lowes or HD). When I started looking into home security...
  19. Holbs

    SD cards in Dahua cams... how long to be maxed out?

    I recently purchased 5 x Western Digital Purple microSD cards (website says these cards were created for outdoor IP cameras so have better outdoor tolerances) but only at the 32GB due to the shortage of chips nowadays. I have yet to install them on my 5442's & SD4 PTZ but will soon. If I ever...
  20. Holbs

    AARP...worth membership?

    I'm officially old now that I recieved a "join us" AARP invitation. I have never known anyone who was a member. Yet, that name keeps popping up like Medicare or NRA. If anyone has a AARP $12 a year membership....worth it? The little pamphlet talks about savings here & there (eyeglasses...
  21. Holbs

    Why no trigger event for this blatant motion?

    I am at a loss why there was no ONVIF trigger event for these 2 kids walking right into the camera...and yet, this camera has trigger events for other events before & after (kid riding on bike, neighbor walking dog, etc). I am using the Dahua 5442 IVS zigzag tripwires & intrusion Human AI which...
  22. Holbs

    Can't seem to get this Dahua player to connect to any of my cameras

    I tried Dahua 5442 cameras, PTZ...nothing works! @EMPIRETECANDY can you get the Dahua devs on this? Maybe firmware upgrade is needed.
  23. Holbs

    Tapping a bolt hole in cast iron. Pretty standard?

    With my home security events being all quiet since Jan, I moved my work vehicle out of my 2 car garage wood working workshop. And now it's time to reconfigure real estate in the shop so I can get back to my main hobby. No, it isn't Blue Iris & cameras like it has been for this past year :)...
  24. Holbs

    Those who use VPN all day long on smartphones/tablets....question....

    I use the free Radius VPN server that comes with my Ubiquiti UDM router. It works 100% for my needs to log onto my home network's UI3 during a Blue Iris MMS text/.jpg alert while out grocery shopping or after driving somewhere. The setup I have running: Blue Iris will send a MMS with .jpg...
  25. Holbs

    pretty neat: Compology - Dumpster camera

    At work...we were hired to install 4 Compology R14 cameras. Just wanted to toss this out to folks who run HOA or construction business's that use those big dumpsters (4 cubic yards or 20 or 30, etc). These cameras take a snapshot 3x's a day and uses AI to determine 2 things: if 25%/50%/75%...
  26. Holbs

    Patching outside wall stucco when moving camera to new location advice needed

    As my experience keeps improving and I learn new things and I upgrade cameras...the initial positioning of a specific camera is relocated. Sometimes, the older location was attached to the wood trim/fascia... other times, I was forced to screw directly into the 1/4" thick stucco. Example: I...
  27. Holbs

    For those that do not know...use IE browser for Dahua (and others?) camera GUI to see more options

    I've been using Chrome since I bought my first Dahua camera from Andy last year (the good 'ol 4231's). I was able to log in, see menu options, do the config, save, logout....all done. Always wondered how folks were able to see the AI detection boxes livestream and other stuff which I thought...
  28. Holbs

    Possible to upgrade Dahua lenses?

    When I purchased most of my cameras, I did not realize the importance of focal length mm sizes. Figured, 2.8mm would cover all bases. For some situations, this is true. But now I am finding myself desiring 6mm (or higher) range of lenses for a couple of my 5442 turrets. I have 3 using 2.8mm...
  29. Holbs

    Who uses Dahua AI capable cameras? Reliable AI for triggering events? Pro's/con's?

    It has come to my attention that certain Dahua cameras come with built in AI that distinguishes between human & cars. I was unaware of this. Well, always saw the AI word used in the reviews but never really thought about it because I thought it was a Dahua NVR integration only. I am currently...