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  1. AP514

    MY System Install-- Step #1--Fiber Optic Cable to Garage Install

    Well, I finally have the Fiber Optic Cable Installed....It was a Journey. My house being STEEL FRAME did not make it any easier. My Garage is detached. Also Steel Frame. I did not have any open/unused conduit from the house to garage to run New CAT Cable in. So... The closes thing I had was...
  2. AP514

    Scored another NETGEAR GS728TPPv2(L3)Switch

    Well, I Scored another GS728TPPv2 (L3, 384w)switch from Amazon.$105 total..a return but it is New . It is supposed to have a small dent on the back some place.(I could not find it) I now have scored Both Switches that I needed For less than $180. Some Great Deals going on for Network...
  3. AP514

    Edge Router 4 - Firewall help

    Hey ALL looking for some help setting up some Firewall Rules for my Cams/network. I have an Edge Router 4. Set up as router on a stick See my Network setup..Topography. I want my Vlan 80/BI to be able to give/get info to my cams on Vlan 50 (time ect). I DO NOT want my Vlan 50/cams to get...
  4. AP514

    can not get Dahua cam set up on BI network

    I know I must be missing something easy here... After init install and setup of the New Cam I changed the IP on the CAM. (Static IP) I set up my Dahua cam thru my switch on say Vlan 70 (setup and test Vlan) to my laptop. .All works great. I have changed the IP settings for the Cam to...
  5. AP514

    Got this POE+ Switch-Want to Test- Ideas

    Hey All, I just Sniped this POE+ Switch from EBAY...$53 ( NETGEAR 24-Port Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet Smart Managed Pro Switch with 4 SFP Ports 380W (GS728TPPv2) ) I want to test it with maybe this ? PoE Tester Inline Tester Power Over Ethernet Voltage Current Tester Test for POE Testing, Network...
  6. AP514

    Switch ideas ?

    I posted this over in accessories..but think maybe it should have been here instead. I am looking for some help on getting the correct switches for my up coming IPCAM set up... Figure I would put all the cams(Black box) and the 2 switches on 1 and have my current setup as another. Trying to...
  7. AP514

    Switch Recommendations

    Well, I am still planning and researching but getting closer to pulling the trigger for my IPCAM setup. In the attached Pic I have my Existing network and plan to add all the cameras and the 2 switches( at least 1 Managed I think ) So, what Switches do you all suggest ? I figure 8-port for...
  8. AP514

    Can Cat5e/Cat6 run in Conduit with Electrical Wires ?

    Can Cat5e/Cat6 run in Conduit with Electrical Wires ? I have 2 options for running my cables to the Detached garage. 1) Run with the 100 AMP wires in conduit to garage(last resort) 2) with some 120 wires that go to garage in conduit that run the Garage door (best option) Option 2 still only...
  9. AP514

    I Just Shucked 3-12TB Drives(Bestbuy) w/Diff. Model # ??

    As title says just Shucked 3 -12TB Drives from Bestbuy....the drive have different Part Numbers 2 - WD120EMFZ 1- WD120EMAZ So does 1 have more Cache than the other ? I looked and can not find out the Differences are from the 2 Models. Some help from the community please... AP514
  10. AP514

    Where can I get a PDF of Blue Iris

    I want to read the BI-Manual before I purchase..any way I can get it ?
  11. AP514

    Hi ALL-Texas

    Hi all AP514 here in Texas.... I joined up looking for info and advice on setting up and the buying of parts for a Security Camera System.. I would like some guidance on and where to do some research on what I would like to get done. See below Things I want to do.... 1) use an older computer...