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    Looking for the "perfect" IP PoE camera for maximum coverage with limited height considerations

    I've tried dome & bullet style (currently using a bullet with 3840 x 2160 resolution) & I cannot seem to find a camera that when mounted 9 1/2 ' high to effectively cover a 30 ' x 30 ' space with an immediate 90 degree down angle (to cover gate) & extend to cover two vehicles parked in the back...
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    Excruciating slow playback of exported MP4 file

    I've never had to change the default "export 0" set up, what I export has always been fine & played back fine. Even now, 3/4 still export & play just fine. I have a new H265 camera I run 2592 x 1944 15fps. I basically export 0 50 % default setting with hardware acceleration (Nvidia) enabled. 30...
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    Backup not exporting

    I just did a hardware transplant of my old PC to new, kept drive letters same & swapped over "WD Purple drive" from old system which holds all long term videos + BI Tools etc. I noticed since 1.5, the manual export backup function does not appear to work (no reg files in the directories). I...
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    Rintime error 7 "out of memory"

    So what Visual C++ is required for this app? It will not start it seems there is a dependency that may be corrupt or missing.
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    Edge Dev & UI3

    Well first public availability of the new Edge browser on the Chromium platform. I recall bp2008 had reservations about this browser getting involved in the Chromium dev ops. Seems decent enough & if it's any leaner that the bloated Chrome package, maybe a good thing. Microsoft Edge Insider
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    PTZ newbie, silly question

    So I have a few PoE cameras, found out more about issues I didn't want to need to know & for the most I am happy with the basics of BI for home surveillance / monitoring. Just 720 or 1080 PoE's. I assume the whole idea is for the mounted PTZ device to be able to range around, look closer...
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    Download BVR alert via UI3 not working

    Is there some permissions thing I've missed, tried both as a logged in user & logged in admin via UI3 interface to download a alert / clip directly via right click download. Just getting file couldn't be downloaded xyz.bvr "Retry" error.
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    CUDA is finally an option

    Of course my 1060 dies & I threw in a AMD but finally an alternate for "Quick Sync" hardware encode/decode with version 4.7.8.x. Very curious for results on performance. I hope people with NVidia cards & CUDA cores can display / post for performance.
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    Network buffer balance

    Several threads talk of increasing this setting to as high as 20MB per camera. I am unclear to the exact reasoning behind this suggestion, is it simply to avoid dropped packets / frames ? I have tried several settings & once I increase above the default minimum of 0.5MB I get significant "lag...